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There is nothing more exciting than to traverse the journey from the lab to the market. While there may be challenges along the way, it’s the outcomes that far outweigh them that inspires us to carry on.

Delivering Innovation

Dear Shareowners,

Over the last 24 years at Zydus and the years preceding it, which have shaped our legacy, Innovation has been the core of our existence. It has shaped our identity as a healthcare organisation deeply rooted in science and innovation. It’s the very premise of the innovation culture and ecosystem that exists at Zydus today. We know that delivering results and maintaining our focus on innovation is important to the long-term success of the Company. Our future will be built on the work that we do today.

Innovation and cutting-edge research

When we set out on the path of innovation, we told ourselves that we can take challenging goals and lead in this area, or watch as others pass us by. We chose to strengthen our foundation and our future. Over the years, we have become more disciplined and committed to execution.

We know that lives depend on the work that we do and our teams embrace that responsibility with a deep sense of commitment every day. Our purpose at Zydus is to create healthier, happier communities globally through innovative healthcare solutions.

It’s the belief and conviction that we can make an impact and better the quality of life that inspires the endless hours of work in our labs. There is nothing more exciting than to traverse the journey from the lab to the market. While there may be challenges along the way, it’s the outcomes that far outweigh them that inspires us to carry on.

Over 1000000 patients in India, grappling with the problem of diabetic dyslipidemia, a complex metabolic syndrome, are now in better control of their malaise because of Lipaglyn, a novel drug introduced for the first time in India. When a young child who is just four is diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and drops out of school, it’s only the right medical help and therapy that can give her a new lease of life. This is exactly what our biosimilar of Adalimumab, Exemptia did for many of the patients in India who have been suffering from inflammatory arthritis. For the millions of people globally who discover that they have a fatty liver and are diagnosed with Non Alchoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH), there is no therapy approved today. But our researchers are exploring and working on a cure to combat this silent killer that could lead to liver failure or cirrhosis, if left unchecked. When our research efforts result in delivering a tetravalent vaccine which is only the third vaccine anywhere in the world and the first in India to be developed and manufactured indigenously, it comes with a sense of acknowledgement that we have the capabilities to develop a safe and efficacious vaccine on par with the best in the world.

This inspires the path of innovation at Zydus, whether its a new chemical entity, a novel biologic, a biosimilar, a vaccine or a novel process, it’s all about impacting lives.

I am pleased that we’ve been able to maintain forward momentum and deliver results in our research programme. It’s exciting and invigorating to be able to make progress and get closer to the goals that we have set for ourselves.

Innovation and value-creation

We believe that innovation is the creation of value. It’s about generating ideas around products, delivering outcomes, services and processes, organizational design and having a system that manages the implementation of these ideas continually.

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that innovation positively impacts both competitive positioning and financial health of the organisation. For us, it has been a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Zydus has always had a strong execution focus. In fact, both Excellence in Execution and Innovation are a part of our Core Behaviours that defines who we are, the way we think at Zydus, the way we work, serve customers and the speed with which we respond to our markets. The agility and thrust in “doing things” catalyses with the innovative way of “being and approaching” our work. Our reputation for raising the bar of performance and financial strength year after year, delivering results and maintaining our focus on innovation has been critical to our company’s long-term success and future.

Innovation and people who inspire this

It is people who live, inhabit, inspire and build the ecosystem. We have been fortunate to have the right team in place to create this.

All of these will help us take our company to the next level, expand our business in ways that make sense and serve customers like never before.

Championing game-changing ideas at Zydus begins with creating a context and infrastructure that encourages ideas across the organization. This free flow starts at the grassroots where an idea champion can put forth an operational level idea to simplify a work process or improve upon a process. Our Quest platform celebrates all such ideas. So do our PRISM and SLIM programmes which thrive on ideas that emerge to improve Operational Efficiency. An innovative idea does not need to get tagged as futuristic or strategic to be celebrated.

Innovation and exceeding expectations -today and tomorrow.

We have a clear vision, mission and a strong sense of purpose. We will continue to deliver value, invest for the future and strengthen our foundation for growth. Our global footprint, differentiated line of products and services and comprehensive strategies will continue to contribute to our growth.

I’m proud that we have built on a legacy and made the foundation of innovation stronger. To our employees, I sincerely appreciate your commitment and dedication. To our dealers and suppliers, thank you for your leadership and responsive actions. And, to our valued customers and shareholders, thank you for your confidence in Zydus. We will always strive to exceed your expectations - today and tomorrow. leadership at Zydus will not waver. We have a strong team built on a legacy of integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment that will continue to grow, expand and innovate.

Pankaj R. Patel


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