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अध्यक्षीय भाषण साल : Mar '15
Dear Shareholders,
 It gives me immense pleasure to write to you at the end of the
 financial year, which had its share of opportunities and challenges.
 The year began with sky-high expectations of economic recovery
 resulting from the decisive political mandate but as the year
 progressed, it was increasingly evident that the pace of recovery would
 be much more gradual. Many domestic growth indicators improved during
 the year helped by the Government''s intent to push reforms and promote
 The digital economy is transforming every industry. Consumers have
 become more connected and engagedthey want rich experiences tailored
 to their needs. And the convergence of mobile technology, social media,
 data analytics and cloud computing requires organizations to seek new
 digital strategies to satisfy evolving customer demands.
 In the telecom sector, FY15 saw successful auctions for spectrum across
 4 bands. Major incumbent operators participated aggressively to retain
 their spectrum holdings critical for continuity of their operations.
 Some also managed to garner additional spectrum in certain circles,
 thus consolidating their position. A total of 470.75 MHz of spectrum
 was put to auction by DoT, out of which 418 MHz was sold.  The auctions
 generated revenues of Rs.1.1 lakh crore for the Government, over 70% of
 which will be paid over a 12 year period.
 During the year, the Government changed the governance landscape by
 notifying majority of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and
 Rules thereunder. Some of the concepts like evaluation of the
 performance of Directors and the Board, rotation of auditors, increased
 responsibility of the Committees ensure higher standards of
 transparency and accountability and seek to align the corporate
 governance practices in India with global best practices.
 As with any enterprise, challenges will arise. It can sometimes be
 difficult act quickly to changes in the marketplace, even when one is
 looking to preempt them. Obstacles will emerge, however I am confident
 that, given our proven record of innovative solutions and the skill and
 professionalism of our teams across the Shyam family, any challenges
 will be overcome.
 The Company carried out its manufacturing operations from the plant
 situated at UV-246, Phase-IV, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. However the Company
 has vacated the said premises and resolved to outsource the
 manufacturing operations.
 I wish to sincerely thank the entire staff of Shyam family, our
 Shareholders, Bankers, Lenders, Suppliers and other Stakeholders for
 their contribution and support over the past few years. As we look
 ahead I hope that the Company will sail over the weak sentiments.
 Warm regards.
                                                  Rajiv Mehrotra
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