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21 Aug 2017 21:26


पोस्ट करनेवाले : India Picks2
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 1743.90 NSE: Rs. 1743.20

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21 Aug 2017 21:19


पोस्ट करनेवाले : nittu86_2015
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 1743.20

sir please can you give your views on SUZLON and NHPC fut for AUG series ....thanks & regards...

21 Aug 2017 21:08


पोस्ट करनेवाले : hushaam1
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 1743.90 NSE: Rs. 1743.20

FII and DII Activity ~ 21st August 2017

Cash Segment:

FIIs: - 1983.39 Crores

DIIs: 474.72 Crores

Derivative/FnO Segment:

Index Futures: 485.55 Crores

Index Options: 193.78 Crores

Stock Futures: 347.54 Crores

Stock Options: - 464.13 Crores

FII and DII Activity August 2017 Series - Summary Cash

FIIs: - 13213.29 Crores

DIIs: 13410.97 Crores

FII Activity August 2017 - Summary Derivative

Index Futures: - 8301.37 Crores

Index Options: 7835.82 Crores

Stock Futures: 1705 Crores

Stock Options: - 7.55 Crores

In today`s session, FIIs have increased their exposure in Index long futures by 2.6% and their positions in Index shorts is increased by 4.6%. In options, FIIs have increased positions in Index Call (long) by 1.7% and positions in Index Put (long) is increased by 0.9%.

Today was again a volatile and corrective session in the market. Week has started with the bears roar & took nifty below the 9800 mark decisively. Not surprised to see this as I thought sellers were holding an upper hand based on Friday`s session. The down move which we saw today was on back of stable global outlook. At the time of writing, most of the global markets were consolidating around Friday`s close. I think price uncertainty will remain over the next few sessions. I won`t be surprised to see more down side. After a long time, FIIs have sold over 10k crore in the cash segment and if my memory serves me right, this is happening post November 2016 for the first time. Focus on seeking more price confirmation in form of breakout and continuation of move before attempting to initiate fresh long positions.

Crucial support for Bank Nifty is at 23000 with resistance at 24500 whereas for Nifty it is at 9500 with stiff resistance at 9950.

Note : All levels mentioned are spot levels....

Rating :      
21 Aug 2017 20:49


पोस्ट करनेवाले : indnivesh2
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 1743.90 NSE: Rs. 1743.20

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21 Aug 2017 20:32


पोस्ट करनेवाले : laewneddih

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21 Aug 2017 17:15


पोस्ट करनेवाले : bestone1
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 1743.90 NSE: Rs. 1743.20

buy hdfc bank longterm...

21 Aug 2017 14:43


पोस्ट करनेवाले : Abdul.GK
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 1744.25

Quit HDFCBank with minor loss, as a brokerage house given sell call.........

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