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अकित मेटल एंड पावर

बीएसई: 532870  |  NSE: ANKITMETAL  |  ISIN: INE106I01010  |  Steel - Sponge Iron

कंपनी इतिहास - अकित मेटल एंड पावर
Ankit Metal & Power Limited (AMPL), promoted by Mr. Suresh Kumar
 Patni, was incorporated 
 on 7th August, 2002 as Ankit Steel Works Private Limited.
 Ankit Metal & Power Limited was incorporated as a private limited
 company in the year of 2002 
 with the object of carrying on the business of all kind of Iron &
 steel Products and subsequently 
 amended to install the power plant with the main aim to compete &
 play safe in the market as 
 well as increase earning as the power constitute the major item of
 cost. Subsequently, the name 
 of the company was changed to Ankit Metal & Power Private limited to
 reflect the new line of 
 business of the company specifically.
 Pursuant to change in the corporate status of the Company from
 Private to Public, the name of 
 the company was further changed to Ankit Metal & Power Limited with
 effect from 31st August, 
 To meet the requirement of the fund, the company approached to the
 bank & got a sanction of 
 sponge iron project from State bank of India on 07/06/2004 for an
 amount of Rs.1500.00 lacs. 
 Subsequently, Loan for Melting Shop, CCM, Power Plant & Rolling mills
 was sanctioned by State 
 Bank of India, Andhra Bank & Syndicate Bank & SBI Leads the
 The company has gone for expansion of 4 MW AFBC based power plant
 with the aim to use the 
 waste generated in sponge iron plant & have a better power
 consistency to reduce the cost of 
 the products manufactured which is again funded by State Bank of
 India, Andhra Bank & 
 Syndicate Bank.
 Commercial production of Sponge iron plant started on 16th October
 2005. 1st & 2nd Furnaces 
 of Ingots Unit stared on 2nd January 2006 & 3rd Furnace stared on
 12th august 2006. The 
 production of Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) for Billets started on
 1st February, 2006.
 Presently, AMPL is setting up an Integrated Steel Plant comprising
 (i) 1,05,000 TPA Sponge Iron Plant,
 (ii) 65,140 TPA Billet Casting Plant,
 (iii) 1,00,000 TPA Re-Rolling Mill,
 (iv) 8.5 MW Waste Heat Recovery Based (WHRB) captive power plant
 (utilising the waste gases 
 from the sponge iron plant) and
 (v) 4 MW Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion (AFBC) based captive
 power plant.
 The First Phase comprising of Sponge Iron Plant has commenced
 commercial operations in 
 October, 2005.
 A part of the 2nd Phase comprising of Steel Melting Shop for
 manufacturing of Ingots / Billets 
 has started production in January 2006.
 The remaining of 2nd Phase comprising of Re-rolling mill and the WHRB
 Captive Power Plant are 
 estimated to be commissioned in July, 2007, whereas the AFBC Captive
 Power Plant is estimated 
 to start its operation from July, 2007. 
 After commencement of the entire plant, the Company will be able to
 produce 105,000 Mt of 
 Sponge iron, 65,140 Mt of Ingot / Billets, and 100,000 Mt of Rolled
 steel for selling in the market 
 or self consumption. 
 Information about the Company
 Name of the Company         Ankit Metal & Power Limited
 Date of Incorporation          7th August, 2002
 Registration Number           21-94979
 CIN Number                        U27101WB2002PTC094979
 Registered Office                35, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata -
 700 012
 Corporate Office                  33, Chittaranjan Avenue, 1st Floor,
 Kolkata- 700 012
 Corporate Status                 Public Limited Company
 Authorised Capital               Comprising of
 Rs.350,000,000/-35,000,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10 each
 Paid up Capital                    Comprising of
 Rs.20,97,55,000/-20,975,500 Equity Shares of Rs 10/- each
 Major events of the Company
 Year                    Events
 August 2002     Company was incorporated as Ankit Steel Works Private
 July, 2004         The Name of the Company was changed to Ankit Metal
 & Power Pvt. Ltd.
 August 2004     The Company was converted to a Public Limited
 October 2005   Commercial Production of Sponge Iron Unit commenced
 January 2006   Commercial Production of Ingots from Induction
 Furnaces started
 February 2006  Commercial Production of Billets from Continuous
 Casting Plant started
 August 2006     Commercial Production of Ingots from 3rd Induction
 Furnace started
 2008                    Ankit Metal & Power Ltd recommended a maiden
 dividend of 5% (five percent) on the Equity Share Capital of the
 Company for the financial year 2007-08.
                                Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. has started
 the Commercial Production of its 5.5 MVA Submerged ARc Furnace on
 October 30, 2008.
 2010                      Ankit Metal & Power Ltd Board have passed
 the following businesses  to increase the Authorised Capital of the
 Company from Rs. 60 crores to Rs. 80 crores and The Board has
 considered and approved the Right Issue.
 2011                        Company have started working from its new
 Corporate Office situated at SKP House, 132A, S. P. Mukherjee Road,
 Kolkata - 700 026.
 2012                          Mr. Jay Shanker Shukla has been
 appointed as Additional Director on the Board of Directors of the
 Company with effect from September 29, 2012 and shall be
 Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company.     
 -The company appointed Mr. Prem Narayan Khandelwal as an Additional
 Director of the Company.     
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

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