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26 Jul 2014 00:39

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : jami85in
Price when posted : , NSE: Rs. 23.50 ( -2.69 % )

this qtr only debt got restructured, so from 2nd qtr interest cost would be lower...

26 Jul 2014 00:39

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : jami85in
Price when posted : , NSE: Rs. 23.50 ( -2.69 % )

results are really good. Read tje result comparatively with qtr1 2013,
good growth in revenue, positive EBIT, it is interest cost for which the PAT is negative otherwise the result is really good....

26 Jul 2014 00:31

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : vindkraft

Again its our assumption that bears would run wild from monday...lets see how they absorb the results...I feel it would behave in a matured way....this is not a bad result they are doing their best and it is known...Whether it falls or not we can do regular SIP`s......

26 Jul 2014 00:28

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : josese111

Maybe near 10 or 12 , it will be much cheaper then, I can hope for that much right ? :)
In reality,I don`t think even 18-20 range will break but i do hope if it is to fall, then we do get a chance to grab at 10-12 ...

26 Jul 2014 00:19

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Black blades

There`ll be no 6 without bad news... lol- You`re expecting too much from bears.... The only reason was liabilities and liquidation fears-
Maybe in 2019, if debt isn`t reduced and renewable Market demand has topped out......

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26 Jul 2014 00:15

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : josese111

If i get 6 rupees and no bad news comes, I will buy in a huge number myself . But i really don`t think it can even go below 18-20 zone . If it does, it will be very good, 10 rupees or lower could be golden . God knows, people might as well decide to go on a selling spree and it might give rupees 10 once in next 3 months :))
Its so much cheaper t buy at 10 . ...

26 Jul 2014 00:10

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : eagle369
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 23.55 ( -2.28 % ), NSE: Rs. 23.50 ( -2.69 % )

In the first quarter (ended June) of current fiscal, the firm`s total income climbed to Rs 4,671.99 crore from Rs 3,896.71 crore in the year-ago period, reflecting an increase of about 20 per cent....

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26 Jul 2014 00:08

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : vindkraft

Joesese...if it falls to those levels this time I would sell off other share that I have and completely buy every share of Suzy that I can...the last time I didn`t have enough money when it went to 6...

I remember all oldies were shouting their neck out to buy it...alas I didn`t have enough then ....but won`t repeat the mistake again...In a couple of months I will have diwali bonus ready so will do another sip.... and bring down my average....

Boarders...have patience....I see some hot heads here...we can`t do much with them....we got to let go off them...we were holding suzy when it was going through turmoil ....why not show some more patience already many positive things have happened to this sector as a whole...and management has shown a positive trend...it is just a matter of one or two quarters then life will go in jingalala...mode...Hold Suzlon...if you have deep pockets then remember to buy more ...:)...

26 Jul 2014 00:01

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : vindkraft

Suttaji...so what...you want all of us become road vendor and sell tomato at 80/kg or what...? #Just Asking...LOL......

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