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बीएसई: 532797  |  NSE: AUTOIND  |  ISIN: INE718H01014  |  Auto Ancillaries

कंपनी इतिहास - ऑटोलाइन इंडस्ट्रीज
Autoline Industries Ltd (AIL) (incorporated on December 16, 1996, as
 Stampings Private Ltd.) was initially set up in January 1995 as a
 partnership firm 
 known as Autoline Pressings under Indian Partnership Act 1932, with a
 of Rs. 0.30 million & term loan of Rs. 0.15 million from State Bank
 of India and Cash
 Credit limit of Rs.0.05 million. AIL has grown into a medium sized
 engineering and 
 auto ancillary Company, manufacturing sheet metal components,
 and assemblies for large OEMs in the Automobile Industry.
 We are engaged in Manufacturing various auto parts / sheet metal
 components for 
 Passenger cars, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Commercial vehicles,
 Two wheelers, 
 Three wheelers, Tractors, etc. We are one of the prime vendors to
 various Automobile 
 Companies like, TATA MOTORS LTD. (earlier TELCO), BAJAJ AUTO LTD,
 WALKER EXHAUST (INDIA) PVT LTD (a Subsidiary of Tenneco, a fortune
 500 U.S.
 company), etc. AIL is also exporting auto parts i.e. brake shoes for
 Mercedes Benz 
 Trailers to Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. Further negotiations are at
 various stages with 
 various Detroit based Auto Component Makers for direct exports. Due
 to excellent 
 quality in work, cost competitiveness, timely deliveries and State of
 the Art Tool
 Room with latest CAD / CAM facilities, the company has, in a short
 span, become 
 prime vendor to all the reputed Auto Manufacturers in and around
 Pune. The turnover 
 of the company has accordingly increased from a modest Rs. 6.30
 million as on 
 31.03.1997 to a massive Rs. 1113 million as on 31.03.2006, in just 9
 years time.
 All the manufacturing facilities have been certified as ISO/TS 19649:
 2002 by 
 TUV(Rh), Germany. 
 Considering the rapid growth in the business, the company was  in
 need of additional 
 space and manufacturing capacities. Therefore 3 to 4 expansions had
 to be taken up 
 in quick succession during last 9 years. Initially we started our
 operations at Kudalwadi 
 with 10,000 sq. ft. plot area. Then expanded to Chakan with  114,000
 sq. ft. Plot area 
 and T-135, MIDC, Bhosari with 53,000 sq. ft. plot area. Further  we
 have now acquired 
 additional Land of 15 Acres (600,000 sq. ft. area approx) in Chakan
 very near to the 
 existing Factory. Out of the 15 acres land acquired, 7 acres has been
 utilized to set up 
 a new modern manufacturing facility on a built-up area of 1,60,000
 sq. ft. Thus our existing 
 operations of the company are spread at five places (including a
 wholly owned
 subsidiary) with good infrastructural facilities.
 During last 9 years our sales have shown steady growth. During the
 year 2000-01 we 
 had achieved sales of Rs. 171.20 million which were 9.12 % more than
 sales of 1999-00. 
 In the year 2001-02 the sales were Rs. 212.50 million, increased by
 24.13 % as compared 
 with previous year. For the year 2002-03 we achieved sales growth of
 28.46 % with sales 
 of Rs. 272.9 millions. In the year 2003-04 we achieved sales of Rs.
 510.8 million, thereby
 registering growth of 87% over previous year. In the year 2004-05,
 sales grew to Rs.684.8 
 million (growth of 34% over previous year) and further to Rs.1113.3
 million in 2005-06, a 
 massive growth of 63% over previous year and a growing base.
 We have been consistent in making profits. In the year 2000-01 and
 2001-02 we had 
 earned net profit of Rs. 0.51 million and Rs. 4.43 million
 respectively. During the year 2002-03 
 the Net profit was Rs.5.70 million. During the year 2003-04 we made a
 profit of Rs. 5.93 million. 
 The profitability in comparison with the sales was low, because the
 major clients like Tata 
 Motors and Bajaj Auto had not given the price increase for Steel
 despite steep increase in the 
 prices of raw material i.e. Steel. Further there was increase in the
 finance cost also.
 However during the year 2004-05, Tata Motors had increased the prices
 of the components 
 in proportion to increase in the prices of Raw Material. The finance
 cost was reduced by more 
 than 50% by availing FCNR(B) loans at 300 basis points above LIBOR
 from Bank of Baroda to 
 replace all Rupee Loans. The Net Profit thus saw robust growth to
 Rs.19.80 million in 2004-05 
 and further improved to Rs.70.13 million in 2005-06.
 Period/Time        Particulars
 January 1995      Set up the first manufacturing facility at
 Kudalwadi, Chikhali, Pune with one 150 T
                             'C' frame press and supporting machinery
 on a built-up shed of 3000 sq.ft. area.
                             Doing job work as Tier III supplier
 June 1996           Obtained the Vendor Code for direct supplies to
 Bajaj Auto Ltd.
 September 1996  Obtained the Vendor Code for direct supplies to Tata
 Motors Ltd. (then TELCO)
 December 1996   Converted the partnership firm into Private Limited
 June 1997            Expanded the facilities at Kudalwadi by
 acquiring adjacent land, adding 250/300 T
                              press, setting quality systems, etc. for
 supplies to Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors and
                              Kinetic Engg. Ltd.
 January 1998       Received CQ certification from Tata Motors for
 supplying on DSL basis (Direct
                              Supply Online, without inspection at
 March 1997 to
 October 1998      Set up second Manufacturing facility at Chakan with
 Presses ranging from 250 T to
                             600 T and supporting facilities for Tata
 Motors prestigious INDICA car project
                             on the basis of Letter of Intent
 August 1999       Set up a Tool Room at Chakan. Imported Hartford CNC
 Vertical Milling Centre
                            and bought other sophisticated machines
 December 1999  Set up CAD/CAM facilities with the latest software
 available for Tool Making.
 April 2001            Took over Amogh Engineers, a Rs.40 million
 company manufacturing Brake
                             Assembly for Tata Motors 407/709 models
 and also entered into export of brake
                             shoes to UAE, Singapore, Germany,
 etc.(since merged with AIL)
 September 2002  Received QS 9000/ISO 9002: 1994 certification from
 TUV(Rh), Germany for
                             Chakan Plant.
 June 2003            Took over smaller pressing companies (Tier II
 and III) locally supplying to Tata
                              Motors Ltd. with their Dies & Tools.
 December 2003    Set up third Manufacturing Unit at MIDC, Bhosari on
 54,000 sq.ft. land with a
                               modern light press shop facilities
 (Press Range 40 T to 300 T) for small and
                               medium components for Bajaj Auto, Tata
 Motors, Walker Exhaust, Kinetic, etc.
 February 2004       Obtained a Term Loan from a nationalized bank and
 shifted our banking 
                                operations from a cooperative bank to
 a large bank in the public sector.
 March 2004          The company achieved a turnover of Rs.510.00
 million in 2003-04, registering a
                                hefty growth of 87% over previous
 August 2004          Load Body for Tata Motors prestigious ACE mini
 truck model awarded to
                                company as a single source supplier,
 to make large sized Floor Dies in-house.
 October 2004       Chakan Unit gets ISO/ TS 16949 : 2002
 certification from TUV (Rh), Germany one
                                among the 40 companies then all over
 December 2004    Purchased 15 acres of land in Chakan prime area near
 to existing factory for future
 February 2005      Bhosari Unit get ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certification
 from TUV (Rh), Germany
 August 2005         Duke Special Opportunities Fund, Private Equity
 Investor, invests in company
 November 2005    Acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary Western
 Pressing Pvt. Ltd., a company
                               manufacturing tubular cross members,
 silencers and Exhaust Systems thus 
                               getting into proprietary products.
 Turnover of Rs.140.00 million in 2005-06.
 March 2006          Acquired a 51% stake in Dimensions Engineering
 Software Services Pvt. Ltd., a
                               company with 40 people into CAD/CAM/CAE
 & Design Engineering Services
                               making AIL a Concept to Delivery
 Autoline Industries Ltd has informed that the MOU entered into by the
 Company with Stokota N.V. Belgium dated February 19, 2007 has become
 infractious and stands terminated due to technical issues arising
 from the compliance requirements stated therein.
 - Autoline Industries Ltd has inducted Mr. Lalit Kumar Pahwa as Chief
 Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company with effect from September 01,
 -Autoline Industries has appointed Mr. Sanjay Landge as Chief
 Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company with effect from September 9,
 - Autoline Industries Ltd has appointed Prof. Chandramouli
 Padmanabhan as an Independent Director on the Board of the Company
 with effect from September 30, 2008.
 - Autoline Industries Limited has appointed Mr. Narayan Gopal Bhat as
 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company on January 11, 2010.
 -Autoline Ind - Mega Project approval
 -Award for Excellence in Cost Efficiency 2010-11 received at National
 Vendor meet of TATA 
 -Autoline Industries Ltd - Western Pressing Limited & Nirmiti
 Autocomponents Private Limited have been amalgamated
 -Autoline Ind - Board recommends Dividend of Rs. 4/. (i.e. 40%) per
 equity share of the Rs. 10/- each for the year ended March 31, 2012
 - The Company has recommended dividend of Re. 1/- (i.e. 10 %) per
 equity share of Rs. 10/- each.
 - Autoline Industries's arm executes term sheet with Smart Value
 - Appointed Mr. Umesh Chavan as Executive Director and Chief
 Executive Officer of the Company .
 - Noted that Autoline Industrial Parks Limited, ( a subsidiary of
 Autoline Industries Limited) has acquired further land and taken
 necessary steps as per latest requirement of Urban Development
 Department, Government of Maharashtra and hence the Location
 Clearance for the land (100 Acres under Special Township Project)
 located at Mahalunge, Chakan Tal: Khed, District.
 - Appointed Mr. Ratanlal T  Goel as a Chief Financial Officer of the
 - Received Long Term Association Award  2015 from TATA Motors Ltd.
 -Autoline launches 4 wheeler accessories for selected models
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