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बीएसई: 522273  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE868C01018  |  Steel - Rolling

कंपनी इतिहास - अहमदाबाद स्टैलकर
 AHMEDABAD STEELCRAFT LIMITED was originally set up as a
 partnership firm in late sixties.  The Company had lot of teething
 troubles at the initial stage for getting rolling technology and
 also non-availability of raw materials.  Thereafter, the
 operations of the Company was streamlined in 1972 when the
 partnership firm was dissolved and the unit was converted into a
 private limited company vide Incorporation on 14th July, 1972
 under the name and style of Ahmedabad Steelcraft & Rolling
 Mills Pvt. Ltd.  Subsequently the name of the Company was changed to
 its present name on 2nd January, 1989.  A fresh certificate of
 Incorporation was obtained consequent to the change in the name
 from the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat.
 The Company initially started its operations by manufacturing most
 commonly used structurals like rods, flats, etc. and gradually
 gained expertise to roll hi-tech Sections.  Subsequently, the
 also ventured into rolling more complicated Sections and full
 range of ISI, British and Belgium Standard Sections.  Today the
 Company is a leading and largest manufacturer of Mild Steel Window
 Sections, Door & Ventilator Sections and Special Profiles.  It is
 also a leading exporter of the Sections for the last several
 years and has won many awards from the Government of India.
 (Source : Letter issued by Gujarat Re-Rolling Mills Association)
 Over the years, the Company has carved out a niche for itself in the
 relatively difficult field for rolling steel profiles and
 sections to stringent international accuracy levels which speaks
 of the quality of equipment structure as well as the
 technological know-how possessed by the Company.  The Company has
 continuously updating the equipment structure and facilities
 from time to time over the years to keep abreast of
 technological developments and market demands, especially in
 window sections.  Today it is the only company in India which
 has successfully mastered the manufacture of the entire range of
 window sections.  The Company offers forty different range of window
 sections as against 4 or 5 commonly used sections offered by a
 very large percentage of window sections manufacturers.
 The Company has developed complicated Sections which were import
 substitutes catering to the requirements of host of other
 industries such as Automobiles, Constructions, Earth Moving,
 Engineering, Railways & Textiles.
 Then Company's entire production activity is based on indigenous
 know-how as generated by its own R & D activity and none of it
 has been acquired with a foreign tie-up or collaboration.  The
 was also associated with the ISI in setting standards for
 Window Sections in the Country.
 The Company also has a large and well developed export base.  It
 started its export activities way back in 1977.  Over the past
 few years the Company has been consistently shipping 30% of the
 production to the shores of various countries including the
 United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt,
 Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda amongst others.  For its
 excellent export performance, the company has received export
 awards from Engineering Export Promotion Council for 1976-77,
 77-78, 78-79 and 80-81.
 For the past few years, the Company has been working as supportive
 manufacturer of Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd. (TISCO) for
 their Engineering Exports Division.
 The Company now proposes to expand its present capacities and
 its manufacturing facilities.  It also proposes to generate 0.5
 MW of electric power by installing 2 Wind Mills.
 -Board recommends dividend of 7.5%.
 - Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd has appointed Mr. Rajeev Gandhi as
 Additional & Independent Director on the Board of Company effective
 from September 16, 2009.
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted To 401, 637
 Complex, Panchvati 2nd Lane, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad - 380 006.
 -Board recommends Dividend of 10%.
 -The Board of Directors of the Company have recommended a Dividend @
 10% i.e. Re. 1/- per Equity share of Rs.10/-each.
 -The Board of Directors of the Company has recommended dividend of
 Re. 1/- per share on 4092000 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each.
 -The Board of Directors of the Company has appointed Mr. Shrujal
 Patel as an Additional Independent Director.
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