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बिड़ला पैसिफिक मेडस्पा

बीएसई: 533469  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE341L01017  |  Miscellaneous

कंपनी इतिहास - बिड़ला पैसिफिक मेडस्पा
Our Company was incorporated on 15th July 2008 under the name and
 style of Birla Pacific Medspa Private Ltd. and our Company was
 converted into a Public Limited Company and the name was changed to
 Birla Pacific Medpsa Limited on 14th July 2010.
 Major events in the History of Our Company:
 April 15, 2008
 Joint Venture Agreement was entered into between the Yash Birla group
 and Pacific
 Healthcare, a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore and
 its associate Dr.
 Abhijit Desai to form our company namely Birla Pacific Medspa Pvt.
 July 15, 2008
 Our company was incorporated under the name style of M/s Birla
 Pacific Medspa Private
 November 14, 2008
 Business Transfer Agreement (as amended by supplemental agreement
 dated 18th March
 2009) between our Company & Pachealth Medical Services Private
 Limited for the
 purchase of the business undertaking of the latter on a slump-sale
 basis as a going concern
 and completed acquisition of Business Undertaking of PacHealth
 Medical Services Private
 Limited and commenced med spa operations at Prabhadevi in Mumbai
 under the brand
 name Evolve.
 Febuary 2, 2009
 Opened centre at Walkeshwar, Mumbai,
 February, 2009
 Started Franchisee centre at Thane, Maharashtra
 March 2009
 Agreement with Bennet Coleman & Co. Ltd. for subscription to warrants
 entitling BCCL
 to apply for equity shares of our company for an aggregate amount of
 Rs. 1500 lacs.
 April 7, 2009
 Opened centre at Bandra, Mumbai.
 May 2009
 Started Franchisee centre at Chennai, Tamil Nadu
 January 13, 2010
 Opened centre at Andheri in Mumbai
 March 2010
 Prabhadevi centre merged with Bandra centre thus expanding the scope
 of services at
 Bandra centre
 August 2008 /May 2010
 Application for registration of Trade Marks Evolve
 June 25, 2010
 Consequent upon the shareholding of PHH reducing below 25% in the JV,
 the JV
 agreement stands automatically terminated pursuant to clause no. 17.1
 of the JV agreement
 dated 15th April 2008.
 July 14, 2010
 Converted into Public Limited company and name modified to Birla
 Pacific Medspa Ltd
 July 2010
 Evolve MedSpa won the Best Med Spa of The Year 2010 Award by Vogue,
 the up
 market fashion and lifestyle magazine in India.
 August 2010
 Started i-lipo first time at Evolve
 August 14, 2010
 Opened centre at Borivali, Mumbai
 October 18 2010
 Opened centre at Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai
 December 21 2010
 BPML had signed a Limited Liability Partnership Agreement with 7
 Gynecologists from
 Mumbai to form a Birla IVF LLP
 - The equity shares of   Birla Pacific Medspa Ltd (Scrip Code: 533469
 are listed and admitted to dealings on the Exchange in the list of 'B'
 Group Securities.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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