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बीएसई: 532830  |  NSE: ASTRAL  |  ISIN: INE006I01046  |  Plastics

कंपनी इतिहास - एस्ट्रल पॉली टेक्नीक
Our Company was incorporated on March 25, 1996 as ASTRAL POLY 
 TECHNIK PRIVATE LIMITED, under the Companies Act, 1956, with the 
 Registration Number 04-29134. The name of our Company was changed to
 ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LIMITED vide fresh Certificate of Incorporation 
 dated September 29, 2006 with Company Identification Number 
 Our Registered Office is situated at 901, Parshwa Towers, Opp.
 Rajpath Club, 
 Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad- 380 054. 
 Business Overview
 We are a manufacturer and provider of CPVC piping and plumbing
 systems in 
 India since 1999. We are the first licensee of Noveon, USA (formerly
 known as 
 Specialty Chemical Divison of B.F Goodrich, USA) to manufacture and
 CPVC piping and plumbing system in India. In order to strengthen our
 plans, we entered into a techno-financial joint venture with
 Specialty Process LLC 
 of USA, which provided us the required technical expertise for
 manufacturing our 
 CPVC pipes and fittings for home and industrial application. Over the
 years, we 
 have expanded and enhanced our product lines to provide continually
 services to our customers. As a manufacturer of CPVC pipes and
 fittings for hot 
 and cold water, industrial and pressure systems application, we had
 a new product range in lead free PVC pressure pipes and fittings in
 the year 2004. 
 With a concept of providing a one-stop source for all the plastic
 piping systems, 
 we also began trading in products such as CPVC and PVC fittings,
 flanges and 
 valves from Spears (USA), solvent cements (adhesive solutions) for
 joining pipes 
 and fittings from IPSC (USA), underground specialty fittings from
 Hunter (U.K) 
 and CPVC and PVC plastic pipes of a larger diameter from Harvell Inc.
 Our Company has its production facilities at Gujarat and Himachal
 Pradesh to 
 manufacture plumbing systems from  to 8 diameter. Our products
 CPVC pipes and fittings for hot and cold water plumbing systems, CPVC
 piping system for transportation of hazardous and highly corrosive
 chemicals, lead 
 free PVC systems for cold water application.
 Innovative product designs and improvements, new technologies, and a
 integrated manufacturing system are all a part of ASTRAL's ongoing
 to quality, satisfaction and service. 
 Our Company has received an ISO 9001:2000 certificate in respect of
 and supply of CPVC and PVC pipes and fittings for plumbing systems
 and industrial 
 piping system. The raw material used by us for manufacturing CPVC
 products is 
 certified by National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). 
 Our business has grown at CAGR of 45.17% over a period of 5 years
 from 2002 to 
 2006 as reflected in the turnover for the year 2006 which was
 Rs.5165.38 Lacs as 
 compared to Rs.801.42 Lacs in the year 2002. Our Company enjoys
 presence through its extensive distribution network comprising of
 more than 120
 Distributors and 2000+ retail outlets. The products of our Company
 are very well 
 accepted in all parts of the country though southern and Western
 India contributes 
 to more than 75% of its business.
 Major events in the History of the Company:
 Year     Event
 1996      Incorporation
 1995      Entered into a joint venture with Specialty Process LLC, by
               an agreement for equity and technical collaboration
               Entered into the Corzan Processor Agreement with B.F.
 Goodrich Co., 
 1998      Entered into the FlowGuard CPVC Processor Agreement with
 B.F. Goodrich 
               Co., USA
               Launching CPVC in the Indian market
               Commenced production of FlowGuard CPVC products
 1999      Entered into the Technology License Agreement in
 continuation of the CPVC 
               Processor Agreement with B.F. Goodrich Co., USA
 2001      Commenced manufacturing of CPVC fittings
               Expansion of manufacturing facilities at Santej,
 Gujarat 2002
               Setting up of branch offices at Delhi and Mumbai and a
 sales depot at 
 2003      Received ISO 9001: 2000 Certification
               Commenced manufacturing of lead free PVC piping systems
 in India
 2004      Commenced export sales 
               Revalued land and plant and machinery
 2005      Setting up our second manufacturing facility at Baddi,
 Himachal Pradesh
 2006      Received an award from Noveon for crossing the mark of
 1,000 M.T. CPVC 
               Entered into the BlazeMaster Processor Agreement with
               Received an award from Noveon for being nominated as
 their first licensees 
               for all their brands viz. FlowGuard, Corzan and
               Conversion to a public limited company
 2008- Astral Poly Technik Ltd has entered into the Joint Venture
 Agreement with Kenya Based Group. The proposed new Company will be
 formed under the name of Astral Technologies Ltd in which Astral Poly
 Technik Ltd has the stake of 26%.
 2009 - Astral Poly Board declares Interim Dividend @ 10%
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 5
 -Astral Poly Reappointed Mr. Sandeep Engineer as the Managing
 Director of the Company.
 -Astral Poly Technik receives Power Brands Rising Stars India 2012
 - Induction of New Joint Venture Partner, Ramco Group, Kenya in M/s
 Astral Technologies Ltd, Kenya.
 -Astral Poly Technik was awarded Inc. India Innovative 100-for the
 year 2013 for smart innovation by Small & Mid-Sized Companies in
 -Astral awarded Business Standard Star SME of the year-2013.
 -Astral Poly Technik has splits its face value from Rs 5/- to 2/-
 -Astral Poly Technik Ltd acquired Controlling Stake (80%) in UK based
 Seal It Services Ltd.
 -Astral Poly Technik has received Grant of Licence by BIS for
 Companys Product Blaze Master CPVC Pipes for Fire Sprinkler System.
 -Astral Poly Technik Ltd has been awarded Trophy for being a Finalist
 in Top 15 out of 350 Nominees for the EY Entrepreneur of the year
 Award, 2013.
 -Astral has commenced commercial production and sale at its new
 manufacturing facility at Hosur, Tamilnadu having annual capacity of
 7000 M.T.
 -Astral Poly Technik Ltd. Acquires 76% Stake in Resinova Chemie Ltd.
 -Astral Poly Technik has splits its face value from Rs 2/- to 1/-
 -Astral Poly Technik Updates on Purchase of Land in Rajasthan.
 -Astral Poly Technik's Subsidiary Opens Business in U.S..
 -ASTRAL PIPES Launches New CPVC Plumbing Brand.
 -Astral Poly Technik has joined hands with Japan based Sekisui
 Chemical Company to source Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride resin for
 hot and cold water plumbing system.
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