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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '18

Chairman Message

Dear Shareholders,


It gives me pleasure to place before you the Annual Report of your Company for the financial year 2017-18. Your Company achieved a total turn-over of INR 8,584 Million (Mn.) as against INR 10,505 Mn. of last year, the lower turnover is on account of erratic global rice market conditions. The rice export value stood at INR 4,609 Mn. as against INR 7,213 Mn. of last year. However, in domestic rice segment your company has registered a growth of20.45%onYOYbasis.

Basmati Rice Export is mainly driven by demand from some of the Middle East Countries like, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, UAE etc. Iran, Yemen, Iraq are facing various problems making it difficult to export and relies sell proceeds from these countries.

As you know we had acquired a new Food Processing Unit in District Sonepat, Haryana in the year 2015-16. On account of growth in demand of our food products in Ready to Eat & Ready to Cook products in the international market, we have increased our in house production capacity to 75,000 ready meals per day from 15,000 ready meals per day during the last year. Our focus would be on product innovation to develop healthy food products from locally available raw material. We will continue to Invest, Innovate and expand our product range offering to add value to our Food Business Operations.

However you will be glad to note that the company has done extremely well in foods exports and registered a Year on Year (YOY) growth of 22.3%.

Our UK operations continue to focus on profitable growth both in Rice and processed food range of products. However Kohinoor Rice exports business grew steadily in markets such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Hong Kong & Thailand, in spite of various challenges in the respective countries.

We launched “Monsoon” brand Basmati Rice by creating and developing distributors’ network in domestic market and also in international markets, which is well accepted and liked by consumers. In domestic market, introduction of GST Act created some confusion in the marketing network on branded rice in the initial phase. We are focusing to strengthen Monsoon Brand in India in pragmatic manner and we are hopeful that it will become a very powerful and effective brand on the strength of quality product and value for money.

We further inform the members that with an objective to improve the financials of the company, your company is exploring the possibilities such as:

a. Monetising some of the assets of the company.

b. Looking for Investor to infuse funds in the company.

c. Negotiating with the Banks for restructuring of borrowings.

The company is working aggressively on the said lines to improve its financial/business to achieve the seemless working.

With the objective of bringing authentic Indian flavours to the people all over the world, we want your company Kohinoor Foods Ltd. to become a leading name in the food business globally as well. In pursuit of our vision to make Kohinoor the most trusted & preferred food brand in export markets, we would continue to develop products, increase operational efficiency and follow our successful strategies.

I am grateful to the Board of Directors for their unwavering support and guidance. I also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our consumers, business partners, employees and stakeholders who have shown their trust in us and have extended their constant support.

With best wishes,



Jugal Kishore Arora


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