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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '18

Dear Shareholders,

The year 2017-18 has been an eventful one for India''s real estate sector with a lot of positive changes and initiatives being introduced by the government. Reform measures like implementation of RERA and clarity on GST are structural changes, which are likely to give increased confidence to home buyers and provide consolidation opportunities for the organized players. While the sector struggled for transition into the post RERA and GST regime, the Company had cheered these policy changes whole heartedly and transitioned effortlessly.

The present financial year will be pretty exciting for us. We will fast track the monetization of our Land parcel through plotting and a steady cash flow from our North Town Project will take care of the investments required for our expansion plans. Below is our company''s diverse portfolio description in brief.

REAL ESTATE : During the financial year under review, the Company registered a revenue of Rs. 2,875.57 Lakhs on Standalone basis as compared to the previous year''s total revenue of Rs. 3,833.64 Lakhs. This is due the transition in implementation of statues / reforms. Further, total revenue on consolidated basis is Rs. 5,894.71 Lakhs as compared to the previous year''s total revenue of Rs. 15,666.88 lakhs. Cautious approach in film making was the reason in reduction of turnover. The Standalone Loss After Tax stood at Rs. 39.53 lakhs as against the Profit After Tax of Rs. 2,067.38 lakhs in the year 2016-17 and the Consolidated Loss After Tax stood at Rs. 6,206.49 lakhs as against the Profit After Tax of Rs. 821.80 lakhs in the previous year.

RETAIL: The Company is into Safe Deposit Lockers Business under the brand name SAFE TRUNK.

SAFETRUNK - an independent ultra-secure purpose built safe deposit locker facility, with cutting edge technology & security integration that surpasses industry standards, we are dedicated to delivering unrivaled security to our customers accompanied with world class service

ENTERTAINMENT: Film Industry in India is gaining traction as a film-shooting destination and after the success of India-based movies, several international studios are increasingly considering shooting a large portion of their films in India.

With the gradual emergence of Tier II and Tier III cities on the multiplex map, the acceptance of traditional commercial cinema is accelerated. Regional content continued to make encouraging headway and engage growing audiences.

Traditionally only advertising has been a key source of revenue for Media and Entertainment industry, but off late revenue from subscription and value added services has also contributed significantly. With consumers willing to pay for content and extra services, the subscription segment will play an important role in the post digitisation era.

I am confident that our passion to deliver engaging content with a robust business model will enable us to create value for all stakeholders in the years to come. I seek your continued support and encouragement in this endeavour.

Sincerely yours,

Prasad V. Potluri

Chairman and Managing Director

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