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इंफोमीडिया प्रैस

बीएसई: 509069  |  NSE: INFOMEDIA  |  ISIN: INE669A01022  |  Printing & Stationery

खोजें इंफोमीडिया प्रैस कनेक्शन मार्च 15
लेखांकन नीति साल : मार्च '16

1. Background:

Infomedia Press Limited (the ‘Company’) was incorporated on 30 May 1955. In the previous years, the Company has discontinued its business of printing operations and the management is in the process of evaluating various options, including starting a new line of business.

2. Summary of significant accounting policies:

a) Basis of preparation

The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention, on the accrual basis of accounting and in accordance with the accounting principles generally accepted in India including the Accounting Standards specified under section 133 of The Companies Act, 2013 (the ‘Act’) read with Rule 7 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014 (as amended).The accounting policies have been consistently applied by the Company.

b) Use of estimates

The preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure of contingent liabilities at the date of the financial statements and reported amount of revenue and expenses during the reporting period. Actual result could differ from these estimates. Any revision to accounting estimates is recognized prospectively in the current and future period.

c) Fixed assets

Fixed assets are stated at their original cost including incidental expenses related to acquisition and installation and subsequent additional cost in respect of major reconditioning expenses enhancing the standard of performance of the assets less accumulated depreciation, amortization and impairment loss if any.

d) Depreciation

The Company depreciates its fixed assets as follows:

i. Leasehold land - over the period of the lease on straight line method

ii. Building - on straight line method at the rates which are based on the useful life as

estimated by the management and are equal to the rates specified in Schedule

II to the Act.

e) Impairment of assets

The Company assesses at each balance sheet date whether there is any indication that an asset may be impaired. If any such indication exists, the Company estimates the recoverable amount of the asset. If such recoverable amount of the asset or the recoverable amount of the cash generating unit to which the asset belongs is less than its carrying amount, the carrying amount is reduced to its recoverable amount and the reduction is treated as an impairment loss and is recognized in the statement of profit and loss. If at the balance sheet date there is an indication that a previously assessed impairment loss no longer exists, the recoverable amount is reassessed and the asset is reflected at the recoverable amount subject to a maximum of depreciated historical cost and the same is accordingly reversed in the Statement of Profit and Loss.

f) Employee benefits Provident fund

The Company’s Employees Provident Fund scheme has a defined contribution plan. The Company’s contribution to the Employees’ Provident Fund is charged to the Statement of Profit and Loss during the period in which the employee renders the related service.


Provision for gratuity, a defined benefit plan, is made on the basis of last drawn salary and accrued for the number of years of service as per the provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

Short term employee benefits

Short term employee benefits expected to be paid or payable in exchange for the services rendered is recognized on undiscounted basis.

g) Earnings per share

Basic earnings per share is calculated by dividing the net profit or loss for the year attributable to equity shareholders by the weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the year. The weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the year are adjusted for events including a bonus issue, bonus element in a rights issue to existing shareholders, share split, and reverse share split (consolidation of shares).

For the purpose of calculating diluted earnings per share, the net profit or loss for the period attributable to equity shareholders and the weighted average number of shares outstanding during the year are adjusted for the effects of all dilutive potential equity shares except where the results would be anti dilutive.

h) Provisions and contingencies

The Company makes provision when there is a present obligation as a result of a past event where the outflow of economic resources is probable and a reliable estimate of the amount of obligation can be made.

A disclosure is made for a contingent liability when there is a:

- Possible obligation, the existence of which will be confirmed by the occurrence/non-occurrence of one or more uncertain events, not fully with in the control of the Company; or

- Present obligation, where it is not probable that an outflow of resources embodying economic benefits will be required to settle the obligation; or

- Present obligation, where a reliable estimate cannot be made.

Where there is a present obligation in respect of which the likelihood of outflow of resources is remote, no provision or disclosure is made.

i) Income taxes

Deferred income taxes reflects the impact of current year timing differences between taxable income and accounting income for the year and reversal of timing differences of earlier years. Deferred tax is measured based on the tax rates and the tax laws enacted or substantively enacted at the balance sheet date. In respect of carry forward losses and unabsorbed depreciation, deferred tax assets are recognized only to the extent there is virtual certainty that sufficient future taxable income will be available against which such losses can be realized.

j) Cash and cash equivalents

Cash and cash equivalents comprise cash and deposit with banks. The Company considers all highly liquid investments with a remaining maturity at the date of purchase of three months or less and that are readily convertible to known amounts of cash to be cash equivalents.

a. There is no movement in the share capital during the current year and previous year

b. Description of the rights, preferences and restrictions attached to equity shares

The Company has only one class of equity shares having a par value of Rs. 10 per share. Each holder of equity shares is entitled to one vote per share. The Company declares and pays dividends in Indian rupees. The dividend proposed by the Board of Directors is subject to the approval of the shareholders in the ensuing Annual General Meeting. All the existing equity shares rank pari-passu in all respects including but not limited to entitlement for dividend, bonus issue and right issue. In the event of liquidation of the Company, the holders of equity shares will be entitled to receive remaining assets of the Company, after distribution of all preferential amounts. The distribution will be in proportion to the number of equity shares held by the shareholders.

As per the records of the Company, including its register of shareholders/members and other declarations, if any, received from shareholders regarding beneficial interest, the above shareholding represents both legal and beneficial ownership of shares.

As per the records of the Company, including its register of shareholders/members and other declarations, if any, received from shareholders regarding beneficial interest, the above shareholding represents both legal and beneficial ownership of shares.

e. Shares issued for consideration other than cash

No shares have been issued pursuant to a contract without payment being received in cash, allotted as fully paid up bonus issued or brought back in the current reporting period and in the last five years immediately preceding the current reporting period.

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