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खोजें मार्ग कनेक्शन Mar 09
अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '10
Never before in history has innovation offered so much to so many in
 so short a time, Bill Gates wrote on the Internet revolution.
 At MARG, I can say with conviction that we have embarked on an
 innovation-led development that few have attempted.
 Today we are Indias fastest-growing infrastructure organisation
 developing future ready cities and industrial clusters with a vision
 and commitment to create socially, economically and culturally
 sustainable models.
 MARG is in the business of holistic regional development that unlocks
 economic prosperity for all. We are perhaps the only company in India
 with a portfolio that comprises a port, SEZs, airport, commercial
 property (mall) and residential dwelling units (affordable housing,
 urban smart homes, integrated townships and ultra-luxury homes).
 In doing so, we have created a unique and distinctive positioning that
 can be simply explained in just four words  assetising-money,
 monetising-assets.  This exclusive identity translated into robust
 financials in 2009-10.
 Turnover increased 64 percent from Rs 463.2 cr in 2008-09 to Rs 760.9
 cr EBITDA increased 62 percent from Rs 83 cr in 2008-09 to Rs 134.7 cr
 Interest cover increased 60 percent from 5.6 in 2008-09 to 9 Cash
 profit increased 79 percent from Rs 47.3 cr in 2008-09 to Rs 84.7 cr
 Post-tax profit increased 94 percent from Rs 40.9 cr in 2008-09 to Rs
 79.5 cr
 EPS (earnings per share, basic) increased 88 percent from Rs 16.0 in
 2008-09 to Rs 30.1 Book value per share increased 19 percent from Rs
 134.7 in 2008-09 to Rs 160.3
 Return on capital employed increased from 13 percent in 2008-09 to 16
 percent Our corporate philosophy.  Where it all begins.
 At MARG, we build a community of assets that drive the economy.
 Todays domestic scenario is characterised by a strong infrastructural
 deficit that is not only staggering economic growth but also affecting
 life quality. Our metros are saturated with a population overflow; our
 legacy power plants are unable to meet net energy requirements; our
 city roads are not broad enough to shoulder growing traffic; our
 airports are fewer than necessary, creating chaos on ground and in air;
 our inadequate seaports lead to long delays.  Although the Central
 Government has allocated investments of over USD 510 billion for the
 Eleventh Five Year Plan period to reinforce the countrys
 infrastructure, there is a fear that benefits will not translate into
 intended value in view of unconnected assets.
 At MARG, we focus on the creation of economic centres that are
 uncity-like.  Importantly enough, our goal is to create completely
 integrated spaces where individuals from all walks of life can work and
 live together. This will go a long way in addressing the most
 fundamental individual need  of climbing the social and financial
 value chain. A community that is aspirational will create a self-
 sustaining ecosystem that will unleash prosperity not only within the
 community walls but in the periphery as well.
 The business of catering to basic individual needs  clean water,
 hygiene and sanitation; on-switch power, uncrowded transportation and
 access to quality leisure  is recession-proof. This explains the
 solidity in our numbers in the last two years even as the world passed
 through a severe economic meltdown.
 The next step. Assetising money.
 A recent McKinsey report titled Indias urban awakening: Building
 inclusive cities sustaining economic growth stated that cities are
 integral to Indias economic prosperity. In 2008, an estimated 340
 million people lived in urban India, representing over a third of the
 countrys population. Over the next 20 years, urban India is expected
 to create 70 percent of all new jobs in the country and these urban
 jobs will be twice as more productive as equivalent to, rural jobs.
 Consequently, the population of Indias cities could swell to 590
 million  or twice the population of the United States today  by 2030,
 constituting 40 percent of Indias urban population. Over the next 20
 years, we will witness an urban transformation the scale and speed of
 which has not transpired anywhere else in the world (expect China).
 This will warrant the building of 700900 million square metres of
 residential and commercial space in India.
 Swarnabhoomi: At MARG, we are already preparing for the future. Our
 Swarnabhoomi project is spread across a
 cumulative 613 acres notified for Engineering Services SEZ,
 Multi-Services SEZ and residential and commercial development. We have
 already tied in a number of reputed companies in the engineering and
 R&D sectors. Besides, we signed up with the prestigious Virginia Tech
 University to impart world-class education, including Masters and PhD
 courses in a variety of new-generation disciplines including nanotech
 engineering and biotechnology, among others. In addition, we
 established a 1,200-seat semi-residential school and launched 1,300
 residential units, of which we sold over 85 percent.
 Karaikal Port: The year 2009-10 was special for the Karaikal Port as it
 was commissioned and received its first vessel in April 2009. Within
 the first operational year, the port managed 1.6 million tonnes of
 cargo, 170 vessels, enlisted 18 customers, invited Rs 150 cr worth of
 private equity (from India Infrastructure Fund) and received the
 prestigious award of Outstanding Achievement - Port Development & Port
 Management conferred by the Shipping, Marine and Ports (SMP) Expo
 2010.  Besides, the port also turned in a cash profit in the year of
 being commissioned, vindicating investments.
 The port caters to a range of commodities comprising of coal, cement,
 raw sugar, agro and other project cargo. State-of- the-art cranes
 facilitate effective material handling. The result is that, we report
 turnaround in 2.5 days* compared with the national benchmark of 5-6
 days. We achieved financial closure of Rs 1,500 cr for Phase II of the
 project, which will enhance our port capacity to 21 MMTPA by FY
 Bijapur and Bellary airports: I am happy to announce that we bagged the
 development rights of a greenfield airport in Bijapur from the
 Government of Karnataka in October 2009. The airport project represents
 a strong addition to our existing portfolio. It presents us with the
 opportunity to unleash regional development through the creation of an
 airport and other supporting physical and social infrastructure. Master
 planning is currently underway and the project is expected to be
 completed in five years.  MARG is also partnering with the Government
 of Karnataka to develop a world-class greenfield airport at Bellary.
 This airport will be a magnificent gateway to the exotic second-fastest
 growing district in Karnataka after Bangalore. MARG will operate and
 maintain the airport for 30 years (extendable by an additional 30
 years), following which, it will be transferred to the state. MARG set
 up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in the name of MARG
 Sri Krishnadevaraya Airport Ltd to execute the project. I see this
 airport as a giant leap towards bridging the gap between the potential
 growth centres and urban centres in the state.
 Closing the sequence.  Monetising assets.
 Over the years, MARG has developed a diversified portfolio of assets 
 some in partnership with governments (BOT) and others directly owned by
 us. Some of these projects are operational and provide revenue
 visibility for the Company; the Karaikal Port for instance, turned in
 an income of Rs 49.69 cr during the period under review and EBIDTA of
 Rs 24.58 cr, in its first year of operation itself, clearly one of the
 first few such instances in India today. MARG Swarnabhoomis revenue
 contribution stood at Rs 149.91 cr and EBIDTA stood at Rs 48.65 cr.
 Surging ahead
 An innovation-driven mindset, talented intellectual pool, solid balance
 sheet and an unwavering focus on assetising- money cum
 monetising-assets will not only strengthen our prospects in 2010-11,
 and also over the years to come.
 GRK Reddy
 Chairman and Managing Director
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