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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '10
The year 2009-10 has been a memorable year for K S Oils. Our Company
 entered the 25th year of its operations. The silver jubilee year has
 been an occasion for celebrating with our consumers, our brands and our
 Like any individual who has just turned 25, we feel young, energetic
 and motivated to reach new heights.  It is that period of life when
 strength, intelligence and performance are at their youthful best. At
 25 years, K S Oils proudly possesses some commendable achievements.
 Today, we are an Indian MNC that is well poised to tap the young Indian
 consumers demand with a premium brand like Kalash and a mass brand
 like Double Sher.
 Kalash, our premium brand is already the leader in the branded
 mustard oil segment. During the year, Kalash Refined Soyabean Oil
 one of the top five brands in the soyabean oil segment in selected
 states within nine months of its launch. This has only gone to prove
 that we have got our branding story right and we have so far been on
 the right track. We intend to invest significantly in our brand
 portfolio and ensure greater consumer loyalty, increased profitability
 and an inclusive and sustainable growth.
 Global Scenario
 The global scenario in 2009-10 was much better than in the previous
 year.  To begin with, we have witnessed stability in edible oil prices,
 which reduced the countrys import bills.  Secondly emerging markets,
 especially Asian economies like India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia
 are being built on strong industrial, manufacturing and service sector
 growth. For us, the biggest story is our local population.
 Since growth has led to a rise in per capita income and higher
 standards of living in these economies, it has given an unprecedented
 boost to domestic consumption, leading to higher per capita spending.
 I believe the emerging economies will be the theatre for action as the
 decade unfolds. In this scenario, to stay competitive, the global
 companies will have to significantly invest in creating assets,
 building brands and winning consumers in these economies.  Similarly,
 the domestic companies too will have to compete, or else, build close
 business relationships with the MNCs, in order to scale-up. With
 increased levels of consumer spending, brands will become key
 differentiators, as competition will rage not only in the market -
 place but also in the minds of consumers. That said, in edible oil
 space, the biggest differentiators are the brand and quality - the two
 4 most important attributes of our Companys products.
 K S Oils Performance in 2009-10
 Despite the challenges thrown up by the market and the regulators, K S
 Oils delivered a record profitable growth during the year. The Company
 clocked a turnover of Rs. 4,027 crore and a bottom-line of Rs. 224
 crore. Even in a tough year, the Company registered a growth of 28% on
 the top line and 33% on profits. K S Oils strengthened its brand
 portfolio, while investing significantly in the new product launches in
 the soyabean segment.  This helped the company in increasing sales and
 improving margins.
 Understanding the Indian consumer
 In todays young and vibrant India, two-thirds of Indias population is
 below the age of 35. In terms of aspirations and expectations,
 increased consumerism is bridging the urban and rural divide in this
 age group. Farmers have benefitted due to increasing urbanization, SEZs
 and new townships as the demand for rural land for development purposes
 increases.  The availability of cheap credit, better minimum support
 prices (MSP) for crops and government schemes like NREGS (National
 Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) has increased rural employment and
 income of farmers. This has given huge benefits to the farmers and seen
 a new consumer enter and drive up consumption in the rural market. But
 equally, better living standards have created an increased demand for
 healthy and high quality foods, including edible oils. The discerning
 consumer of today, both in urban and rural markets is willing to pay a
 premium for quality, which is causing a significant shift towards
 branded oils.
 Quality has become paramount in purchase decisions, especially for food
 items like edible oils. Thus, our brands, Kalash and Double Sher, built
 on the platform of purity and quality, have shown premium growth. With
 a better lifestyle, consumption of edible oils across the three
 segments (mustard, soybean and refined palm oil) has gradually
 Building FMCG Brands in FMCG markets
 With more than a billion consumers, India is one of the most exciting
 FMCG markets in the world today.  Buying habits, consumption patterns
 and spending trends indicate a quality-conscious mindset. Thus,
 connecting with the consumer is the key to building FMCG brands. At K S
 Oils, we realize that building FMCG brands, especially in the
 commodity-led edible oil sector, is a slow and steady game.  It will
 require significant investments in brand building, advertisement spends
 and trade channel development.
 Having made the right moves, K S Oils has achieved 12% market
 share of mustard oil market in India and our brands Kalash and Double
 Sher are the leaders in the branded mustard oil market. With our feet
 firmly on the ground and our understanding of the consumer, we believe
 Kalash will be one of the finest edible oil FMCG brand in Indias vast
 FMCG market.
 In the past year, we have significantly invested in creating the last
 mile connectivity with urban and rural Indian consumers. Today, we
 reach out to over 2,00,000 retail outlets and are growing this network
 significantly. Our focus on Tier II and Tier III Indian cities and
 upscale rural clusters continues. Our marketing strategy for the urban
 segment is to ensure value-added national and local advertising, and
 brand promotion.  Organized retail is a key strategic partner in
 growing our brands sales and we have shelf space in all of the
 organized retail chains.
 Robust Backend to Build a Premium Brand
 As you may be aware, in the past three years, we have invested capital,
 human resources and time in building a formidable back-end support
 system for the retail led brand push. Today, we have five
 state-of-the-art production facilities that follow international best
 practices in manufacturing high quality products.  This is a key
 differentiator in the edible oil business. Our procurement strategy in
 India is bearing fruit, as we continue to develop long-lasting
 relationships with Indian farmers through our Khushali program. Our
 international palm plantation ownership program is progressing well.
 Having an integrated low cost production base in place and thus our
 ability to control quality has been key to our market leadership in
 Today our business can be distinctly divided into three separate
 - Raw material procurement through farmer outreach programs in India
 and international ownership of palm plantations.
 - Manufacturing plants, refineries and logistics management.
 - Brands - Kalash, Double Sher and K S Gold.
 In the last three years, we have created three categories which
 function as independent SBUs. It has enabled us to evaluate them
 separately and identify our strengths and weaknesses. We believe
 competitive edge, global operations and scale, flexibility to
 multi-sourcing, building significant distribution capabilities and
 innovative marketing strategies, will be the key drivers of our growth
 in the future.
 Creating the Leaders for Tomorrow
 During the year, we invested significantly in building up leadership.
 We believe, as we grow to a market-driven brand company, we will need
 diligent and adaptable talent to take us forward. While we will follow
 our grow from within policy for preparing leaders of the future, we
 will not shy away from inducting exceptional talent from outside the
 In order to build a consumer-centric,
 innovation-led organization, we have rolled out a companywide program
 to ensure that each employee is focused on the consumer. We have
 identified over 100 young achievers to create a second rung of
 leadership and put them through a fast track career program.  When
 ready, they will become the driving force of the Company, leading it
 into its golden jubilee era.
 Building Brands Responsibly
 It is my personal belief and the guiding mantra at K S Oils, that we
 will be responsible for our actions. Today, we have created a growth
 story with multiple stakeholders and are answerable to each one of
 them. Concern for environment, people and communities in which we live,
 is a key to developing our brands responsibly. During the year we
 undertook various initiatives around our manufacturing plants in order
 toprotect the environment and focus on the use of alternate energy,
 recycled water and recovered heat.
 Education has been a passion at K S Oils and our association with
 school activities continued during the year. Our Khushali project is
 ensuring a better produce and a better living for Indian farmers and we
 plan to grow this program in the coming years. While we expand our
 brand presence in the market-place with Kalash and Double Sher, we are
 committed to building K S Oils as a responsible corporate brand that
 believes in inclusive growth.
 Winning in the Market-place, Winning with Consumers
 Going ahead we will have a clear agenda for the next 24 months to
 strengthen our FMCG brand strategy in the edible oil sector: 
 Reaffirming Market Leadership: We will reaffirm our market leadership
 in key markets like Eastern India.  We will strengthen, grow and
 protect our market share with our renewed consumer focus.
 - Reaching the un-served and under- served markets: Our marketing and
 distribution network will be further strengthened to create a pan-India
 reach. We will win market share in our new markets of Northern and
 Western India.
 - Renewed focus on innovation driven profitable growth: We will
 continue to focus on innovation driven profitable growth. Our brand-led
 strategy, coupled with our low-cost integrated backend model, will help
 us in lowering costs, realizing better brand premium and delivering
 healthier margins.
 To conclude, let me ask you two questions: Who is our biggest
 competitor? And, What is our biggest risk?
 While you guess, let me answer it for you. At K S Oils, we are our
 biggest competitor and also our biggest risk.  Complacency and
 arrogance that stems from success will never be allowed to set foot in
 K S Oil. Today, we have built the best edible oil brands, the best
 manufacturing plants and the best team and will continue to deliver and
 excel as we go forward.  Humility of action, integrity of purpose and
 transparency of conduct will be the key traits driving our Companys
 growth as we journey forward into the next 25 years!
                                            Warm Regards,
                                         Ramesh Chand Garg 
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