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एटीएन इंटरनैशनल

बीएसई: 511427  |  NSE: ATNINTER  |  ISIN: INE803A01027  |  Media & Entertainment

कंपनी इतिहास - एटीएन इंटरनैशनल
The company was incorporated on 24 th December ,1983 as arihant
 consultants private limited.The company became a public limited
 company with effect from 5th february 1987 and a fresh certificate of
 incorporation was obtained on 5th may 1987.Subsequently the share
 holders of the company passed a special resolution to change the name
 from Arihant Credit Capital Limited and fresh certificate of
 incorporation was obtained on 21st july 1993.
 The company has been engaged inproviding loans & advances ,inter
 corporate deposits,dealing in securities,in a small way ,in addition
 to extending financial consultancy & advisory servicessince its
 incorporation.It has now actively involved in Merchant Banking
 Services by acting as co managers/advisors and extending underwriting
 to the issues since 1.4.1993 on its registering as Category II
 Merchant Banker.
 The company was promoted by Shri  Santosh kumar jain,Late Shri Anil
 Kumar jain - Charted Accountant's and their associates.
 2000 - ATN International promoter Santosh Jain, alongwith a partner,
        launching a horizontal portal, indiallinfo.com, by month-end.
 -Changes its trading symbol on National Stock Exchange from
 'ARIHANTCRE ' to 'ATNINT' w.e.f September 17, 2003
 -Enters into agreement with Department of Space for using the
 satellite INSAT - 3A of DOS for the purpose of broadcasting
 requirements ie uplinking and telecasting Social Channel AHIMSAA wef
 October 2, 2003
 -Delisting of its equity shares from Ahmedabad, Delhi and Jaipur
 Stock Exchanges.
 -Has been granted permission by the Ministry of Information and
 Broadcasting for uplinking its television channel Ahimsaa (in English
 & Hindi) in Digital mode from India
 -The company has appointed Miss Sonal Jain- Chief Executive Officer
 of Ahimsaa Channel as Wholetime Director and Mr. Krishan Khadaria as
 Non Executive Director of the Company.
 -Decided to change the name of the Company from ATN International
 Limited to Ahimsaa Global Media Limited.
 -ATN International Ltd has informed that the BoD of the Company at
 their meeting held on December 24, 2003 decided to incorporate a
 wholly owned subsidiary called 'AHIMSAA Global Media Ltd'. The main
 object of the Company will be telecasting & Broadcasting of the
 programmes of the channel Ahimsaa.
 -ATN International Connectivity of 'Ahimsaa' Channel
 -The company has given the below E-mail ID for Investors Complaints:
 -Registered office of the company has been shifted from No. 6 (Old
 27), Pillaiayar Koil Street, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600 018.
 To No. 29, Prevision Plaza, New No. 397, Anna Salai, Teynampet,
 Chennai 600 018.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • BREAKING NEWS RED : EBITDA `22,152 Cr (`22,269 Cr अनुमान था)
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : EBITDA मार्जिन 14.91% (14.30% अनुमान था)
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : मुनाफा `10,104 Cr से बढ़कर `11,262 Cr
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : आय `1.57 Lk Cr से घटकर `1.48 Lk Cr
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : GRM $9.40/bbl ( $9.5/bbl अनुमान था)
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : GRM $8.10/bbl से बढ़कर $9.40/bbl
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : रिफाइनिंग आय `1.01 Lk Cr से घटकर `97,229 Cr
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : रिफाइनिंग EBIT 4508 Cr से बढ़कर `4957 Cr
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : रिफाइनिंग EBIT मार्जिन 4.4% से बढ़कर 5.1%
  • BREAKING NEWS RED : पेटकेम आय `37611 Cr से बढ़कर `38538 Cr

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