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खोजें सुदर्शन सीमेंट कनेक्शन
निदेशकों की रिपोर्ट वर्षांत : Jun '95
Your directors have pleasure in presenting the Eleventh Annual Report together with the Audited Statement of
Accounts for the period ended on 30th June, 1995.
 1. Change in the Accounting Year Your directors have changed the accounting year from 31st March ending to
30th June ending Consequently, the financial results under review are being presented for 15 months.  
 2. Financial Results: 
                                              (Rs.in lacs)
 Profit before interest and depreciation           321.42 
 Deduction of interest therefrom                   100.72 
 Profit before depreciation                        220.70 
 Deduction of depreciation therefrom                18.97 
 Net Profit for the period                         201.73 
 Deduction of expenses related to 
 earlier years therefrom                             0.26 
 Net Profit for the period                         201.47 
 Deduction of balance in P.& L. A/c therefrom       33.79 
 Amount available for appropriation                167.68
 The proposed appropriation is under:- 
 a) Investment Allowance Reserve                    43.00 
 b) General Reserve                                100.00 
 c) Balance carried forward                         24.68
 3. Operational Review 
 Your Company has increased its turnover to Rs. 1,665.80 lacs as against Rs. 339.84 lacs over the previous
year and has earned a net profit of Rs. 201.47 lacs.  
 The turnover has increased substantially as the Company has diversified its activities to increase the
 4. Expansion and Diversification 
 The Company had taken up ambitious programme to increase its installed capacity.  However, the expansion
programme has been postponed for want of clearance from the Dept. of Environment.  
 The Shareholders in their Extra Ordinary General Meeting, held on 24th Feb.'95, approved taking up of
various activities.  As a part of the diversification, your directors have initiated the following new
activities :- 
 a) Toll Tax :- 
 The Company has entered into an agreement with R.S.B.C.C., an undertaking of Government of Rajasthan, for
collection of Toll Tax at Kareli Bridge. This activity is likely to earn handsome profit during the year.  
 b) Real Estate Business :-
 The Company has entered into business of Real Estate for construction of Office cum Residential Complex at
Jaipur in a posh locality and has entered into a MOU for construction of multistoried tower at Bombay.  The
Real Estate Business is likely to earn a substantial profit when the projects in hand are completed.  
 c) Projects under BOT Scheme :- 
 In order to enhance the Company's performance, your Company has been planning to diversify into
infrastructure development projects on BOT basis.  After detailed feasibility studies, your Company has
submitted tenders for construction of By-Passes at Bhilwara, Bharatpur; Pali, 
 Sikar & Udaipur to the State Govt. of Rajasthan as joint ventures with reputed companies / firms.  Your
Company is optimistic of securing the contracts.  To execute these projects, the Company has entered into MOUs
with leading construction companies who have considerable experience in 
 the construction of roads & bridges.  
 With the implementation of aforesaid activities, your Company is hopeful of attaining substantial profit in
the coming years.  
 5. Research & Development 
 The In-house Research and Development to improve the production has shown encouraging results.  High ash low
cost coal was used, which has given savings to the Company.  
 a) No separate wing as R & D has been created.  However, the Company continues giving consultancy to other
cement plants based on its experience.  
 b) In Kiln Section, T.D. Gates have been replaced with M.B.T designed & developed by the Company.  
 2. Benefits derived as a result of the above efforts : Saving in power & down time reduced.  
 3. Future plan of action: 
 Reduction of power & fuel consumption in process. 
 1. Efforts in brief made towards technology, absorption, adaptation and innovation : 
 The technical know-how for modern V.S.K. technology has been given by NCCBM.  The Company is in continuous
interaction with NCCBM and leading consultants for optimisation of production, plant operation and other
technical advice.  
 2. Benefits derived as a result of production & the above : 
                          i) Slight improvement in quality.  
                          ii) The Company has now started 
                              giving its own specialized 
                              consultancy in several fields.
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