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बीएसई: 532047  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE581B01035  |  Media & Entertainment

कंपनी इतिहास - एशियन फिल्म्स
 The Company was incorporated as Public Limited Company
 under the name Galaxy Appliances Limited on 6th December,
 1995 under the Companies Act, 1956 and Registered with the
 Registrar of Companies, Gujarat at Ahmedabad and obtained
 the certificate of commencement of business on 8th December
 1995.  The company has been promoted by Shri Ashish V
 Patel, Shri Vipul V Patel and Smt. Rekhaben J Patel for the
 purpose of carry on the business to manufacture, market,
 sell, export of house hold appliances, white goods etc. as
 fully described in the prospectus.
 The main objects of the Company are fully set out in the
 Memorandum of Association of the company is stated 
 else-where in the Prospectus.  The immediate object of the
 company is to set up facilities for the manufacturing of
 following products:
 Name of Product                           Capacity in Nos.
 Mixers - Grinders                            72,000
 Tea/Coffee Maker Machines                    72,000
 Portable Blenders                            96,000
 Soda Maker Machines                          24,000
 Ice Cream Maker Machines                     24,000
 Electronic Gas Lighter                        3,60,000
 The proposed project will be located at Block No. 2423/1,
 Village Limbasi, Tal : Matar, Dist.: Kheda a notified
 Category II backward area eligible for sales tax benefits.
 The Company has obtained acknowledgement for Industrial
 Entrepreneurs Memorandum filed by it with the Department of
 Industrial Development, Secretariat for Industrial
 Approvals (SIA), Ministry of Industry, Government of India,
 New Delhi vide their Acknowledgement Letter No.
 6251/SIA/IMO/95 dated 15-12-95 for the manufacture of
 Coffee or tea Makers, Mixer Grinder, Soda Makers, Portable
 Blenders, Ice Cream Makers, Electronics Gas Lighter.
 The land is having a non agricultural permission vide
 letter No. LND/NA/SR/65/VSHI/299-305/992/93 dated
 The Company has applied to Gujarat Electricity Board vide
 its letter dated 10/01/96 for sanction of 200 KVA Power.
 The process does not generate any type of hazardous and
 effluent, however the company has obtained the NOC from
 Gujarat Pollution Control Board vide its letter no.
 PC/NOC/KH-404/11512 dated 26.04.96.
 Under the new industrial policy the Company shall be
 eligible for sales tax benefit available to a unit located
 at a Category-II backward area.
 The process does not generate any type of hazardous,
 effluent, however application has already been made to
 Gujarat Pollution Control Board for NOC vide letter dated
 The Main Objects of the Company to be pursued by it on its
 incorporation are:- 
 1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying,
 designing, fabricating, repairing, maintaining, assembling,
 selling, importing, exporting, consigning, distributing,
 agents and dealing of domestic, electronics, mechanicals,
 engineering machineries, instruments, appliances,
 equipments, accessories and other relevant spare parts,
 accessories, gears, made from metal and plastic casting,
 alloys and other household and engineering industries,
 precision parts and which is used for purposes of industrial
 agriculture, domestic industries.
 2. To buy, sale, import, export, manufacture, assemble,
 repair and maintain, design and to deal in all types of
 domestic, electric electronics, engineering equipments
 including mixers grinders tea and coffee maker, soda maker,
 ice cream maker, water and air coolers, refrigerators,
 water and room heaters, washing machines, geysers, voltage
 stabilizers, air conditioners, pressure cooker, cooking
 range, ovens, non stick kitchenware, fans, iron, gas stove,
 electronics gas lighters, bulbs, and tube light dryers,
 electric slavers, mini generators, calculators and clock
 intercoms and all other allied domestic items and any parts
 used therein.
 The Main Object Clause of the Memorandum of Association of
 the company enables the company to undertake the activities
 for which the funds are being raised for the present issue
 and also the activities which the company has been carrying
 on till date.
 The company has yet not commenced any of the commercial
 operations/activities Presently it is engaged in the
 implementation of the proposed project as fully described
 in the prospectus.  The company has upto 01.07.96 deployed
 total Rs.210.50 lacs towards implementation of its
 proposed project.
 - Company name has been changed from K C Bokadia Films Ltd to Asian
 Films Production and Distribution Ltd.
 - The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs1/-.
 --Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from 509, Devpath
 Tower, B/h Lal Bunglows, Off C G Road, Ahmedabad - 380 009. to D-164,
 BG Tower, Outside Delhi Darwaja, Ahmedabad 380 004.
 -Company has Consolidates its Face value of Shares from Rs 1 to Rs
 --Registered Office of the Company has been shifted  from D-164, BG
 Tower, Outside Delhi Darwaja, Ahmedabad - 380 004 to E-337, B. G.
 Tower, Nr. Adwani Market, O/S Delhi Gate, Shahibaug Road, Ahemdabad -
 380 004.
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted  from E-337, B. G.
 Tower, Nr. Adwani Market, O/S Delhi Gate, Shahibaug Road, Ahemdabad -
 380 004 to 704, Sahajanand Complex, Shahibaug road, Shahibaug,
 Ahmedabad - 380004, Gujarat.
 -The Registered office of the company has been shifted from 704,
 Sahajanand Complex, Shahibaug road, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad - 380 004,
 Gujarat to 12, 362, Shyam Complex, Office No. 306, Kanchan Chambers,
 Thakorvas, Nr. New Madhupura, O/S Delhi Gate, Ahmedabad - 380 004,
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