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ऑस्ट्रल कोक एंड प्रोजेक्ट्स

बीएसई: 533016  |  NSE: AUSTRAL  |  ISIN: INE455J01027  |  Miscellaneous

कंपनी इतिहास - ऑस्ट्रल कोक एंड प्रोजेक्ट्स
We were originally incorporated as NRE Stocknet Limited vide
 Certificate of 
 Incorporation No. 21-63008 on April 22, 1994 with Registrar of
 Companies, Kolkata, 
 West Bengal. The name of our company was changed as Net Interactive
 Limited with 
 effect from June 16, 1998 and there after the name of our company was
 changed as
 Austral Coke & Projects Limited with effect from September 14, 2005.
 The fresh 
 certificate of incorporation consequent to the change of name was
 granted to our 
 Company on September 14, 2005, by the Registrar of Companies, West
 Bengal at 
 Changes in our Registered Office
 At the time of incorporation, the registered office of our Company
 was situated at 
 Jagmohan Mullick Lane, Kolkata, 700 007, India. Subsequently, our
 Registered Office 
 has been shifted twice, the details of which are provided below:
 Previous Address                        New Address         
 Jagmohan Mullick Lane,             10, Old Post Office Street, Room
 Kolkata, 700 007                         No. 99A, 3rd Floor, Kolkata
 700 001
 10, Old Post Office                       Diamond Chambers, 4 
 Street, Room No. 99A,                 Chowringhee Lane, Block No. 2,
 3rd Floor,                                      7th Floor, Unit
 No.-7-I, Kolkata: 700 016
 Kolkata 700 001
 Reasons for Change in Office                     Date of Change
 Shifting of our office due to                          01.03.1995
 inadequacy of space.
 Shifting of our office due to                          12.04.2007
 inadequacy of space.
 Year      Particulars
 1994    Incorporated as NRE Stocknet Ltd. as Public Limited Company
 at Kolkata, West Bengal, 
             on April 22, 1994 under the Companies Act, 1956, to carry
 on the business of hiring all 
             kinds of plants, machinery and equipments.
 1998    Our company changed its name to Net Interactive Limited vide
 fresh certification of
             incorporation dated on June 16, 1998
 2000    Increase in Authorised Capital from Rs. 50 lac to Rs. 200
 Lacs to facilitate expansion in 
 2001    Further Increase in Authorised Capital from RS. 200 Lacs to
 Rs. 350 Lacs
 2004    Conceived the project envisaging manufacture of Lam coke.
 considering the promoters
             experience in the field of Coke manufacturing. LAM Coke
 plant of 50000 MTPA was set 
             up at Gujarat. Our company obtained sanction limit of
 Rs.1570 Lacs from State Bank of 
 2005     By availing the fund as mentioned above set up its first
 plant in kutch Gujarat adopting new
               generation Bee-Hive Tata Type Technology. The plant
 commenced operations in Aug. 
 2005     Company obtained another sanction aggregating Rs. 6300 Lacs
 from State Bank of India 
              for setting up of Refractory Unit and expanding Lamcoke
 capacity to 1,75,000 MTPA.
 2005     Increase in Authorised Capital to Rs. 750 Lacs thereby
 further infusion of capital by promoters.
 2005    Our company changed its name to Austral Coke and projects
 Limited so as to represent the 
              nature of activity.
 2006     Austral successfully implemented both the above mentioned
 projects in 2006 and, become 
              the reputed supplier of LAM coke in the Industry.
 2007     Increase in Authorised Capital to Rs. 5000 Lacs
 2007     In September 2007, ACPL signed a contract with its group
 company M/s Gremach
              Infrastructure Equipments & Projects Ltd. For mining,
 prospecting and exploration of coal at
              Maputo Mozambique.
 2007     ACPL emerged as profit making entity with satisfactory track
 record with lenders and regular
              dividend payouts.
 2008     ACPL has increased the capacity to 3,75,000 MTPA by adding
 another expansion of 2,00,000
 - Austral Coke & Projects Limited has informed that Mr. Anupam
 Jaiswal has been appointed w.e.f May 02, 2009 as the Company
 Secretary and Compliance Officer of Austral Coke & Projects Limited.
 - Austral Coke & Projects Ltd has appointed Mr. Alok Bansal, as an
 additional Director (non executive Director) in the Company w.e.f.
 October 30, 2009.
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1
 -Company has changed its name from Austral Coke & Projects Ltd. to
 Greenearth Resources and Projects Ltd.                               
 - The Register office has Shifted from Natural Nest apartment, Flat
 no-6C,Rajarhat, New Township Road & VIP Road Connector,
 Kolkata-700157 to G-12, C-7 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata : 700001.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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