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बीएसई: 532831  |  NSE: ABHISHEK  |  ISIN: INE004I01017  |  Textiles - Spinning - Cotton Blended

कंपनी इतिहास - अभिषेक कॉर्पोरेशन
R. M. Mohite Group started in 1983 with the establishment of  
 R. M. Mohite & Co., a partnership firm with our Promoters as
 partners, for undertaking projects in infrastructure construction 
 sector viz-earthen dams, small and medium irrigation projects.
 Some of the projects completed by RMMC include:
 * Medium Irrigation project at Basaapachiwadi in Sangli district
 * Bhira Tail race Hydro-Electric project in Raigad district
 * Wana Left Bank Canal
 * Patgaon dam and Kumbhi dam in Kolhapur district
 * Jangamhatti medium irrigation project in Kolhapur district.
 * M.I. Tank at Chorgewadi in Sindhudurg district
 After strengthening Group's position in construction sector, our 
 Promoters went for diversification and diversified into textile
 sector with the establishment of R. M. Mohite Textiles Limited in 
 the year 1991. In 1993, our Promoters had incorporated Abhishek
 Cotspin Mills Limited (now known as Abhishek Mills Limited)
 and set up a spinning unit in the year 1999, subsequent to their 
 dissociation with R.M. Mohite Textiles Limited in the year 1998 
 in lieu of family understanding,.
 Our Company
 Our Company was incorporated as Abhishek Cotspin Mills Limited 
 (ACML) on September 1, 1993. Subsequently, on November 14, 2005
 name of our Company was changed to Abhishek Mills Limited (AML). 
 The Registered Office of our Company was changed from Shiv-Parvati
 17-E, Nagala Park, Kolhapur - 416003 to Nashte Complex, 252, Assembly
 Road, Kolhapur-416001 w.e.f. November 28, 1994. The Registered
 office of our Company was further changed to Shiv-Parvati, 17-E, 
 Nagala Park, Kolhapur-416003 w.e.f. April 1, 1999 and then to 
 the present address w.e.f. December 1, 2005.
 Our Company, which is a 100% export oriented spinning unit, is 
 promoted by Mr. Ramchandra M. Mohite, our Chairman, Mr. Anasaheb R.
 Mohite, our Managing Director and Dr. Anjali A. Mohite from Kolhapur,
 Maharastra. Our Company set up modern manufacturing facilities for 
 100% combed cotton yarn at Kolhapur with initial capacity of 13104 
 spindles in 1999 financed through term loan of Rs 455 lacs from The
 Western Bank Limited and balance from Promotors own funds.
 In the year 2003 we expanded our capacities to 25920 spindles
 including 2016 
 spindles of compact spinning with value added facilities like
 TFOs, Singeing. This expansion of Rs 3500 lacs was financed through
 loan of Rs 2302 lacs from the Indian Overseas Bank and balance
 internal accruals/Promoter contribution. Our Company initiated
 expansion in its spinning capacity by 7200 spindles in 2005, and
 production of which commenced from April 2006. The cost of above
 of  7200 spindles was Rs. 1300 lacs which has been financed through
 term loans 
 of  Rs. 1137 lacs by The United Western Bank Limited and balance
 internal accruals/Promoter contribution.
 We ventured into construction business in the year 2000 and undertook
 work  for Morbe dam (earthern) project on Dhavri River, from M/s.
 R.M. Mohite 
 & Co.,  our group firm, which is a category Class IA registered
 contractor with 
 PWD, GoM and pursuing government contracts for last 30 years. This 
 diversification was considered necessary to overcome maximum ceiling 
 contracts that can be performed by any registered contractor for
 several state 
 corporations in Maharashtra.
 Our Company, with more than 3 years experience in construction
 activity, became 
 eligible and applied for registration as category Class IB registered
 contractor with 
 PWD, GoM. On obtaining this registration, we will be eligible to bid
 for various
 infrastructure projects directly.
 With our experience to cater to the premium segment of the fine yarn
 export market,
 we now intend to set up an integrated yarn dyed shirting fabric
 project to tap its 
 growing domestic and overseas market. Further, Our Company is also
 planning to
 increase its spinning capacity by adding another 12000 spindles to
 meet additional 
 requirement of yarn for captive consumption.
 Key Events in the History of the Abhishek Mills Limited
 1993  Abhishek Cotspin Mills Limited, incorporated for undertaking
 the business of 
           manufacture of cotton yarn
 1999  Start of manufacturing facilities for cotton yarn at Kolhapur
 by ACML
 1999  Started exporting high quality cotton yarn at competitive
 1999  Company was designated as 100% EOU
 2000  Our Company ventured into infrastructure construction
 2003  Expansion of capacity from 13104 spindles to 25920 spindles.
 2006  Expansion of capacity from 25920 spindles to 33120 spindles.
 2006  Applied to PWD, GoM for registration as Class IB contractor.
 -E-mail ID for Investor Complaints:investors@abhishekmills.com
 -Members of  are hereby informed that the name of Abhishek Mills Ltd
 shall be changed to Abhishek Corporation Limited and the trading
 symbol of the company be changed from AML to ABHISHEK w.e.f. June 26,
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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