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एपल क्रेडिट कॉर्पोरेशन

बीएसई: 511339  |  NSE: APPLECREDT  |  ISIN: INE212A01013  |  Finance - Leasing & Hire Purchase

कंपनी इतिहास - एपल क्रेडिट कॉर्पोरेशन
1988 - The Company was Incorporated on 28th September as a public 
 limited company as `Apple Credits Corporation Ltd.' at Chennai. The
 name was changed to the present one with effect from 1st June 1989. 
 The Company was promoted by Apple Industries Ltd. 
 - The Company is Engaged in the business of hire purchase, leasing
 and other financial services.
 1992 - During November/December the company offered 60,00,000 No. of
 equity shares of Rs.10 each for cash at a prem. of Rs.20 per  shares.
  Of which 5,00,000 shares to the promoters, directors and their
 relatives, 12,00,000 shares to the shareholders of Apple Industries
 Ltd., 10,000 shares were offered to the  employees and the balance
 42,90,000 shares were offered to public (all were taken up).
 - The company proposes to enter into Merchant Banking activity and
 for that purpose, on getting listed, will approach Securities and
 Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for accredition as category-1 Merchant
 - The Company has launched its Fixed Deposit Scheme during the
 current year
 - The Company has been upgradated from FA- to FA by CRISIL for  the
 Deposit Schemes.  This rating indicates Adequate Safety  for  the
 timely repayment of Principal and Interest.
 - During the year under review, 35 lakhs equity shares of Rs.10/-
 each were allotted for cash at a premium of Rs.20/- per share
 aggregating to Rs.1,050/ lakhs to the Promoters pursuant to the
 approval of the shareholders.
 - The Company has become the first in the financial sector in the
 country to have been awarded the prestigious IS 14002/ISO 9002
 - The Company mobilised funds to the tune of Rs.1850 lakhs by private
 placement of non convertible debentures.
 1997-99 - NO NEWS
 - Mr. P.V. Raaman has been appointed as Managing Director effective
 from April 26 and Mr. G.S. Samuel, Managing Director, has resigned
 from the board effective from April 26.
 - Kochi the strategic tie-up between Trichur based Catholic Syrian 
 Bank (CSB) and Apple Credit will bring Rs 200 crore capital funds 
 into the bank's books.
 - ICRA has downgraded the medium-term debt as well as the fixed
 deposits and non-convertible debenture programmes of both Apple
 Finance Ltd. and Apple Credit Corporation from MA- to MD.
 -Company has created eamil id for the purpose of registering
 complaints by investors is as follows: acclchennai@rediffmail.com
 - Apple Credit Corporation Ltd has appointed Shri Josyula
 Suryanarayana as Additional Director of the Company. 
 -The name of the company has been changed from Apple Credit
 Corporation Ltd. to Abhayam Trading Ltd.                             
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