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बीएसई: 517429  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE576B01019  |  Computers - Software Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - एथेना ग्लोबल
YEAR                                                        EVENTS
 1992 - The company was registered as M/s. VJ Infosystems, a
 partnership firm, in June
              1991 and subsequently incorporated into a Public Limited
 Company under the 
              name VJ Infosystems Limited on May 6, 1992 with its
 registered office in Secunderbad.
              The company obtained the certificate of commencement of
 business on 27th July.  The 
               company commenced operations in November.
            - The company is presently engaged in software development
 in the form of services,
               turnkey projects and products for the domestic market.
 The company is also active in
               the area of Computer Education and offers training
 programmes in the use of computers.
               The company also conducts customised training
 programmes for corporate entitles.
               The company undertakes feasibility studies for
 computerisation and provides 'Total 
               Solutions'.  The company is also offering consultancy
 in the area of Materials 
               Management. The company acts as a dealer of Computer
 systems, Peripherals and 
               Accessories on behalf of the manufacturers of these
 products. The company is presently
               an agent for M/s Wipro Infotech Limited.
             - The company was promoted by Mr. J. Venkat Rao and Mr.
 M. Satyendra in May.
 1995 - The Company has very ambitious to set-up and expand its
 marketing network in India
              and abroad. 
            - The Company has set up a 100% Export Orient Unit (EOU)
 for software exports and
              expanded the activities of the Domestic Software
 Development, Educational Services & 
              Product Sales.
           - The Company has set up its own Private Software
 Technology Park (STP) in 
              Secunderabad to cater to the requirements of Software
 Export Market, covering over 
              14,000 Sq. ft of centrally air conditioned office space,
 state of the arttechnology with latest
              Client-Server and Pentium based Networked Workstations.
           - The  Company has launched various new computer
 educational courses under the brand 
              name of VJ INFO - Real Computer Education in twin cities
 of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
 1996 - Mr. J. Nrupender Rao, Director, owing to paucity of time has
 resigned from the Directorship
              of the company.  The Board of Directors place on record
 their appreciation of the valuable
              guidance and services rendered by Shri J. Nrupender Rao
 during the tenure of his office
              as a Director of the Company.
 1997 - The Company has been awarded ISO 9001 certification in respect
 of Design, Development 
              and maintenance of Application Software.
 1998 - The company had changed its name as VJIL CONSULTING LIMITED
 (Formerly VJ 
               Infosystems Limited).
 1999 - VJIL is setting up a branch office in the West Coast of USA
 which will focus on business 
              related to Internet/Intranet tools and E-commerce
 applications development.
 2000 - Hyderabad-based software services company Vjil Consulting is
 settingup an 
             offsite development centre in Chicago with a 20-member
 -E-mail ID for Investor's Grievance:investor@vjil.com.
 - VJIL Consulting Ltd has changing the address of the registered
 office of the Company to 3rd Floor, Western Wing, NCC House, Survey
 No.64, Madhapur, Hyderabad -500 081.
 Tel: 040-2311 9633, 2311 9634 Fax: 040-2311 9614.
 -Change of name of the Company from VJIL CONSULTING LIMITED to ATHENA
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

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  • NEWS FLASH EVE : मुनाफा `6345 Cr (`6107 Cr अनुमान था)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : NII `13,515 Cr (`13,887.6 Cr का अनुमान था)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : मुनाफा `5010 Cr से बढ़कर `6345 Cr (YoY)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : ग्रॉस NPA 1.40% से घटकर 1.38% (QoQ)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : नेट NPA 0.43% से घटकर 0.42% (QoQ)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : प्रोविजनिंग `2614 Cr से बढ़कर `2701 Cr (QoQ)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : मुनाफा `73.4 Cr से बढ़कर `91.4 Cr
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : NII `810 Cr से बढ़कर `980 Cr
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : ग्रॉस NPA 1.96% से बढ़कर 2.09% (QoQ)

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