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कंपनी इतिहास - ऑरो लेबोरेटरीज
 Auro Laboratories Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited
 Company on 26th May 1989 with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra
 at Bombay. Later on the Company has been converted into a Limited
 Company on 13th January 1994 vide resolution dated 21st September,
 1993. The Company is
 promoted by Shri Sharat Deorah and Shri Satish Deorah.
 After incorporation the Company took all effective steps to set up
 the  manufacturing facilities at Tarapur, Maharashtra by acquiring on
 lease a suitable plot of land at MIDC Industrial Area and with the aid
 of State Industrial & Investment Corporation of Maharashtra (SICOM) &
 State Finance Corporation (MSFC). The Company was successful in
 implementing the project and started its commercial production on
 14th July, 1992. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing and
 trading of TRIMETHOPRIM (lP/BP/USP), a bulk drug. TMP is an
 antibacterial drug and
 is used in combination with SULPHAMETHOXAZOLE (SMX). The plant of the
 Company is located at K-56, MIDC Industrial Area, Tarapur, Boisar,
 Dist. Thane, Maharashtra with production capacity of 60 TPA of TMP.
 The Company is managed by the Board of Directors which includes well
 experienced businessmen and professionals, Shri Sharat Deorah, the
 Promoter-Director of the Company is the Managing Director. He
 possesses experience of various business activities for more than 2
 decades. This includes road transport, tea warehousing and
 manufacturing and
 exports of bulk drugs. Shri Satish Deorah is the younger brother of
 Shri Sharat Deorah. He too holds experience spanning over more than
 17 years in the business activities of transport, tea warehousing and
 manufacturing and exports of bulk drugs. Shri Sharat Deorah is
 stationed at Bombay whereas Shri Satish Deorah at Calcutta.
 The Company is now planning to undertake the project for expansion of
 production capacity of TMP from the existing 60 TPA to 200 TPA.
 Besides, the Company is also planning for backward integration by
 commencing the production of 3-4-5 TRIMETHOXYBENZALDEHYDE (TMBA),
 which is the basic raw material for the production of TMP. The
 Company has already
 received the Letter of Intent for the production of 3-4-5 TMBA vide
 the Letter of Secretariat for Industrial Approvals, Dept. of
 Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry, Govt. of India bearing
 No. LI:34 (1994) dated 11th January 1994. The Company has further
 made an
 application to the Central Government for the amendment of the
 licence with respect to increase in the production capacity of 3-4-5
 TMBA. The plant will have a capcity of 175 TPA of the production of
 3-4-5 TMBA from 275 TPA of Gallic Acid, which will be consumed
 entirely by the
 Company.  Out of the total production, 50% of TMP would be exported
 During the year 1993-94, the Company made export worth Rs. 45 lacs
 and is planning to achieve an export target of Rs. 1.50 crores during
 the current year.
 So far, the Company has been involved in the manufacturing and
 trading of TMP, a bulk drug. One of the group companies, Auro Impex
 Private Limited has a very successful track record in the exports of
 bulk drug items. With a view to reap benefits of the backward
 integration, the Company is now planning to commence manufacturing of
 3-4-5 TMBA.
 The main objects of the Company as set out in its Memorandum of
 Association are as follows :
 1. To manufacture, process, derive, buy, sell, import, export, or
 otherwise deal in pharmaceutical, medicinal, diagnostic, antibiotic,
 antiseptic, disinfectants, optical, biological, immunological,
 therapeutic and healthcare products, preparations, compounds and
 2. To manufacture, process, derive, buy, sell, import, export or
 otherwise deal in cosmetics whether herbal or otherwise hair, skin,
 nail or other beauty preparations, perfumes, aromatic chemicals,
 toiletories, deodorants, hair dyes and hygienic house hold consumer
 -Received Certificate of Suitability (COS) of Metformin Hydrochloride
 from EDQM.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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