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27 Jul 2017 00:00

Indian Metals

पोस्ट करनेवाले : gempicker517

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26 Jul 2017 19:57


पोस्ट करनेवाले : impetrator
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 554.25

1. The nasty implications of Section 232 also seemed to be stalled. WSJ reports that the final decision on steel trades has been put on abeyance by Mr Trump. It is pretty likely that a negative decision will not be taken by Mr Trump earlier, Mr Bush had to revoke similar provisions that Mr Trump is mulling upon. Furthermore, any negative decision that may be taken by Mr Trump would prod the aggrieved parties to take similar decisions or measures. 2. From IMFA point of view, South Korea is one of the largest exporters to the USA. A negative decision may impact the capacity utilisation of steel firms in South Korea. 3. China exports to the USA are pretty meagre. 4. We will have to watch out the implications of Section 232. However, I`m very much optimistic that better senses will prevail upon Donald and that no negative implications will arise out of this sticky situation....

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26 Jul 2017 18:02


पोस्ट करनेवाले : Turk
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 554.25

No change in FoB Jajpur or CIF Korea prices for this week. Prices remain stable at INR 67K/MT and 87 cents/lb respectively. No immediate triggers, thus, for the week - except that the current supports lie in the 550-553 zone. Current resistances lie in the 590-600 zone....

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26 Jul 2017 15:15


पोस्ट करनेवाले : sajanmathews60
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 554.15

Q 1 net profit is 99 crores against a loss of 30.35 crores of Q 1 2017...

26 Jul 2017 14:27


पोस्ट करनेवाले : moneymaker6559
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 555.00 NSE: Rs. 553.40

Can anyone let me know the best stock from this sector?...

26 Jul 2017 13:25


पोस्ट करनेवाले : Ghoda
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 556.05 NSE: Rs. 557.00

IMFA had posted a loss for Q1, 2017 and the market penalizes inconsistent earnings even if it was a year ago with a conservative PE ratio. Despite a solid year ahead with a projected FY18 in excess of 100, the PE re-rating will take its time. So, the share price increase will be sure but gradual at current ferrochrome prices, 600-625 by end Sep, 650-700 by end Nov and reaching 900 by May next year. It will be another year of consistent earnings that will lead to PE re-rating of 10, perhaps July next year. Great future, but miles to go before you sleep!...

26 Jul 2017 13:10

Indian Metals

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Turk
Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 556.25

(A) Very good. 2500 is the low hanging part, and it`s difficult to think beyond it given the current context and market sentiment. But what happens when that future becomes the present, and the context changes? (B) Keep the following at the back of your mind. (1) Stick to 280 crore Net Profit target set by the CFO for this year, over 250 crore of last years. 280 crore itself will prove to be quite conservative given the Q1 net profits and the YoY delta in export prices. (2) With expanded government programs and cases of bad debt resolution, globally, it`s still deleveraging stage in all economies, though at various stages of maturity, The reflation cycle has not yet begun anywhere, the times when FeCr prices can go to 250 cents/lb. Note the changes in yearly Net Profits of 2005-2009 in this context. A section of the money, MAY play that reflation cycle as well. That brings us to the range I had referred to earlier: 2000-10,000 as the Market Cap. That would be different choices in the menu for Investors with different attitude and time frame....

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26 Jul 2017 11:17

Indian Metals

पोस्ट करनेवाले : nicknamechanged-265
Price when posted : BSE: Rs560.00 ( 0.24 % )

Understand that my research has indicated profit will be flat for fy18. Or may be 10% up. But the real story is that earnings would have sustained for 6 quarters. It will be a big positive. Will lead to pe rerating. Ie 10 pe. So 2500 cr mcap as against 1500 cr now. ...

26 Jul 2017 11:06


पोस्ट करनेवाले : Turk
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 560.00 NSE: Rs. 560.00

Exports, 85% of last year`s sales. (CNF Korea) Prices at 87 cents/lb now. Down from 112 cent/lb a quarter ago, it`s up from 73 cents/lb YoY. May go up today evening. FYI....

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26 Jul 2017 10:16

Indian Metals

पोस्ट करनेवाले : imcoolchandan
Price when posted : BSE: Rs563.00 ( 0.78 % )

It is trading today with a pe of 3.99. imagine till what extent we can expect it can go from here....

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