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अंबुजा सीमेंट राजस्थान

बीएसई: 500122  |  NSE: AMBUJARAJN  |  ISIN: INE125A01017  |  Cement - Major

कंपनी इतिहास - अंबुजा सीमेंट राजस्थान
 1992 - DLF Cement Ltd was incorporated under the name and style of
 DLF Cements Ltd on
             12th May, and obtained the Certificate for Commencement
 of Business on 29th May.
           - The name of the Company was subsequently changed to DLF
 Cement Ltd and a fresh
              Certificate of incorporation was obtained on 17th
 1995 - The company's plant is being set up in the state of Rajasthan
 i.e. in the northern part of
              the country which is a deficit zone due to excessive
 demand supply gap.
            - The Company has 1.5 lac share holders and around 65,000
 debenture  holders.
 1996 - The Company is all set to launch the product in the market
 under the brand name
               DLF Premium Cement'.
            - The installed annual capacity in the north zone is
 approximately 17.77 Million Tonnes
               and the production capacity utilisation is 83%.
             - The company has started the unique facility, perhaps
 for the first time in the country, of
                on-the-spot transfer of shares/debentures at Delhi
 1997 - The Company has launched both 43 Grade and 53 Grade cement and
 has opened
              depots and offices all over the targeted market areas.
            - India is the fourth largest producer of the cement in
 the world, after China, Japan and U.S.A.
              The total installed capacity of large plants in India is
 around 96.69 million tonnes.  The installed
               capacity in northern zone is approximately 17.77
 million tonnes and the production capacity
               utilization is around 83%.
             - Shri Rajiv Singh and Shri T. C. Goyal, retire by
 rotation, from the Board of Directors at the
                ensuing Annual General Meeting and they have offered
 themselves for re-appointment.
 1998 -  The cash flow of the company has been adversely affected due
 to low margins, higher cost of
               production, higher distribution charges and also due to
 high financial charges.
             - 1,09,01,920 debentures under option III were converted
 into 3,81,56,720 equity shares of
                Rs. 10/- each on 5th June, 1998.  Consequent to the
 above, the Equity Share Capital of the
                Company stands increased from Rs.128,48,41,070 to Rs.
 1999 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. (GACL) has agreed to join the
 existing management for
              revival of the Company.  GACL is a leading cement
 company in the country.
            - As on 29th September, the Company has converted 107.90
 lac Multi Optional Convertible
              Debentures of Rs. 35/- each alongwith interest of Rs.
 1.13 lacs accrued thereon as of 31st
              March, into 284.46 lac equity shares of Rs. 10/- each at
 a price of Rs. 13.28 per share.
            - The Company has allotted equity shares of the aggregate
 face value of Rs. 35.20 crores                      to the
               Financial Institutions in the month of December.
 2000 - The Company proposes to make a preferential allotment of 500
 lakh equity
              shares of  Rs 10 each on private placement basis to
 Gujarat Ambuja Cement.
            - Crisil has upgraded the rating of the company Rs 14.01
 crore multi-option convertible
               debenture issue, from the default grade (`D') to
 adequate safety level, A+.
            - Mr. N.P. Ghuwalewala, a Director nomination by GACL was
 appointed as Managing Director,
               in place of Mr. A.S. Minocha, who resigned as Managing
 Director of the Company on 3rd
            - The name of the Company has been changed from DLF Cement
 Ltd. to its present name
               i.e. Ambuja Cement Rajasthan Limited with effect from
 6th April.
             - The Company has launched the cement under the brand
 Ambuja Cement from April.
             - Mr. S.K. Neotia was appointed as the Chairman of the
 Company during the period.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd has acquired 3,10,00,000 No. of equity
 shares of Rs 10 each for cash at par allotted to it on 22nd
 -Referred to Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
 -Diminishes its cost leadership due to acquisition.
 -Board approves the merger of Ambuja Cement Rajasthan Ltd into
 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.,(GAC) subject to necessary approvals.
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