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19 Aug 2014 17:37

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

Venezuela, Greece, Belarus, Ukraine and Egypt are top five countries which can go in sovereign debt default. What does it mean to the Global Markets. It means that the gap of uneven distribution of money has grown uncontrolled.

Sell Banks, Real estate, BHEL, ICICI SBI, Kotak Mahindra, Maruti, all Autos tow and four wheelers, exit and remain in cash

"Default is a special high-risk situation that is difficult to predict ex-ante," says Terry Benzschawel, managing director of Citi’s institutional clients group and head of the multi-asset research team that devised the model. "Credit ratings are typically right on average, but they tend to confirm what investors are already saying. Moreover, they don’t update frequently and there is no probability of default." A default risk value over a one-year period helps to quantify expected loss on sovereign credit portfolios and is thus a powerful tool for marrying risk and return, and to enable portfolio losses, credit momentum and potential asset value to be measured more accurately across countries on a daily basis in the absence of other information.

Pakistan and Bangladesh appear on the list of probable sovereign defaulters

The markets have been going artificially higher and higher without any fundamentals just because of money printing and ZIRP. Exit the stocks completely

Take care

Nifty 4000 by December 2014...

19 Aug 2014 14:52

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 2445.80 ( 1.05 % ), NSE: Rs. 2446.65 ( 1.05 % )

Sell Banking and Real Estate Stocks very heavily. All PSU Banks and Private banks like ICICI, SBI, Kotak, Yes, IOB, HDFC, HDFC Bank, Ultratech Cement, all cement and steel stocks Tata Steel, Nifty Headed to 4000 by December 2014.

Exit and remain in cash.


The liquidity injected by Federal Reserve, Bank of England and the very Great Bank of Japan is so huge that it can wipe out the entire mankind. Over and above Yellen states that they can print money forever. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen affirmed her confidence that the Federal Reserve Bank can “print dollars forever.”

Yellen stated at the National Press Club: “The Federal Reserve can expand its balance sheet indefinitely. We are prepared to inject as much liquidity into the world economy as is necessary to preserve our American way of life.”

“Basically, unlike all previous fiat-based currencies in human history, the Fed is unique. We can print dollars forever.”

Yellen asserted, “The rest of the world will just have to accept it and continue to produce actual goods and services in exchange for our indispensable US dollar, without which it remains virtually impossible to conduct international trade, especially to purchase oil.”...

19 Aug 2014 12:05

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 2437.80 ( 0.72 % ), NSE: Rs. 2438.00 ( 0.69 % )

Fed Has created a massive mess by printing money. Mr. Rajan is worried, He has already punched a massive alarm and warning that the financial crisis is on the anvil. The basis of such statement is Federal Reserve massive money printing. The Bank for International Settlements has issued a new report which warns that “dangerous new asset bubbles” are forming which could potentially lead to another major financial crisis. Do the central bankers know something that we don’t, or are they just trying to place the blame on someone else for the giant mess that they have created?

Nifty Target 4000 Sell all banks first SBI, ICICI, BOB, BOI, Central bank, Axis, Kotak Mahindra and take out the money

Take Care...

19 Aug 2014 11:36

स्टॉक 20-20 (19 अगस्त)

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Guest

रादिको का करेंट 96.10(11:32) शो कर रहा है....

19 Aug 2014 11:34

स्टॉक 20-20 (19 अगस्त)

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Guest

रादिको का तो 96.10(11:32) देखा रीया है...

19 Aug 2014 11:32

स्टॉक 20-20 (19 अगस्त)

पोस्ट करनेवाले : MMB Messenger

हम आपको उन 20 स्टॉक्स के बारे में जानकारी देंगे जिनमें आज ट्रेडिंग कर के आप कमा सकते हैं मुनाफा। ...

19 Aug 2014 11:26

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

Nifty at 7900 is an ideal time to sell the stocks. The Nifty fifty and BSE Sensex stocks I cannot name specific stocks out of them but one can prominently sell SBI, ICICI, Tata Steel, Axis, and much more. The Global Events are more relevant and important.

Even the Great and Powerful Fed cannot just keep blowing up this asset bubble forever. Interest rates have to rise. That’s inevitable. And as many smart economists note, better that it happen in some managed way than that the whole thing simply explode because of some unexpected event like another major sovereign default. But these immense financial events can never be totally managed. It is like a domino reaction. It can get out of control once the rods are pulled out.

No stock is immune to collapse or crash. But look at Nifty at 4000 by December 2014 and take your decision accordingly...

19 Aug 2014 03:44

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

Start offloading the profitable shares at least. Get out and sit on cash. A sharp decline of between 15% to 25% or more, called a “correction” in market parlance, would be completely normal given that it’s been nearly three years since the last major pullback. There is no upside now. Just look below and start taking money off the table. take care Sensex Target first 15000 then depends on the global policies and framework....

19 Aug 2014 03:32

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

The Global Stock markets are on High levels of Steroids.

Stock market, which correlates to levels of the Fed balance sheet, could be in for trouble when the drug is withdrawn from the market

A new Deutsche Bank prime brokerage study suggests some unusual negative catalysts that have been moving markets, while hedge fund asset flows are considered. The report considered both the implications of Argentina and a recent Spanish bank failure along with the withdrawal of US Fed stimulus on the market, and it didn`t paint a pretty picture.

Sell all banks and real estate stocks specially Sell SBI, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, Axis Bank, India Bulls, sell as much as possible.

The stocks will fall overnight.

Take Care...

18 Aug 2014 20:14

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

ICICI Bank has heavy exposure in US and FII investments are high, just sell this stock, they can place triggers you have never known of. Instead of losing all the gains just sell and sit on cash. ICICI is the best sell in current markets...

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न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • FUTURE RETAIL : SEBI ने Rs.1600 Cr के राइट्स इश्यू पर सफाई मांगी
  • GLENMARK PHARMA : ऑन्कोलॉजी कारोबार में पहल की, GBR 1302 मॉलीक्यूल डिस्कवरी का एलान
  • LARGE TRADES : NSE पर अदानी पोर्ट्स के 31 Lk शेयरों में Rs.286.75-287/sh पर 9 बड़े सौदे
  • LARGE TRADES : BSE पर FDC के 38.5 Lk शेयरों में Rs.140.65-149.50/Sh पर 5 बड़े सौदे
  • PRABHUDAS LILLADHER SAYS : IT टॉप पिक्स: इंफोसिस (TGT Rs.4040), टेक महिंद्रा (TGT Rs.2400),KPIT कमिंस(TGT Rs.200)
  • PRABHUDAS LILLADHER SAYS : HDFC बैंक में निवेश करने का मौका, मध्यम अवधि का लक्ष्य Rs.925/शेयर
  • PRABHUDAS LILLADHER SAYS : कैपिटल गुड्स में L&T (TGT Rs.1813) और कमिंस (TGT Rs.745) में निवेश की सलाह
  • GVK POWER : शेयरधारकों ने उधारी सीमा Rs.2,000 Cr तक करने को मंजूरी दी
  • GVK POWER : Rs.1,000 Cr तक जुटाने के लिए शेयरधारकों से मंजूरी
  • OBC ON AWAAZ : Rs.180 Cr में से Rs.110 Cr रिकवर किए, बाकी Rs.70 Cr को वापस लाने का प्रयास जारी

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