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26 Oct 2014 14:34

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : gsk49

Namaskarams. Thanks sir. The fever not going easily and have to visit the doctor today. Cell phone gone out once for all. Yesterday daughter boutht one for 8000 rupees and it is touch type which I could not understand how to operate. May be going out tomorrow or within 2 days to buy one of key type so I can use it. I will call you after that. Namaskarams to all, gsk...

26 Oct 2014 14:17

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : vkhm
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

The stock keeps moving higher based on speculation and when the rumour fades, the stock crumbles, this is happening in this stock from a long time. Fresh investments can only be made if the company starts posting profits consistently otherwise investing based on rumours would prove to be fatal when it comes to Suzlon....

26 Oct 2014 13:59

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : gsk49
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

Dear lkhurana ji. I know them all even before you started to visit this site in this avatar and you need not tell me how they are using MMB for their personal promotional purpose. If you like them go ahead and face your consequences and don`t ever come and do their advt. work here that too after complaining about another boarder in these boards. Now you proved that you have no knowledge of business in any form and just a person who acts as per others opinion only. For you to complain against anyone is not good. No reply required and thanks. gsk...

26 Oct 2014 13:53

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : gsk49
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

Dear fieryblaster ji You mistaken me ji. I appreciated the hard work of madonnab ji for that id`s great work in that board(Indosolar) ( It is a great eye opener for all about renewable energy if not Indosolar alone ) and at the same time against that id and its group in Monsanto India board too. Above all I will not enter into any stock without doing my own workout, and even entered I will not complain about the same in the coming days. Thanks gsk...

26 Oct 2014 13:40

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Chief Justice
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

Retailers stay away from this gambling counter.Go to fundamentally sound stocks for creating wealth! Suzlon is not for the ordinary retailers as it rises only on news and speculation!Tighten your seat belts during Q2 as the bigbulls are ready to pump and trap you!...

26 Oct 2014 13:11

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : pick early
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

the reduced balance sheet will ignite the stock once again:-)...

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26 Oct 2014 13:09

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : pick early

For a profit making company......yes it is.. Confusing.... But after a year yes it will........

26 Oct 2014 13:01

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : pick early
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

Hey tiger you have seen the tremendous rise in % in fii holding.... Do u see more acquiring of fii... They are long term visionary..... Whats ur take...

26 Oct 2014 12:54

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : Petal

Hi, I really do not under stand the meaning of this paragraph


The company now intends to develop another 2,000 MW of wind power capacity in the state at a cost of Rs. 15,000 crores. For a profit-making company with such formidable technological capabilities and a massive order book, it won%u2019t be long before its market capitalization begins to look better. One of the reasons for the lackluster performance of its share in the market was the unpromising industry scenario before the new government came in with the stated objective of giving a major boost to the sector.
The Author doesn`t know that Suzlon is still running under lose? or did Suzlon turn around and I did not know that Suzlon turned profitable? really confusing!!!!!!!. Should we read between lines and assume that company made net profit in Q2?...

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26 Oct 2014 12:25

Suzlon Energy

पोस्ट करनेवाले : fieryblaster
Price when posted : BSE: Rs 11.74 ( 4.45 % ), NSE: Rs. 11.75 ( 4.44 % )

why u r always negative and spread negativity..How can a common investor become a rakesh jhujhunwala without taking risks..u dont want common investor to become rich?...

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