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22 Dec 2014 11:05


पोस्ट करनेवाले : stockfast
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 432.45 ( -0.32 % ), NSE: Rs. 432.90 ( -0.48 % )


22 Dec 2014 11:04


पोस्ट करनेवाले : abn32
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 432.35 ( -0.35 % ), NSE: Rs. 432.55 ( -0.56 % )

I have a hunch that Biocon will move very fast to Rs.1000 & more.

22 Dec 2014 10:39


पोस्ट करनेवाले : stocktin
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 432.85 ( -0.23 % ), NSE: Rs. 432.60 ( -0.55 % )

guys just one more thing if u remember whole of this and last month kept saying there are abt 40 45 l short position on the stock tht has been proved now and it also been proved tht biocon shd do away with its ir depp seema ahuja is quite enough for pr...

22 Dec 2014 10:36


पोस्ट करनेवाले : stocktin
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 433.35 ( -0.12 % ), NSE: Rs. 433.40 ( -0.37 % )

guys the roll over cost is giving me a feeling tht jan shall be a great expiry for biocon...

22 Dec 2014 09:37


पोस्ट करनेवाले : Guest
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 427.75 ( -1.41 % ), NSE: Rs. 428.05 ( -1.60 % )

the decision to manufacture in gujarat and andhra seems to be impulsive.I did not read to counter these ideas.Were these plans was actually present in the past and now it is getting actualised.,no idea about that.May be market ,the movers who own large quantities of this stock are not enthusiatic about these plans.May be this sudden ivestment plans are holding back the value,all i am saying it is factored....

22 Dec 2014 08:36


पोस्ट करनेवाले : akrmr

RS as time passed by it has given a lot of confidence in the credibility of the company..the big break is expected in FY16..with 20 high value APIs lined up with large pipeline of Biosims...MABs..and much more ..also there has not been an outright failure case till now...Syngene has also progressed very well giving lots of confidence..I hope FY16 onwards there will not be much to complain about and scrip should give very good return..Goodluck!...

22 Dec 2014 00:42


पोस्ट करनेवाले : richard_steep

yes pandit, I read espirito santo report on biocon.. but the credibility of the research house is very much questionable as they are fighting a court case for their report on indiabulls...
i never doubted the corporate governance of biocon, they may be among the best in India. her vision.. i dont care
i worry her management style, not aggressive, irresponsible statements for unrelated areas, skipping time and goal post. this can be on the RD side but not on the operational and capacity side.
as far as syngene goes, i like it this way, the more she keep it within biocon, the more time i get to accumulate at lower price,360. CRAMS are the wonderful business. only doubt is when the molecule with syngene reaches the production stage she should not tell the customer that there is no capacity with us. i too doubted the business model when pfizer quit, but i have enough margin of safety now....

22 Dec 2014 00:31


पोस्ट करनेवाले : richard_steep

i know... but not all the companies that started in a garage go on to make Apple computers.. alike.
i know only insulin and that i can understand the business of it. others like statins and mabs are very complex for me. so the best i do is discount it in my calculation. I am learing from this board and interaction with my friends working in pharma space. I know ciplas hamed is very positive on biosimilars(so that supports my decision to invest in biocon).
as u said, when u lead a company there should be no excuses like capacity constraint for no growth, contract it to another FDA approved player and take fat margins.
I seriously doubt that the view of only biocon (not others) have the ability to manufacture the drug.
recent point of middle east trouble is very lame.
unless KMS is questioned , she will repeat this or that reason for not growing 20pct.
indian markets are more focused on eps and PE ratio, so the concept of defered revenues negated the expenditure in RD side. A conservative approach is making all the RD exp. as cost in PL statement so that it will give biocon a very high PE. that is why i said it is reasonably valued....

21 Dec 2014 22:05


पोस्ट करनेवाले : akrmr

Lets hope as indications are that the situation on the ground is changing...I`m sure you would know better.....

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