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सीसीएल प्रोडक्ट्स इंडिया

बीएसई: 519600  |  NSE: CCL  |  ISIN: INE421D01022  |  Plantations - Tea & Coffee

कंपनी इतिहास - सीसीएल प्रोडक्ट्स इंडिया
YEAR                       EVENTS
 1961 - Continental Coffee Limited was incorporated under the name
        of The Sahayak Finance & Investment Corporation Limited
        as a Public Limited Company.  The Company was engaged in the
        business of hire purchase financing.  
 1993 - The Company changed its business to coffee related products
        also its name to the present one, promoted by S.R.Y.
        Prasad, R.M. Seshadri and associates.  Company's project was
        implemented by C. Rajendra Prasad.
      - The Company is engaged in predominantly export oriented
        for the manufacture of soluble coffee (Instant Coffee) with
        installed capacity of 3600 MT per annum based on the world
        renowned Brazilian technology.
 1995 - As on June, The Company offered 27,00,000 No. of Equity shares
        Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 10 per share to the existing
        shareholders through prospectus in the ratio of 1:3 (all were
        taken up).
      - On 3rd August, the Company offered 27,00,000 No. of equity
        of Rs 10 each through public issue.  Of which 4,75,000 shares
        were offered to NRI's on Preferential allotment basis of
        only 2,77,400 shares were allotted.  1,73,000 shares were
        allotted on firm allotment basis to NRIs.  Another 5,40,000
        shares were allotted on firm allotment basis to financial
        institution.  Another 5,00,000 shares were allotted to Mutual
      - 19,000 shares were offered on Preferential basis to employees
        which only 1400 were allotted.  Balance 9,93,000 shares along
        with 17,600 shares being unsubscribed portion from the
        quota were allotted to the public.
 2001- The company has informed that Mr. Ian Breminer, Foreign
 Collaborator and Director has acquired                        
 7,66,557shares of the company from the another Foreign Collaborator
 M/s. Brazilian Food Product,
              which constitutes5.762% of the paid up share capital of
 the company.
 2002-Chintapalli Sirisha appointed as Company Secretary of
 Continental Coffee.
 -Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that Continental Coffee
 Ltd has reissued 7,66,000 equity shares which were earlier forfeited
 by the Company due to non-payment of allotment/call monies.
 2003 - Delisting of equity shares of the company from Madras,
 Calcutta & Hyderabad Stock Exchanges.
 -CCL Products India Ltd has informed that Sri MS Narayanan, IRS, Retd
 Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), present Chairman of
 the company passed away on June 19, 2004 due to illness
 -Ccl Products (India) Limited has informed that on June 24, 2004, the
 Company's Managing Director has led a foreign delegation from Denmark
 and U.K. and signed an MOU between the company and M/s. NIRO A/S,
 Denmark and M/s Strategic Soluble Services Ltd. U.K.
 - Mrs. C. Shantha Prasad promoter of the Company has acquired
 6,00,000 equity shares equivalent to 4.51% of Paid-up Share Capital
 of the Company from NRIs.
 - CCL Products reports Rs 10.56cr net profit growth.
 - CCL all set for Rs 200-crore capex
 -CCL Products enters into JVA with Jyothy Laboratories
 - CCL Products india Ltd.  Appointed Mr. Zafar Saifullah, IAS (Retd),
 Former Cabinet Secretary    as an Additional Director of the Company.
 - CCL Products (India) Ltd  Appointed Mrs. E.T.Shilpa as Company
 Secretary of the Company
 - CCL Products Board recommends Dividend of Re 1/- per equity share
 of Rs 10/- each i.e. 10% dividend for the financial year 2008-09.
 - CCL Products india ltd  has been re-appointed Mr. Chalia Srishan 
 as the Executive Director of the Company.
 - CCL Products india Ltd  Board recommends Dividend of Rs. 1.50 per
 equity share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 15% dividend for the financial
 year 2009-10.
 - CCL Products (India) Ltd  Appointed Ms. Nagulavari Vanitha as
 Company Secretary of the Company.
 - CCL Products (India) Ltd  Appointed Ms. Ms. Geetha Shashidhar as
 Company Secretary of the Company.
 - CCL Products  (India) Ltd  - Board recommends Dividend@20%
 - CCL Products  (India) Ltd   - Board recommends Dividend of Rs. 5/-
 per equity share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 50% for the financial year
 - CCL Products Ltd Appointed Ms. Sridevi Dasari as a Company
 Secretary of the Company and Compliance Officer.
 -Dr. D. Purandeswari has inaugurated the Companys State-of-the-Art
 instant coffee manufacturing Plant at Dak Lak Province.
 -CCL Products India has announces bonus in the ratio of 1:1
 -CCL Products India has splits its face value from Rs 10/- to 2/-
 -The Coffee Board of India, Bangalore has awarded CCL Products
 (India) Limited.
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