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बीएसई: 500425  |  NSE: AMBUJACEM  |  ISIN: INE079A01024  |  Cement - Major

कंपनी इतिहास - अंबुजा सीमेंट्स
Ambuja Cements Ltd. (ACL) is one of the leading cement manufacturing
 companies in India and commenced cement production in 1986. Initially
 called Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd, the Company later became Ambuja
 Cements Ltd. In 2006, global cement major Holcim, acquired management
 control of the Company. Today, Holcim holds a little over 50% equity
 in ACL. 
 ACL has grown manifold over the past decade. Its current cement
 capacity is 27.25 million tonnes. The Company has 5 integrated cement
 manufacturing plants and 8 cement grinding units across the country.
 ACL enjoys a reputation of being one of the most efficient cement
 manufacturers in the world. Its environment protection measures are
 considered to be on par with the finest in the country. It is also
 one of the most profitable and innovative cement companies in India.
 ACL is the first Indian cement manufacturer to build a captive port
 with three terminals along the country's western coastline to
 facilitate timely, cost effective and environmentally cleaner
 shipments of bulk cement to its customers. The Company has its own
 fleet of ships. ACL has also pioneered the development of the
 multiple, bio-mass, co-fired technology for generating greener power
 in its captive plants.  

 - The Company was Incorporated on 20th October, as Ambuja Cements
 Pvt. Ltd.  It was jointly promoted by Gujarat Industrial Investment 
 Corporation Ltd. (GIIC) and N.S. Sekhsaria and his associates, Vinod
 K. Neotia and Suresh Mulani, for setting up a cement project in the
 sector.  The Company was converted into a public limited company on
 19th March, 1983 and its name was changed to Gujarat Ambuja Cements,
 Ltd., on 19th May, 1983.
 - The Company's object is to manufacture cement.
 - The Company adopted the latest dry process precalcination
 technology incorporating five stage preheater for the main pyro
 processing system of the cement plant.  For grinding the raw
 material, the Company undertook to instal the latest air swept roller
 mills of polysius design which were extremely energy efficient.
 - A computerised process control system with field instruments
 supplied by Larsen & Tourbo was also being installed to give
 consistently high quality cement with maximum productivity.
 - In addition, electronic packing machines were being obtained from
 Haver & Boecker, West Germany, and reverse air baghouse equipment
 from Zurn Industries, USA.
 - The company entered into an agreement with Krupp Polysius AG, (KP)
 West Germany, for supply of plant, equipment and service for the
 project, KP agreed to supply raw material and coal grinding vertical
 roller mills, homogenising and kiln feed, burning, cooling and coal
 firing equipment and pneumatic transport pumps.
 - KP have a collaboration agreement with Buckau Wolf India, Ltd.  who
 are supplying the balance items of the main plant as per KP design.
 The scope of the agreement with KP provides for complete engineering
 of the plant, technical documentation and information and supervision
 of erection and commissioning of the project.
 - All shares subscribed for by signatories to the Memorandum of
 Association, promoters, etc.
 - A letter of intent was received to increase the installed capacity
 from 7,00,000 tonnes to 14,00,000 tonnes per annum. 
 - 146,44,500 No. of equity shares issued at par out of which the
 following shares were reserved for firm allotment: 38,24,448 shares
 to GIIC; 21,20,000 shares to overseas companies of non-resident
 Indian promoters on repatriation basis and 15,50,052 shares to N.S.
 Vinod K. Neotia and their associates.
 - Out of the balance 71,50,000 shares, 28,60,000 shares to
 non-resident Indians with repatriation rights and 8,75,500 shares to
 employees (including Indian working directors)/workers and business
 associates of the Company were reserved for preferential allotment. 
 The remaining 
 34,14,500 shares were offered for public subscription during
 November. Out of the oversubscription, 33,50,000 shares were retained
 and allotted to the public.
 - 20,00,000 No. of equity shares issued at par of which 2,00,000
 shares allotted to private promoters and their associates and the
 balance of 18,00,000 shares offered and allotted to the equity
 shareholders as rights in prop. 1:1.
 - Production declined marginally to 8,02,301 tonnes due to heavy
 rains in July-August 1989 coupled with flash floods on 16th July.
 - The 12.6 MW diesel generating sets which were imported during
 1988-89 were commissioned during the year.
 - Necessary approvals were received for setting up another cement
 plant with 1 million tonne capacity per annum at village Suli, Tehsil
 Arki, District Solan of Himachal Pradesh.
 - In order to meet long-term working capital requirements, the
 Company issued 10,00,000 - 17.5% secured redeemable non-convertible
 debentures on private placement basis.  These debentures would be
 redeemed in three equal annual instalments commencing at the end of
 the 6th year from the date of issue of the debentures, at a prem. of
 5% of the face value of the debentures.
 - In order to part finance its expansion projects, the Company
 proposed to issue 52,62,500 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each at a
 prem. of Rs.190 per share.  Out of the total issue, 50,00,000 shares
 were to be offered to the existing equity shareholders of the Company
 as rights in
 the prop. of 1:4 and the balance of 2,62,500 shares were to be
 offered to the employees, directors and the business associates of
 the company.
 - In order to part finance its expansion projects, the Company also
 proposed to issue 52,62,500 - 17.5% secured redeemable
 non-convertible debentures aggregating to Rs.210.50 crores.  Out of
 the total issue, 50,00,000 debentures were to be offered to the
 equity shareholders of the Company on rights basis in the prop. of 1
 debenture for every 4 equity shares held and the balance of 2,62,500
 debentures were to be offered to the employees, directors and
 business associates of the Company.
 - Each non-convertible debenture would be attached with a detachable
 warrant and the holder of one such warrant would be entitled to apply
 for and be allotted one equity share of the Company at a price of
 Rs.300 per equity share (Rs.10 towards face value and Rs.290 as
 - The warrant holders at the time of exercising their right/option to
 subscribe for their equity shares entitlement would have further
 option either to pay a price of Rs.300 per share of the Company or to
 surrender the equivalent number of debentures as subscription for
 allotment of equity shares.
 - GACL Finance Ltd., Concrete Investments, Ltd., and Indo Nippon
 Special Cements, Ltd. are the subsidiaries of the company.
 - The Company undertook bulk cement transportation, by sea, to the
 major markets of Mumbai, Surat and other deficit zones on the West
 Coast.  Transportation was to be carried out by three specially
 designed ships.  The units bulk terminal at Kodinar and one at New
 Mumbai was completed and work on the third terminal near Surat
 - 51,60,165 rights equity shares allotted at a prem. of Rs.190 per
 share (49,66,815 shares, prop. 1:4; 90,850 shares to employees and
 1,02,500 shares to Associates); 1,10,281 shares of Rs.10 each
 allotted at a prem. of Rs.215 per share on exercise of warrants by
 - The Company's muller location 1.5 million tonne cement project with
 clinkeriation facility at site in H.P and grinding facility both at
 Suli & Ropar in Punjab was commissioned.  Land was acquired at
 Sahranpur to serve as another site for grinding cement.
 - The Company also undertook to set up a new unit, `Gajambuja Cement'
 with an installed capacity of 9.4 lakh tonnes, at the existing
 premises.  The kiln was fired on 1st March 1993 and the unit produced
 its first batch of clinker on 4th March, 1993.
 - The Company undertook to set up the third 1 million tonne cement
 plant at Ambujanagar.  Orders for plant and machinery were placed and
  the plant was expected to be commissioned by December 1996.  This
 will increase the company's total cement capacity to 4.5 million
 - 45,65,044 shares allotted on conversion of warrants.  12,21,994
 allotted on conversion of aurobonds.  375 rights shares kept in
 abeyance allotted.  3,02,19,749 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1
 10,00,000 shares allotted to IFC Washington.  4,404 rights shares
 kept in abeyance allotted.
 - The Company proposed to install one more cement mill at Himachal
 - 11,251,829 shares allotted on optional conversion of FCCBs.  7,724
 Rights shares kept in abeyance allotted.  7,350 shares allotted on
 conversion of tradeable warrants.
 - Two more ships `Ambuja Keerti' and `Ambuja Shakti' were added to
 the Fleet.  The Company has submitted a proposal to revive Modi
 Cements Ltd. to IDBI during the year.
 - Another 19724 No. of equity shares allotted on conversion of
 - 100,000,000-10% non-convertible redeemable pref. shares of Rs. 10
 each allotted and 30,000,000-12.75% non-convertible redeemable pref.
 shares of Rs. 10 each redeemed.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd's (GACL) Kodinar plant is set to
 commence commercial production with an enhanced capacity by
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd. has offered to set up a multi-crore
 cement plant in Jammu and Kashmir.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd. (GACL) was set up in 1981 as a joint
 sector company, promoted by Narottam Sekhsaria and Gujarat Industrial
 Investment Company (GIIC).  Its cement plant which was commissioned in
 1985 was set up in technical collaboration with Krupp Polysius,
 Germany, Bakau Wolf and Fuller KCP.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd. (GACL) is setting up two new units with
 a capacity of 1.5 m.t. each through its subsidiaries.
 - The company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), with
 the promoters of Modi Cement to take control of the sick company and
 has prepared a revival proposal to be submitted to the Board for
 Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR).
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements to set up a  million clinker Grinding
 unit in Sri Lanka.
 - Gujarat Ambuja is proposing to set up a greenfield cement plant
 with a six million tonne capacity in phases in Andhra Pradesh.
 - Gujarat Ambuja is setting up a 0.50 MT bulk terminal and a
 packaging facility at Tuticorin for Rs 16 crore to increase its
 presence in the south, especially Tamil Nadu.
 - Maratha Cements Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gujarat Ambuja
 Cements is to be amalgamated with the latter.
 - The company has proposed a bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1.
 - Cement giants Larsen & Tubro (L&T) and Gujarat Ambuja Cements have
 entered a unique agreement to reduce transportation costs in
 despatching bulk cement in Gujarat.
 - The Company has entered the fray for setting up a slag cement unit
 near the integrated steel complex of Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd. in
 - The Company has entered into a contract with a Soinhalese firm,
 Mahaveli Marine Cement, to supply around 2.5 lakh tonnes of cement
 - Eastern Ambuja Cement, a 92-per cent subsidiary of Gujarat Ambuja
 Cement, is in talks with Orissa-based Shiva Cement for a possible
 joint venture.
 - The Company has kickstarted its operations in Sri Lanka with the
 setting up of a cement terminal in the port of Galle, in the south of
 the island country.
 - Ambuja Cement Eastern, a subsidiary of Gujarat Ambuja Cements is
 making a preferential allotment of equity to its promoters to mop up
 Rs 30 crore to part-finance its Rs 130-crore expansion project. 
 - ICRA has downgraded the non-convertible debenture (NCD) programmes
 of the company.
 - Fitch India has assigned a rating of Ind AAA to the Rs 50 crore NCD
 programme of the company.
 - The Company has completed the issue of FCCBs of about 0 million
 issued in the international markets.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd., the fourth largest cement maker in the
 country, has closed its issue of secured non-convertible debentures
 after raising the targeted Rs 200 crore.
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd is planning to issue fresh equity shares
 on a prefrential basis to non-promoter groups. 
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd (GACL) has received Rs 200 crore from
 foreign equity investor, Warburg Pincus, as part of its proposed Rs
 360-crore investment in the form of equity shares and convertible
 - The company will buyback shares worth Rs 50 crore at a maximum
 share price of Rs 170 per share through the open market route, it
 said. Gujarat Ambuja Cements has clocked a 112 per cent rise in net
 profit at Rs 53.23 crore during the first quarter of the financial
 year 2001-02.
 -Commercial production commences at Gujarat Ambuja Cements Maratha
 Cement Works plant
 -Board approves merger of Ambuja Cement Rajasthan with the company
 -Mops up Rs 50 cr by issuing non Convertible Debentures (NCD)
 -Allots 80 lacs warrants to Affinity Investments, an Affiliate of
 Warburg Pincus Equity Partners L.P
 -Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) directs Sebi to examine Guj
 Ambuja deal for ACC stake
 -SEBI finds no violation of Regulation 12 of the SEBI (Substantial
 Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulation, 1997 by Gujarat
 Ambuja Cements Ltd. with regard to the ACC deal
 -Raises  million through External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
 -BIFR sanctions the rehabilitation scheme for merger of Ambuja Cement
 Rajasthan with Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.
 -Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd has informed that Shri NP Ghuwalewala has
 been appointed as the Wholetime Director of the Company at the Board
 meeting held today on June 28, 2004
 - Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd - Issue of Bonus shares
 - Gujarat Ambuja gives Rs 25 lakh aid for quake victims
 -Ambuja Cements has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2
 - Holcim raises stake in Gujarat Ambuja Cements
 -  Gujarat Ambuja - Change in Accounting Year
 - Company name has been changed from Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd to
 Ambuja Cements Ltd.
 - Ambuja Cements Ltd has appointed Mr. Naresh Chandra as an
 additional director.
 - The Company launched its knowledge initiative i.e. Ambuja Knowledge
 Center,to enable industry professionals get a first-hand feel of the
 world of cement and concrete. During the year, three centers became
 operational in the cities of Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.
 -Ambuja Cements - Grant of Stock Option under ESOS
 - On 24th February 2010, Ambuja Cements Ltd (ACL) inaugurated its
 cement plant (grinding unit) at Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Capacity: 1.5
 million tonnes.
 - On 27 March, 2010, Ambuja Cements Ltd (ACL) inaugurated its cement
 plant (grinding unit) at Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh. Capacity: 1.5
 million tonnes.
 - In December 2010, the Dadri Grinding Unit in its very first year of
 operation received the Integrated Management System (IMS)
 Certification, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS
 18001:2007 by BSI (U.K.).
 -Completes 25 years of operation. Celebrates silver jubilee at all
 integrated plants.
 - Achieves water-positive status, as certified by an independent
 foundation, Det Norske Veritas. Ambuja Cements gives back to the
 community double the amount of water the Company consumes at its
 - Ambuja Cements Ltd has  acquired 85% equity shares of Dang Cement
 Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
 - Ambuja Cements Ltd has acquired 60% equity shares from the existing
 promoters of Dirk India Pvt. Ltd.
 - Ambuja Cements announces Allotment of Shares under ESOS category.
 - Ambuja presented 2 awards at the CII Sustainability Awards 2012 by
 Honorable President of India.
 - Ambuja Cements Limiteds (ACL) integrated plant unit at Chandrapur,
 (Maharashtra), the Maratha Cement Works (MCW) bagged the gold award
 for the best safety systems under the Large size category of the
 FICCI Safety Excellence System Awards 2012
 -Ambuja Cement bagged the Asia's Most Promising Brand & Leader Award
 at the Asian Brand and Leadership Summit 2013
 -ACL Rabriyawas was awarded Energy Efficient Unit during the 14th
 National Award for Excellencein Energy Management 2013
 -Ambuja Cements has unanimously approved a proposal to first acquire
 a 24% stake Holcim
 -Ambuja Cement Foundation - Chirawa has won the UNESCO supported
 Water Digest Water Award 2013-14
 -Ambuja Cement Foundation - Bathinda won the NABARD 'Partnership
 Excellence Award'  in the category of Improving productivity of
 -Ambuja launched a premium quality cement product, AMBUJA PLUS in the
 state of Rajasthan.
 -Ambuja launches AMBUJA PLUS in Gujarat
 -Ambuja Cement has launched a new TV campaign after four years,
 focusing on social awareness.
 -Ambuja Cement created another benchmark among cement industries in
 India,  it obtained a whopping 4.03 times water positive factor
 -Ambuja Cement won FICCI CSR award 2016 under 'Category 5 - Any
 Other' for its exemplary Water Resource Management Program
 -Ambuja Cement conferred with the Bombay Chamber Civic Award for
 social development
 -Ambuja Cement & ACC win prestigious accolades at CII-ITC
 Sustainability Awards 2016
 - Ambuja notches up a perfect score  bags six prestigious accolades @
 CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2017
 - Ambuja Cement wins two prestigious awards at NCB International
 - Ambuja Cement launches Ambuja Plus Cool Walls in Surat
 - Ambuja Plus Cool Walls launched in Punjab
 - Ambuja Manovikas Kendra bags Overall Championship Trophy at
 Punjab State Special Olympic Games
 - Ambuja Cement wins CII National Award for Excellence in Water
 - Ambuja Cement bags Yes Banks prestigious Natural Capital Award
 - Ambuja Compocem launched  a superior composite cement product for
 better sustainability a first in the Indian cement industry
 - Ambuja Cement a key partner in Indias longest highway tunnel in
 Jammu & Kashmir
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