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19 Sep 2014 18:05

जानिए मौजूदा बाजार में किन शेयरों में निवेश करके कमा सकते हैं अच्छा मुनाफा। ...

19 Sep 2014 11:25

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : badhry2013

Hi everybody, I feel the level of 8160 for NIFTY spot is just a fake hurdle, people should not go short if it doesnot break also. I feel the target for NIFTY 8350-8400, the pattern of trading is completely going 2 change in the coming days. We are heading for transformation of pattern in analysis. The main reason being the over leverage positions getting chopped off, only genuine traders with positional targets will be in profit.
so there is more room left for upmove, still banks,power stocks are not participated in a big way. - happy Trading. ...

19 Sep 2014 08:10

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : devsutra


TIMING to ENTER n EXIT is Timing is most Important tool to earn OPTIMUM PROFITS in this market of manipulators !?

OMC`s are out performing. Sooner than later HPCL with a M.Cap of 16K crs. will OUT-PERFORM the market with wide margin. HPCL is an Excellent Buy at EVERY DECLINE & MUST for every portfolio.

With this quarter bad results, Den Network is down by 40% from it`s recent peak of 246 in July `14 to the level of 150 & now 160.
No reason for such an Irrational Pessimism for a co. mostly held by FII`s & other Institutions. The holdings of small share holders in this co. is meager 10.6 lac shares out of total capital of 1782 lac shares!!!
In March`13, Co. issued 124.66 lac shares @217.50 under QIP to HNI & other investors. Business & growth is as usual, very promising industry.

I repeat, only 10.6 lac shares are held by some 5478 small share holders. Rest all are fully in control of big operators, HNI, DII`s & FII"S. That`s why there was & there will be some very sharp price movements!?! Before the next quarter results it may regain it`s glory, wishfully.

Is Lovable Lingerie is going the Page Ind. way!?!
The huge interim div of 12.50 declared is indicating some consistency in the sales & profitability!!?

Some Ujaas Energy @24,IBPower @ 11 Govt is having enough thrust to Power & Solar Energy Sector...
Spicejet @14, IL&FS Engg@ 59, Financial Tech @240.

No need to mention before taking any call, please do your own due diligence to earn real profit in our (not mine) call.

Only Real Investing, Healthy & Happy living!!!!...

18 Sep 2014 15:58

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : marketman

Market is in bullish..... buy on declines is the strategy for investors..... buy on momentum is fir traders with strict stoploss.... speculators can go long in high beta stocks with loosing capacity,for wucker gains........

17 Sep 2014 17:17
17 Sep 2014 17:07
17 Sep 2014 14:31

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

One gap down opening of 350 to 400 points on Nifty will set the tone for the rest of the year for Nifty target 4000 by December 2104...

17 Sep 2014 14:19

Market Strategy - Short Term

पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajnani

The Breaking News coming in: The U.S. Federal Reserve has asked Credit Suisse Group AG to immediately address problems relating to the bank`s underwriting and sale of leveraged loans, or high-interest-rate loans used by private-equity firms to finance deals, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.
Officials at the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency are using private communications with banks to rein in relaxed underwriting and debt-laden deals and plan to take action on a firm-by-firm basis if required

In a letter to Credit Suisse, known as a Matters Requiring Immediate Attention, found problems with the bank`s adherence to guidance issued last year, warning banks to avoid deals that included too much debt or too few protections for the lenders in case of a default, the report said citing the person familiar with the matter.

Credit Suisse and the Federal Reserve could not immediately be reached outside regular business hours.

Regarding the scrips one can now sell banking stocks like Kotak and Axis along with SBI and ICICI sell...

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16 Sep 2014 18:20

बाजार में बिकवाली बढ़ गई है तो ऐसे में निवेशकों को क्या स्ट्रैटेजी बनानी चाहिए जानिए बाजार के दिग्गजों से। ...

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