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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '10
It gives us immense pleasure in meeting you through this letter after
 completing yet another successful financial year.
 Outlook for the Industry
 Global Market
 The global animation market was estimated at USD 68 billion in 2008 and
 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent to reach USD 100 billion by
 2012. The animation industry in India was estimated at USD 494 million
 in 2008 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22 percent to reach USD 1
 billion by 2012. The animation industry in India can be divided in to
 the following key segments Animation entertainment.  Animation
 education, Custom content development and multimedia/ web design & VFX
 In absolute terms, custom content development and multimedia/web design
 is the largest segment today, followed by animation entertainment,
 animation education and VFX. In 2012, custom content development and
 multimedia/web design is expected to remain the largest segment,
 followed by animation entertainment, VFX and animation education.
 Indian Market
 The animation and gaming industry have undergone a metamorphosis in the
 past two years the ride has been eventful from the highs of 2006-07
 where expectations were immense to the lows of end 2008 where the
 industry hit the brakes of the backdrop of global financial meltdown.
 In the interim the animation and gaming industry has spread its
 influence across platforms, evolved business models and emerged as the
 prominent sunrise industry in the country.  This report attempts to
 encapsulate the evolution of the industry in the last two years,
 identifies the key growth drivers, examines the challenges, provides
 recommendations to the government and charts the road ahead.
 Key trends
 The significant changes which shaped the industry in the last few years
  The shift from a pure off shoring services industry to the growth of
 domestic customer market. In gaming, the mobile and console segments
 contributed to domestic consumption and animation entertainment segment
 took early steps towards domestic box office success.
  The services market, on the back of successful project deliveries
 moved up the value chain especially in animation with end to end
 animation movies being produced in India.
  Growth of sub sectors like custom content development where animation
 is used for education, training and simulation purposes and also the
 console gaming market with the entry of global majors like Sony and
 Our Achievements
 Sprucing up for a brighter future
 You would be happy to note that during the year your company has under
 taken the following measures to take the operation of the company to
 its pinnacle:
  Your company hosted a press meet on 31st March 2010 to launch the
 Indian trailer of THE 99 along with Dr.Naif Al Mutawa - CEO of
 Tashkeel Media Group, Kuwait, Mr. Andy Ward & Mr.Subniv Babuta -
 Executive Producers of Endemol UK. The chief guest for the launch was
 the eminent person Mrs.Poongothai Aladi Aruna from the Ministry of IT.
  It was a proud moment for THE 99 Super Heroes when President Obama
 made as special mention about THE 99 in his speech at the President
 summit on entrepreneurship which took place on ApriP 26th and 27th 2010
 at Washington DC.
  Your company have successfully delivered the episodes for THE 99
 series-1, which had appreciation from the clients and partners
 worldwide, we have also delivered the broadcast series of IBN
  In continuation to the successful launch and other deliveries of
 series 1 of THE 99, we are on the verge of signing for the next 26
 episodes as season 2 for THE 99.
  Your companys board was strengthened with additional directors to
 drive the business more efficiently, the Board was added with
 Mr.G.Sundaresan - Chairman with rich experience as an entrepreneur,
 Mr.Vijay R Vakharia a business man having 25 years rich experience in
 multi-facet industry viz., non-banking finance; real estate and
 logistics business having insight knowledge in analysing the viability
 of new business ventures &
 Mr.T.V.Balachandran with rich experience as Senior Corporate Finance
 Manager and investment professional for over 13 years; have been
 associated with transactions involving start-up projects, private
 companies and listed entities in the Middle East and North Africa
 region and in India.
  Your company also rejuvenated the education division in the name of
 Sanraa Media Knowledge Centre with latest syllabus on 11th Aug 2010
  Your company has also issued bonus shares at 5:4 ratio i.e. 5 fully
 paid-up equity share of Re. 1/- each for every 4 existing fully paid-up
 equity shares held by the shareholders of the Company.
  In order to expand the operations of the company in the business
 Capital of India Mumbai we had set up a regional office at Mumbai on
 16th May 2010 to have an easy access to Mumbai movie and entertainment
  Your company also participated in the Tamil conference held at
 Coimbatore from 23rd to 27th of June 2010, and explored new business
  Your company has also signed an MOU with the Malaysian client for a
 total value of 10 Million Dollars for a new Movie.
  Your company was effective in achieving the targets and within a
 short span of time, since 2006, your company has become the largest
 Animation Company in Tamil Nadu & one among the top ten Animation
 companies in India.
 The Road Ahead
 The Boardis confident that the quality content of your companys
 products and services will set a new paradigm in the Media &
 Entertainment Industry. The Boardand the employees are looking forward
 to the challenges of this task.
 The Boardwishes to place on record its special thanks & sincere
 appreciation of each and every employees hard work & dedication which
 has been the biggest contributor to Sanraas continuous success.
 We thank you for placing the confidence in the Company. We committed to
 drive the company in its continuing success path.
                                            On behalf of the Board
                                          For Sanraa Media Limited
 Place : Chennai                                      G Sundaresan
 Date   : 4th September 2010
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