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अपोलो हॉसपिटल्स एंटरप्राइजेज

बीएसई: 508869  |  NSE: APOLLOHOSP  |  ISIN: INE437A01024  |  Hospitals & Medical Services

कंपनी इतिहास - अपोलो हॉसपिटल्स एंटरप्राइजेज
 - The company was incorporated on 5th December, at Chennai.  The
 company was promoted by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy and his associates.  The
 Main object of the Company is to run Hospitals.
 - The Company had set up a comprehensive 250-bed hospital with an
 emphasis on speciality and super specialities in over fifty
 departments at Greams Road, Chennai.
 - The main items and medical equipment acquired included operating
 surgery unit, autoanalyser, angioscope, gamma cemera, CAT scan, etc.
 - The hospital was to consist of cardiology department with CAT, head
 and body scan, two special operation theaters and four minor and four
 major operation theaters.
 - 3,49,900 shares subscribed for by promoters, directors, etc.
 26,50,100 shares were then issued at par out of which 9,50,100 shares
 were reserved and allotted on a firm basis to promoters, their
 friends, etc. (inclusive of 7,00,000 shares to NRI promoters).
 - Out of the remaining 17,00,000 shares, 5,00,000 shares were
 reserved for preferential allotment to NRI and investors (from oil
 exporting developing countries but only 4,03,450 shares taken up. 
 The balance 12,00,000 shares, along with 96,550 shares not taken up
 out of preferential quota were offered for public subscription during
 - During November, simultaneously with the rights issue of equity
 shares, the company issued 2,00,000-15% partly convertible debenture
 of Rs 100 each as rights in prop. 5 debenture : 75 equity.
 - Only 15,537 debentures were taken up.  Another 98,133 debentures
 were allotted privately.  The balance 86,330 debentures devolved on
 the underwriters.  Interest on the debentures was payable in the form
 of equity shares at par for the first two years.
 - The Convertible portion of Rs 20 out of the face value of each
 debenture was to be converted into 2 equity shares of Rs 10 each at
 par on the completion of 3 years from the date of allotment of the
 - The non-convertible portion of Rs 80 out of the face value of each
 debenture was to be redeemed in 4 equity annual instalments at the
 end of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 year from the date of allotment of
 - 12,50,000 shares issued at par as rights but only 4,80,301 shares
 taken up.  Out of the balance 7,69,699 shares, 7,69,232 shares were
 allotted privately and 467 shares remained unallotted.  Another
 2,50,000 shares were allotted at par privately.
 - 46 beds were added and the hospital was to add another 38 beds
 during 1986-87.
 - The Apollo Health Association (AHA) was inaugurated in April, based
 on credit card system.  As per this scheme, the Apollo health
 insurance policy holders get Medicare offered by Apollo and 76
 accredited hospitals in selected cities.
 - 29,600 shares forfeited in October, of which forfeiture on 1,050
 shares was annulled.  Another 12,850 forfeited shares were reissued.
 2,56,772 shares were allotted at par in conversion of debenture
 - Till the end of June, 5,18,298 No. of equity shares were allotted
 in conversion of debenture interest and 2,27,340 No. of equity shares
 were allotted in conversion of debentures.  Another 1,72,660 shares
 were allotted in conversion of debentures during the period from 1st
 to 31st March, 1989.
 - The hospital was equipped with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),
 one more SOMATOMCR whole body computed Tomography scanner,
 Dideoendoscopy and Mammography, breast scanning equipment for the
 detection of occult carcinoma.
 - The Apollo Hospital, Chennai was recognised for teaching and
 imparting training to doctors for the examination of Fellow of the
 Royal College of Radiologists, (FRCR), U.K.
 - The Apollo group had finalised a joint venture project with the
 I.R.T.C. of Eye Micro Surgery, USSR to launch the Apollo Fyodorov Eye
 Research Institute.
 - The Apollo school of nursing was commissioned in August which
 offers a 3 year diploma programme followed by internship in the
 - 16 intensive care beds and 26 additional patient beds together with
 balancing equipment were added in various disciplines.  Also a 24 hour
 ambulance service with wireless facility was to be launched shortly.
 - The company also was setting up a 150 bed state-of-the-art cancer
 treatment and research centre in the heart of Chennai city on Mount
 - The Company had launched a city-wide ambulance service with
 wireless facility by stationing six Ambulances at strategic places in
 the city. 
 - Apollo cancer hospital, situated at Teynampet, Chennai, was
 - The Company was introduced state-of-the-art Bone Marrow transplant
 facility in Phase II expansion of cancer project in Chennai. 
 Besides, the Company to install Gamma Knife equipment and facilities
 for organ transplantation.
 - Allotted 54,17,831 shares as rights (prop. 1:1) and 4,850 shares to
 employees both at a prem. of Rs 10 per share. 
 - The bed strength was increased to 465 at the main hospital.  A
 third theater was added for cardio thoracic surgery. 
 - 40,00,000 No. of Equity shares issued at a price of Rs 42 per share
 on private placement basis with various investment institution. 
 - Cancer hospital in Hyderabad was inaugurated on 19th February.  The
 hospital was planning to introduce an innovative application of
 tele-technology with the launch of `Apollo Heartline' a simple device
 connecting to subscriber with a heart centre and giving expert
 instantly round-the-clock via telephone lines.
 - The hospital has expanded its services to encompass preventive
 healthcare in the country.
 - The Company has joined hands with the WHO with its mission to
 eradicate Tuberculosis in India.  The Company has identified
 washermanpet area in Chennai for T.B. detection and iradication On
 world No. Tobacco day, an asthma clinic and counselling centre for
 smokers was launched. 
 - 10,70,400 No. of Equity shares allotted on conversion of warrants
 issued to promoters on preferential basis.
 - The Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai, introduced specialised,
 effective and innovative cancer management offering a host of
 treatment to many kinds of cancer.
 - With take over of Orient Hospital, Madurai and Pinakini Hospital,
 Nellore, the Company had added 300 more beds.
 - Apollo college of nursing at Keezhkattalai was inaugurated on 21st
 - Home health care facility was launched at Chennai, where the
 registered members will be provided medical consultation, treatments,
 preventive health check up at their door-steps.  The other services
 include, polio drop DPT vaccinations to children, nasal oxygen
 antienata check ups etc.
 - Apollo Hospitals has signed a memorandum of understanding with
 Jardine of UK for successful adaptation of the healt maintenance
 organisations (HMO) concept for the first time in India by
 - Apollo Hospitals launched a weekly health awareness programme,
 Apollo Health File, on the Telugu satellite channel Gemini.
 - Apollo Hospitals Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding with
 the Sri Lankan Government to build a super-speciality hospital in
 Colombo.  This is the first time the speciality hospital group is
 venturing abroad with investments.
 - Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd has launched its first poison
 information centre in the south.
 - Apollo Hospitals is merging its group companies Deccan Hospitals,
 Hyderabad, and Indian Hospital Corporation, Chennai, along with
 Sindhoori Hotels, Chennai, to emerge as the leading healthcare unit
 in Asia.
 - The Company has approved to issue up to 20,00,000 No. of equity
 shares of Rs.10 each on private placement basis to FIIs, MFs, FIs and
 banks etc, at or above the price calculated in accordance with SEBI
 - Apollo Hositals has announced the launch of its `Mednet' services
 for the medical fraternity in the country in collaboration with
 Wipro, NIIT, Satyam Online, ICICI and Citadel Health Ltd.
 - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) has signed a memorandum of
 understanding (MoU) with healthcare major Apollo Hospitals for
 setting up pharmaceutical general stores at the convenience stores of
 Indian Oil petrol stations.
 - The company has successfully placed 20 lacks equity shares with
 various FIIs at a premium of Rs. 355/- per share.
 - The Company placed 20 lacs No. of equity shares with various FIIs
 at a premium of Rs 355/- per share.
 - The Apollo Hospitals has lined up a string of equity tie-ups to
 fuel an agressive diversification plan in various healthcare-related
 - Apollo Hospitals Group and Royal College of General Practioners
 have entered into a tie-up to lauch three programmes for revalidating
 and updating the knowledge of primary healthcare physicians in India.
 - Apollo Hospitals has launched a personal accident insurance card.
 - Apollo Hospitals launched the `Apollo, the Italian Dental Cliniq'
 in the city.
 - Apollo Hospitals has expanded its presence in healthcare with the
 launch of Apollo, the Italian Dental Cliniq.
 - The Delhi-based NIIT Ltd. and Apollo Hospitals Group are jointing
 hands to create `MeDVarsity', an Internet-based virtual medical
 university to cater to the medical fraternity.
 - The Company has join the big league of pharma companies and
 research labs to garner a major share in the booming high-end
 biotechnology research business.
 - Apollo Hospitals, the Chennai-based Rs 3,000 crore healthcare giant
 has inked an in-principle deal with the Singapore-based Parkway group,
 the Singapore-based Parkway group, the global leader in healthcare
 business, to spread its wings to AfroAsian countries.
 - The Chennai-based Apollo Hospitals Enterprise has signed a
 memorandum of understanding with the government of Mauritius,
 appointing the Apollo Hospitals Group as the preferred healthcare
 provider for all the citizens of Mauritius.
 - Apollo Hospitals has entered into a tie-up with a local hospital
 initially to deliver mother and child care.
 - Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd has informed that Mr Atul Punj has
 resigned from the office of the Director of the company. Mr
 Habibullah Badsha has been co-opted to the Board as an Additional
 -The Apollo Hospitals Enterprises, has taken over the 50.26 per cent
 stake held by the Gauri Prasad Goenka in the Duncan Gleneagles
 Hospital for the amount of Rs 3 crore.
 - Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd (AHEL) inaugurated the first of
 its hospitals in the 'First Med hospitals' chain at Chennai. The
 hospital is situated on the Poonamallee high Road and will provide
 emergency and trauma care to the neighbouring areas. The hospital
 will also have a multi-specialty acute care centre. The hospital will
 have over 25 specialties, including cardiology, neurology, nephrology,
 urology, orthopaedics and radiology.
 -Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd has informed BSE that they have
 completed the sale transaction of 1,58,63,504 equity shares of Duncan
 Gleneagles Hospitals Ltd (DGHL) Kolkata (unlisted Company), previously
 held by Duncans Industries Ltd and its associates and the said shares
 have been registered in the name of company and its nominees in the
 books of DGHL.
 -Apollo Hospitals, in tie up with ICICI Lombard has unveiled an
 accident insurance product.
 -Apollo launches a dedicated paediatric cardiac facility for
 -Apollo unveils a telemedicine facility at the government General
 Hospital, Eluru.
 -Apollo bags an order worth  million contract to manage a hospital
 in Malaysia.
 -Apollo Hospital sets up a 24X7 Chest Pain Clinic to offer round the
 clock and immediate
 access to quality heart care during the critical period.
 -Apollo hospital informs that it has been recognised as 'Superbrand
 of India' in the 
 Healthcare sector.
 -The Sagar Apollo Hospital becomes the first hospital in the country
 to adopt
 electronic processing of Insurance claims.
 -AFTL ties up with Apollo for health awareness campaign
 -The hospital tied up with SBI  to extend loan assistance for
 hospital treatment.
 -The Apollo Group of Hospitals has entered into a major technology
 partnership with the Defence Research & Development Organisation
 (DRDO) to leverage mutual strengths
 -Apollo Hospital inks pact with Austrian institute
 - Apollo Hospitals launched WE (Women's Health Empowerment) scheme
 offering them an exclusive Web site and a health card.
 -opened a clinic with a 24-hour pharmacy and an ambulance service in
 the R.A. Puram suburb of Chennai
 -Ms Shobana Kamineni, KEI Group - Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd
 has been elected as Chairperson of the CII-Southern Region for the
 year 2004-05
 -Apollo Hospitals has announced the launch of the `Apollo National
 Heart Plan' comprising three components of the preventive mode, a
 disease management programme (DMP) and the actual treatment and
 surgery component
 -Apollo Hospitals group on August 09 said it has entered into a
 partnership to provide advisory services to Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA)
 group, Yemen
 -Mundra SEZ forges alliance with Apollo Hospital
 -Apollo Hospitals forges alliance with Histotem
 -Apollo Hospital Delhi gets JCI certification for its quality of care
 in a safe environment
 -Apollo Hospitals join hands with Johns Hopkins
 -Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd has informed that Dr. Prathap C
 Reddy, Chairman of the Apollo Hospitals Group singed the Joint
 Venture Agreement with Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV) on
 October 11, 2006.
 -Taj, Apollo to forge alliance for medical tourism
 -Apollo Hospitals to launch mobile service in rural areas
 -Apollo Hospitals rolls out new scan method
 -Apollo Hospitals acquires Zavata
 -Apollo Hosp forges into health insurance biz
 - Apollo Children's Hospital successfully performs complicated
 surgery on 4-month-old baby
 - India's first keyhole multiple bypass surgery performed at
 Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals New Delhi
 - Apollo Hospitals has instituted a contemporary Neuro Rehabilitation
 Programme at the Main Hospital in Chennai.
 - Apollo Hospitals wins Express Healthcare Awards
 - Apollo Hospitals Website wins Web Marketing Association, USA's Web
 Awards in 3 categories
 - Apollo Opens Hospital at Mauritius
 - India's First Swine Flu Health Call Center at Apollo Speciality
 Hospitals, Madurai
 -Asia Pacific's most advanced CyberKnife launched at Apollo
 Speciality Cancer Hospital
 - Apollo Medical Centre opens Sultanate's first liver clinic
 - Apollo Hospitals Launches It's 50th Hospital At Secunderabad!
 - Apollo Hospitals and CISCO to bridge the Health Divide - ICT
 solutions to transform healthcare in suburban and rural areas
 - Apollo Hospitals set up stem cell facility
 - Apollo Hospitals to launch m-health services
 - Apollo Hospitals Group ties up with British Medical Journal (BMJ)
 - Apollo Hospitals wins the 'Indias Most Preferred Hospital'
 Viewers Choice Award at the India Healthcare Awards announced by
 CNBC - TV18 and ICICI Health Insurance
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 5
 - Stem Cell Therapy Program Launched by Apollo Bramwell Hospital,
 - Apollo Hospitals first in Chennai to use bio-resorbable stents
 - Apollo Hospitals becomes the Worlds Second Busiest Solid Organ
 Transplant Centre
 - Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital Launches Eastern India's first
 dedicated comprehensive Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
 - Apollo Hospitals Group Website has been honored with the Internet
 Advertising Competition Web Award 2011 
 - Apollo Life launches M.I.N.D Line, tele-counselling helpline
 - Apollo Hospitals announces the launch of the MRI-HIFU, a
 breakthrough, non-invasive technology, for treatment of uterine
 - Apollo Group of Hospitals launched the First of its Kind - Dental
 Wellness Center in India, the WHITE, 7-star Dental Spa at Chennai.
 - Apollo Hospitals successfully completes over 55 complex Robotic
 - Apollo Hospitals Chennai launches the Apollo Foot Care Service
 - Apollo Hospitals performs a complex Robotic assisted Urosurgery on
 a 7 year old African child
 - Apollo Hospitals completes 929 solid organ transplants in a single
 calendar year
 - Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata has won the Institute for
 Competitiveness (IFC) Mini Strategy Award.
 -Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd has entered into a Rs 400 crore deal
 with Beam Applications S A (IBA) to set up a Proton Therapy Centre for
 cancer therapy in India.
 -Indus Health has signed an agreement with Apollo Hospitals in
 Hyderabad to set up a new center in the city.
 -Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has won an EXCELLENCE Award from Hospital
 Management Asia (HMA) for several categories.
 -Apollo Hospitals launched The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
 -Apollo Hospitals, Chennai inaugurated its first ever Apollo Insulin
 Pump clinic in the city.
 -Apollo Hospitals ties up with US varsity for Patient care &
 -Apollo Hospitals signs MoU to acquire HMSL.
 -Apollo Hospital and US-based AliveCor Inc. has join hands to provide
 for patients an innovative mobile device to access cardiac screening
 tools. The device will enable Apollo Hospitals to tackle the problem
 of heart arrhythmias in their patients.
 -Apollo Hospitals has been awarded the I.C.O.N.I.C IDC Insights Award
 2014 for industry best practices by displaying innovation & creativity
 by raising the bar for adoption of technology in Health & Life
 Sciences Vertical.
 -Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully performed a Robotic surgery
 for Cancer base of the tongue, a first of its kind in Tamil Nadu
 -Apollo Hospitals and Fiji National University have signed an MOU for
 healthcare collaboration.
 -Apollo Hospital launched at Indore.
 -Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd. expands its footprint with the
 acquisition of Nova Specialty Hospitals
 -Apollo Hospitals has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with
 Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to facilitate
 hassle-free travel for patients from the North-East
 -Apollo Hospitals won the National Business Excellence (BE) Star
 Awards organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry
 -Apollo Hospitals successfully performs Asias first en-bloc combined
 heart & liver transplant, a remarkable achievement in the global
 healthcare space.
 -Southern Railways has joined hands with Apollo Hospital Chennai for
 24/7 free emergency medical assistance at the Chennai Central Railway
 -Apollo Hospital  won the Australian Service Excellence Award for
 2015 for its high standards of Management, training and commitment to
 -Apollo Hospitals acquires majority stake in Assam Hospitals
 -Apollo ties-up with HESCG to build hospital in Hainan Province,
 -Apollo receives National Awards for Excellence in Healthcare
 -Apollo Hospitals launches a state of the art, world-class,
 contemporary super-specialty tertiary care hospital in Navi Mumbai
 -Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad wins the Smartest Hospital Building 2016
 award at the Network 18 And Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2016.
 -Apollo Hospitals, Bilaspur, has received award for energy
 conservation by CREDA at Raipur
 -Apollo Hospitals Group bags the top 4 positions across categories in
 the Times All India Lifestyle Hospital and Clinic ranking survey
 -Apollo Hospitals has launched the Healthy Heart Program, India's
 first Heart disease prevention and reversal Program.
 -Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai successfully inaugurated Apollo Cancer
 Care Hospitals and TrueBeam STx, an Advanced Stereotactic Radiosurgery
 -Apollo Hospitals Group and MCO have partnered for an academic
 collaboration to conduct a series of health awareness initiatives in
 -Apollo Hospitals Group bags 7 awards at the Hospitals Management
 Asia Awards 2017 across categories.
 -Apollo Hospitals has partnered with Godrej HIT to launch India's
 first online Platelet Donor Community for patients suffering from
 -Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore launches Karnataka's first
 state-of-the-art Gastroenterology Unit.
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