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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Jun '11
Dear Friends,
 Greeting to all of you.
 It gives me an immense pleasure to share this moment with each of you
 and extend a warm welcome to the fifth Annual General Body Meeting of
 your Company.
 During the fiscal year 2010-11, in addition to the overseas activities,
 your Company has commenced domestic work including making of a movie.
 This would typically mean from the stage of creating a story to
 production of the actual animated movie. During the current year, the
 Company has delivered the Story line, creation of some characters and
 CGI and special effects for South Indian Movies.
 Krishnakumar Subramanian
 Accordingly the revenue from the domestic business is determined. I
 would like to draw your attention
 Chairman and Managing Director
 that this has been a good beginning into the domestic industry and a
 step towards our vision.
 While it is normally understood that the movie would mean a large
 project and lot of tasks are associated with it, this would largely
 help establishing the Company as a larger Animation player with a lower
 margin. Overall, while the revenue has increased when compared to the
 previous year, your Company had added a foray into the International
 Market namely Germany, Canada and USA through WOS Advaitaa Technologies
 Inc. Accordingly the team working on the new projects has come up with
 a healthy pipeline of opportunities, which is to be explored. Here
 again we are hopeful of being successful with some additional business
 in the current year. We are also hopeful that efforts put by the team
 would become successful as the Client would benefit from the cost
 arbitrage without compromising on the quality of the work.
 I am glad to inform you regarding the performance of the new
 state-of-the-art infrastructure for animation and gaming development at
 Chennai facility. The state-of-the-art technology and world-class
 facilities, together with its depth and breadth of experience, has
 earned it an unparalleled reputation in global animation circles.
 As a part of the cost cutting program, Nextgen studio has downsized its
 activities at Chennai facility. The team at Chennai is experienced for
 over several years which would be more than 200 man years and recent
 being delivery of International Music videos, Kollywood films & Special
 Effects in Documentry films for European clients. Here exceptional team
 of creative artists has been consistently delivering 2D, 3D and VFX
 content to the international and Indian Media & Entertainment markets
 for more than 15 years including international well-known publishing
 house, Indian Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood industry and popular
 TV channels.
 The recent downturn has also helped the Company to introspect,
 consolidate and move forward on the activities and also look at the
 domestic market to meet the vision of the Company. During the year,
 again the Company is also looking at expansion in these areas and has
 lot of activity.
 The growth drivers for the animation sector include entry of global
 entertainment majors leading to co-production of movies, end- to-end
 production out of India, original IP creation and growth in the
 domestic market. However, the gaming industry witnessed growth in
 mobile and console segment, contributing to domestic consumption and
 the services business was propelled by enhanced partnerships with
 international game publishers.
 According to PWC Global entertainment and media outlook: 2011-2015 The
 Indian Animation industry was worth US$ 631 million in 2011 and is
 expected to grow at CAGR of 23% to reach US$ 961 million by 2013.
 Thus, Indian studios are now looking to create their own intellectual
 property, by collaborating with foreign studios. Also, with the
 popularity of 3D, indigenous studios are doing a large amount of
 2D-to-3D conversion.
 Following are excerpts from the report, via PWC.
 Indian animation, gaming & VFX industry is a highly fragmented
 industry. It showed a healthy growth in 2011 on the back of the growth
 in the global animation industry and the subsequent work outsourced to
 Indian firms. The Indian Animation industry was worth US$ 631 million
 in 2011 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 23% to reach US$ 961 million
 by 2013. Indian production houses are slowly moving up the value chain.
 While initially, only post-production work outsourced from Hollywood
 studios used to be sent to India. Indian players are primarily involved
 in the labour- intensive production and post-production activities, as
 a ''Service Provider''
 working on the revenue model of ''Work-For-Hire''. This means that
 most skill sets are at the lower end of the value chain. Though there
 are a few firms offering world-class capabilities for India to merge as
 a global animation hub, there is a need to upscale these capabilities
 across a wider section of the industry by focusing on owning the IP.
 This Indian gaming industry continues to grow at a fast pace driven by
 mobile and online gaming. Social networking has been a boon for the
 gaming industry with online users becoming gaming addicts through this
 route. While console gaming gets users acquainted with new formats
 (like motion-sensitive and 3D games), PC gaming is not quite living up
 to the promise it has. Piracy remains a major issue for PC gaming, with
 game manufacturers looking to generate revenues from online
 Needless to add, the areas of focus in the year gone by and in the
 coming years would be creation of the Intellectual Property Rights
 (IPR), Theatrical content, Home Video segment and game development &
 In the area of education your Company has short listed in North America
 and also looking for setting up Residential Animation program in India
 and also in Middle East. While it can be said that your Company has
 achieved limited success during the year under review, but your Company
 is pursuing the same as the entire business is manpower centric and it
 is important to keep attracting good talents and retain them.
 Your Company is in the growth path after a year of consolidation and
 the hybrid strategy of organic growth, strategic alliances and
 acquisitions in India and North America. It is in advanced levels of
 discussion with potential suitors in each of the areas.
 I will keep you posted in our success.
 Finally, I must express my profound gratitude for your continued
 support. I also thank all the Directors of the Board, employees, and
 all persons associated with the Company for creating a solid
 infrastructure and base to start a good beginning for your Company.
 Krishnakumar Subramanian 
 Chairman and Managing Director 
 29th February 2012 
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