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श्रीजी ट्रांसलॉजिस्टिक्स

बीएसई: 540738  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE402Y01010  |  Transport & Logistics

खोजें श्रीजी ट्रांसलॉजिस्टिक्स कनेक्शन
लेखांकन नीति साल : मार्च '18


a) The Standalone financial statements of the Company have been prepared in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in India (Indian GAAP) to comply with the Accounting Standards specified under Section 133 of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 7 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014 and the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (the 2013 Act) / Companies Act, 1956 (the 1956 Act), as applicable.

b) Standalone Financial Statements are prepared under the Historical cost convention. These costs are not adjusted to reflect the impact of changing value in the purchasing power of money.

c) The accounting policies adopted in preparation of the Standalone Financial Statements are consistent with those followed in the previous year.


a) Fixed assets are stated in the Balance. Sheet at cost. Cost comprises the purchase price and any attributable cost of bringing the asset to its working condition for its intended use

b) Borrowing costs relating to acquisition of fixed assets which takes substantial period of time to get ready for its intended use are also included to the extent they relate to the period till such assets are ready to be put to use.

c) Advances paid towards the acquisition of fixed assets outstanding at the Balance Sheet date and the cost of fixed assets not ready for use before such date are disclosed under capital advances and capital work-in-progress respectively.

d) Leasehold Land is amortized equally over the useful life of the leasehold land to the Company. The lease period of the lease hold land is considered to be useful life of the lease hold land.

e) Depreciation on Tangible fixed assets has been provided on the Written Down Value method as per estimated useful life prescribed in Schedule II to the Companies Act, 2013. Intangible assets are amortized over the estimated useful life on straight line method based on technical advice, taking into account the nature of the asset, the estimated usage of the asset, the operating conditions of the asset, past history of replacement, anticipated technological changes, manufacturers warranties and maintenance support, etc


Investments that are readily realizable and intended to be held for not more than a year are classified as current investments. All other investments are classified as long-term investments. Current investments are carried at lower of cost and fair value determined on an individual investment basis. Long-term investments are carried at cost. However, provision for diminution in value is made to recognize a decline other than temporary in the value of the investments


Revenue is recognized to the extent that it is probable that the economic benefits will flow to the Company and the revenue can be reliable measured.

a) Freight Charges

Revenue from Transport of goods is recognized at the time when services are performed and there exists reasonable certainty of ultimate collection of the service consideration.

Sales are exclusive of taxes and duties wherever applicable and net of returns, claims and discounts.

b) Dividend

Revenue is recognized when the shareholders’ right to receive payment is established by the balance sheet date.

c) Interest

Revenue is recognized on a time proportion basis taking into account the amount outstanding and the rate applicable.

d) Insurance Claim

Claims lodged with Insurance companies are accounted and credited to the relevant head as and when recognized by the insurance companies.

e) Sale of Fixed Assets

a. For Movable Fixed Assets :- Revenue is recognized upon delivery of movable fixed asset, which is when title passes to the Purchaser.

b. For Immovable Fixed Assets :- Revenue is recognized on registration and handing over of possession, which is when title passes to the Purchaser

f) Rent

Revenue is recognized based upon the terms of contract, with the tenants, for the period the property has been let out.

I) Share Trading Activity

Revenue from Share Trading Activity is recognized on delivery of shares.


a) Where the Company is the Lessee :

Leases where the lessor effectively retains substantially all the risks and benefits of ownership of the leased term are classified as operating leases. Operating lease payments are recognized as an expense in the Profit and Loss Account on a straight-line basis over the lease term.

Assets taken on Finance Lease are accounted for as assets of the Company. Lease rentals are apportioned between principal and interest by applying an implicit rate of return and finance charge is recognized accordingly.

b) Where the Company is the Lessor :

Assets subject to operating leases are included in fixed assets. Lease income is recognized in the Profit and Loss Account on a straight-line basis over the lease term. Costs, including depreciation are recognized as a; expense in the Profit and Loss Account. Initial direct costs such as legal costs, brokerage costs, etc. are recognized immediately in the Profit and Loss Account.


(1) The Company’s Provident Fund scheme are defined contribution plans. The contributions paid/payable under the schemes are recognized immediately in the Statement of Profit and Loss.

(2) The employees’ gratuity scheme is a defined benefit plan. The present value of the obligation under such defined benefit plan is determined at each Balance Sheet date based on actuarial valuation carried out by an independent actuary using projected unit credit (PUC) method. Actuarial gains and losses are recognized immediately in the Statement of Profit and Loss. Past service cost is recognized as an expense on a straight line basis over the average period until the benefit becomes vested. To the extent the benefits are already vested past service cost is recognized immediately

(3) The Company does not have system of accumulation of unutilized privilege leave applicable to its employees and have no provision is made for the same.


Inventories are valued at Lower of cost or net realizable value. Cost is Determined on a FIFO basis.


Cash and Cash equivalents in the Cash Flow Statement comprise of cash at bank and in hand and short-term investments with an original maturity of three months or less.


All material/known liabilities are provided for on the basis of available information/estimates.


Material events occurring after the Balance Sheet date are taken in to cognizance.


a) Basic Earning per share is calculated by dividing the net profit or loss for the year attributable to equity shareholders by the weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the year. The weighted average numbers of equity shares outstanding during the year are adjusted for events of bonus issue; bonus element in a rights issue to existing shareholders; share split; and reverse share split (consolidation of shares).

b) For the purpose of calculating diluted earnings per share, the net profit or loss for the year attributable to equity shareholders and the weighted average number of shares outstanding during the year are adjusted for the effects of all dilutive potential equity shares.


Borrowing costs that are attributable to acquisition or production of qualifying assets are capitalized as part of cost of such asset. A qualifying asset is an asset that necessarily takes substantial period to get ready for its intended use / Sale. Other borrowing costs are recognized as expenses in the period in which they are incurred.


As at each Balance Sheet, the management reviews the carrying amounts of its assets to determine whether there is any indication that those assets were impaired. If, any such indication exits, the recoverable amount of the assets is estimated in order to determine the extent of impairment loss. Recoverable amount is higher of an asset’s net selling price and its value in use. Value in use is the present value of the estimated future cash flows expected to arise from the continuing use of the assets and from its disposal at the end of its useful life. Net selling price is the amount obtainable from the sale of an asset in an arm’s length transaction between knowledgeable, willing parties, less the cost of disposal.


A provision is recognized when there is a present obligation as a result of past event, it is probable tha outflow of resources will be required to settle the obligation and in respect of which reliable estimate can be made. Provision is not discounted to its present value and is determined based on the best estimate required to settle the obligation at the year-end. These are reviewed at each year-end date and adjusted to reflect the best current estimate.

The need provision for doubtful debts is assessed based on various factors, including collectability of specific dues, risk perceptions of the industry in which customer operates, and general economic factors that could affect the customers’ ability to settle.


Provision for Income Tax (current tax) is determined on the basis of the estimated taxable income of the current year in accordance with the Income Tax Act 1961.

Deferred tax is recognized in respect of deferred tax assets (subject to the consideration of prudence) & to the extent there is virtual certainty that the asset will be realized in future & deferred tax liabilities on timing differences, being the difference between accounting & tax income that originate in one year and are capable of reversal in one or more subsequent years.

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