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एडवेंट कंप्यूटर सर्विसेस

बीएसई: 531429  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE101C01022  |  Computers - Software Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - एडवेंट कंप्यूटर सर्विसेस
YEAR                       EVENTS
 1984 - Advent Computer Services Ltd. (Advent) was incorporated on
        22nd February, under the Companies Act, 1956 in Chennai and
        obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on the 16th
        March, from Registrars of Companies, Tamil Nadu at Chennai.
      - The Companies main object is to carry on the business of
        manufacturers and dealers in computers, computer hardware,
        computer software and computer systems both in India and
      - The Company was established as 100% EOU at Chennai, and
        by Mr. Michael Arul an ex-IBM technocrat, Mrs. Jennifer Arul
        their Associates.
      - The Company was set up to primarily export business
        software designed to run on IBM S/38 computer system that had
        been introduced in market at that time by IBM.
 1987 - One of the Advent's key objectives was to develop a World
        Software package for the Wholesale Distribution Industry for
        S/38 users.
 1988 - IBM introduced the IBM AS/400 Computer System which employs
        exactly the same architecture as the IBM S/38.
      - Advent foresaw this potential and decided to build a world
        distribution and financial software package called ADS 400
        designed to run on the IBM AS/400 computer system.
 1991 - The Promoter Mr. Michael Arul acquired 50% shares of the
        held by ELCOT at a rate of Rs.242.02 per share (Rs.100 Face
        Value) for consideration in cash (demand draft).
      - Some of the largest and most advanced computer installations
        the country were installed namely, National Information
        New Delhi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and
        of Space, Tumba, Kerala.
 1992 - Distribution Agreement was made on 22nd August, between the
        Company and Asian Computer Services PTE Ltd. Singapore.
 1993 - The Company issued Bonus Shares in the ratio of three shares
        every four shares held on 23rd August.
      - On 23rd August the company has capitalised the Reserve by
        adopting following scheme:
      - a) Unpaid amount on 75000 Equity shares of 100/- each allotted
        05/05/90 (afterwards subdivided into Rs 10/- each) at the rate
        Rs 25/- per share made fully paid up by capitalising the
      - b) Issued fully paid shares to the shareholders (other than
        shareholders whose shares have been fully paid up by
        reserve referred to in `a' above) by capitalising reserve to
        extent of Rs 18,35,000/- divided into 18,350 No. of Equity
        of Rs 100/- each.
      - c) Issued Bonus shares in ratio of 3 shares for every 4
        held.  Total number of shares issued 12,50,625 shares of 100
        (afterwards subdivided into Rs 10/- each).
 1995 - The Company successfully launched ADS 400 in South East Asia,
        comprehensive distribution management system for the
        is now poised to enter the largest and most lucrative market
        the world for such application software packages viz. the
        States of America.
      - Advent has also tied up selling/distributor arrangments in
        East Asia with the Haw Par Group who are one of the leading
        business conglomerates.
      - The Company has strategic alliance with IBM through TISL
        (Business Partner), which would help to maintain in
      - Authorised Share Capital Rs 8,10,00,000 divided into
        No. of equity shares of Rs 10/- each as on 30th June.
      - MoU was signed between CRB Capital Markets Ltd., the Lead
        and the Company.
      - MoU was signed between Foresight Financial Services Ltd., the
        Lead Manager and the Company.
      - Software Distribution Agreement was made on 24th January,
        between company and Intentia A.B., Sweden.
 1996 - The company has also developed its own software packages to
        address the areas of retail and distribution businesses. 
        packages are of international quality and are likely to
        business in India as well as overseas.
 1997 - There are over 4,00,000 AS/400s installed and in terms of
        represents over 26% of IBM's global revenues.
 1999 - The Chennai-based Advent Computer Services Ltd has entered
        a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with L & T Information
        Technology Ltd (LTITL) for managing the operations and
      - Advent has also entered into an agreement with CCG, an
        information technology firm marketing ADS 400.
      - ACS recently made a preferential allotment of 13.75 lakh
        shares at a price of Rs 23 and the same number of convertible
        warrants at a price of Rs 50 each to foreign institutional
        investors (FIIs), mutual funds, corporates and individual
        investors for an aggregate amount of Rs 10 crore.
 2000 - Advent Computer services, a Chennai based software company has
             acquired two unlisted companies -- Ibhar Software Private
 Ltd. and 
             Softsolutions Private Ltd.
 -Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TVS
 Electronics Ltd, Chennai. The following are the main terms and
 conditions of the MOU
 1. Advent would provide technologies of Tuxia GmbH, Germany to TVS
 Electronics Ltd (TVSE) for incorporating the same in to Set Top Boxes
 to be manufactured by TVSE as per Advent's Specifications
 2. TVSE has agreed to be Advent's manufacturing partner to provide
 support in Indian and Global market for Set Top Boxes in the areas of
 Engineering, Product management, Sourcing, Manufacturing and after
 sales service using 300 location of TVSE in India
 3. TVSE would manufacture Set Top Boxes according to specification
 provided by Advent on terms and conditions to be defined in a
 separate agreement
 4. TVSE has agreed to provide manufacturing capacity as follows
 a. 15000 units per month in First Quarter
 b. 30000 units per month in Second Quarter
 c. 50000 units per month in Third Quarter
 d. 60000 units per month in Fourth Quarter
 -Out come of AGM
                  The company has agreed to  Delist  equity shares
 from the Ahmedabad and Chennai                                       
  Stock Exchanges. 
                   The members have agreed to issue  18,40,000 equity
 shares at Rs 10/- each to M/s CCG Global Ltd, Mauritius for acquiring
 exclusive marketing rights of Products and Technologies developed by
 M/s Tuxia GmbH, Germany for Indian Territory.
                   To Issue  4,60,000 equity shares at Rs 10/- each to
 M/s Tuxia, GmbH, Germany for on-going support for all Products and
 Technologies and for getting new Products and upgrades from them for
 a period of 5 years.
                      The members have agreed to increase the 
 Authorised capital from Rs 150 million to 180 million.
  - Advent Computer Services Ltd has appointed Mr. Madhavaraj Suresh
 as an Additional Director of the Company.
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted To New No. 121,
 Old No. 347, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.
 -IT software products supplying company Advent Computer Services
 board has appointed Satellite Corporate Services Private Limited as
 its new Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA). 
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