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28 Aug 2016 23:22

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : pkk07

I am sure you are kidding. There is not a single company for which you can predict the future or future EPS. They are all estimates. And estimates depend upon how industry is supposed to grow. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi who is a well known investor says he and a group of other investors discussed and concluded around year 2002-03 that steel prices were going to rise and hence auto companies were a bad bed. So they sold those stocks. However, auto volumes just explo-de-d and auto companies made tons of money. So even experts can`t know what is in store in future. However, there are reasons when you take a bet on a stock. My reason for Suzlon are - Wind Power is supposed to grow. Solar is a risk I am concerned about yes. Suzlon has the tech. Suzlon has the working Capital. Suzlon has reference installed base. So basically if industry grows Suzlon will grow. And may be INOX too. If industry does not grow, no one grows. So the unpredictable part is industry growth and there are reasons, including govt. focus and incentives, to believe industry will grow too. Worst case as you say, Suzlon will give you FD returns. Fine with me. What is the best case? Not that it will go to 400 again but it can surely go to 100. I can live with that....

28 Aug 2016 17:43

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : cshar
Price when posted : BSE: Rs. 16.15 NSE: Rs. 16.10

My average buy price for suzlon was 13 rupees, where bulk addition was done in range of 8-10. Started selling from 16 till 27. Quitted completely at 21, still made cool 4 lakhs & invested money in Gayatri projects at 150 which has gone to 700 now. Happy to quit suzlon. Learnt a session to give importance to fundamental not company reputation. All investor here will struggle to even get FD returns.sandipkamdar Sanpriya & tiger are old boarders here. Have a great respect for them to show this great patience however even in a game of cards better to bet on ace, this is pure junk....

28 Aug 2016 12:19

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : cshar

Leader in industry doesn`t relate to stock performance. Comparing suzlon to asian paint is like comparing Bangladesh to burkinafaso. If you have guts than just provide calculations how suzlon will earn an EPS of 2 or profit of 1100 CR....

28 Aug 2016 11:56

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : pkk07

Fair point. So we should compare Suzlon and INOX at CMP.
Senvion may have been a mistake but many companies did similar mistakes at that time. But we are out of it so the issue is over.
If DSA is positive for Suzlon share price, large equity base and huge public holding is an even bigger negative. INOX promoters own 85% in their company and still share is languishing.
Suzlon will struggle for 2-3 quarters. Fine. We can wait it out.
Now look at positives. Suzlon is industry leader in India. Suzlon is technology leader in the world. Suzlon has huge installed base. Suzlon has backing of DSA. INOX has none of these things. In fact TT has even refused to bid for PPA at less than 5 rupees. Only industry leaders can do that. Frankly, comparing Suzlon to INOX is like comparing Asian Paints to Shalimar paints....

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28 Aug 2016 11:45

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : cshar

INOX has been taken down on increasing debt concern which is outcome of long receivables cycles, issue is temporary in nature & will subside soon. 188 is good rate to double money in next 12-28 months...

28 Aug 2016 11:44

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : skranu
Price when posted : BSE: Rs16.15 ( -0.92 % ), NSE: Rs. 16.10 ( -1.23 % )

buy for short term target 18 and long term 36 stoploss 15 rs...

28 Aug 2016 11:30

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : cshar

I didn`t like INOX at 400 & in 2013 I didn`t like any renewal company due to bleak outlook. Keeping suzlon was because of senvion as turnover was in excess of 22000 CR, However it`s was unfortunate that Tanti was not even allowed of operate senvion despite owning it. Current government is very focused in renewal power hence this sector will do better in coming 5 years as REC & PFC have been given mandate to release 2 lakh CR loans to renewal power. INOX at 188 is much better buy than suzlon which will still struggle for 2-3 quarter s at least. Even current rate is because of dilip. Will keep INOX in my portfolio as far as wind power sector is concerned...

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