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कंपनी इतिहास - सिपला
 - The Company was Incorporated at Mumbai.
 - The Company acquired a plot of land from MIDC at Patalganga in
 Kulaba district of Maharashtra State about 55 kms. from Mumbai.
 - 18,773 Bonus equity shares issued in proportion 1:1.
 - The name of the Company was changed from The Chemical Industrial &
 Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd., to the present one with effect from
 20th July.
 - 37,546 Bonus equity shares issued in proportion 1:1 in January
 - During August, the Company obtained the consent of the Controller
 of Capital Issues to issue 3,00,000-15% secured non-convertible
 redeemable debentures of Rs 100 each aggregating to Rs 300 lakhs by
 private placement.  The entire issue was subscribed by public
 institutions.  They are redeemable at a premium of 5% during 1993-94.
 - The Company launched several new products viz., Asthalin and
 Beclate Rotahalers/Rotacaps-dry powder inhalation devices for asthma,
 presolar capsules - the first synergistic combination of a beta
 blocker and a sustained release calcium channel blocker for
 hypertension, Restyl tablets - the first anxiolytic-cum-anti
 depressant, Theo-Asthalin SR 
 tablets - the first sustained release combination of two widely used
 bronchodilators, bromolin dry syrup and bromolin-250 capsules -
 antibiotic-cum-mucolytic agents, dilgard tablets - a new calcium
 channel blocker for angina, ibugesic plus suspension - a non
 anti inflammatory and anti-pyretic analgesic for paediatric use.
 - 75,092 Bonus equity shares issued in proportion 1:1.
 - The latest drugs introduced during the year were (i) Ciplox tablets
 (250 & 500 mg.) and infusion (50 and 100 ml.), a broad spectrum
 fluoroquinolone antibacterial for severe infections, (ii) cefadur
 capsules (250 & 500 mg.) and syrup (30 ml.), a cephalosporin
 antibiotic, (iii) Ulcimax tablets (20 & 40 mg.), a long-acting H2
 antogonist for peptic ulcers and (iv) theoped syrup, a paediatric
 bronchodilator.  Sales in the Company's `PROTEC' division exceeded Rs
 5.50 crores for the second year of its operations.
 - The Company launched several new products viz., Aerocort inhaler,
 an anti-inflammatory bronchodilator, Norflox eye/ear drops - a broad
 spectrum fluoroquinolone antibacterial, Pirox Gel - the first topical
 piroxicam formulation in the country, Cofenac tablets - an
 anti-infammatory analgesic, Kinetal 400 tablets - a multi-functional
 drug for vascular insufficiency, Novaclox Ped tablets - a dispensible
 combination antibiotics, Terfed tablets and Suspension - a new
 non-sedative antihistamine, Depryl tablets - a broad - spectrum
 antidepressant, Asthalin Respirator Solution - a bronchodilator for
 pressure ventilation in acute asthma.  The Company spent Rs 4.22
 crores on R&D and Rs 8.09 crores on modernisation and expansion of
 plant and machinery.
 - The new products launched during the year were lomac capsules - a
 new antiulcerant, cromal inhaler - the first optimum - dose inhalant
 prophylactic for asthma, ciplox eye drops - the total bactericide for
 ocular infections, etosid injection - the first injection of
 indigenously manufactured etoposide for cancer therapy, proflox
 tablets - a key fluoroquinolone antibiotic and vasopril tablets - an
 ACE inhibitor for long-term management of hypertension.  The research
 development win g of the Company developed during the y ar felodipine
 - the latest anti-hypertensive drug, selegilinje - a new bulk drug for
 the treatment of Parkinson's disease, cetirizine HCI - an
 anti-histamine drug and nimodipine - a cerebral vasodilator.  Work
 the anti-AIDS drug AZT reached an advance stage of development.  The
 research and development wing also developed anthelmintics
 oxfendazole and oribendazole, two veterinary products for exports. 
 - In May, 6,000 equity shares offered at par as rights to pref.
 shareholders in prop. 1:1.  Only 5,216 shares taken up.  Allotment of
 5 equity shares pending.
 - Some of the new products introduded were Zidovir capsules an
 antiretroviral for HIV injection, Cipril tablets for hypertension,
 Optipres eyedrops for glaucoma patients, Felogard for hypertension,
 Nodine, a non-narcotic analgesic, etc.
 - In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, the
 Company redeemed its 6,000 preference shares of Rs 100 each as on
 30th September.
 - Pref. shares redeemed on 30.9.92, 1,55,395 bonus equity shares
 issued in prop. 1:1.
 - New products introduced were - Beclate Aquanase - a major
 advancement in allergic rhinitis; Cytoplatin - an anticancer agent;
 Forcan - an antifungal; Imusporin - an immunosuppressant in organ
 transplantation; Kelfer - an iron chelator for thalassaemia; Lanzol -
 a proton pump 
 inhibitor; Nuzac - an antidepresant; Odirox - a macrolide antibiotic
 and Qinarsol - for chloroquin-resistant malaria. 
 - Equity shares subdivided 155,39,500.  Equity shares allotted shares
 issued in prop. 1:5.
 - The Company's manufacturing unit at Kurkumbh, which was
 commissioned in April.  The second phase of expansion of the location
 was under way and this was to provide specialised facilities for the
 manufacture of new chemical entites.
 - Effective 4th July, the Company was forced to declare a lock-out as
 some of the workmen at the Vikhroli Unit resorted to indiscipline. 
 The Company initiated steps to mitigate the impact it could have on
 - New products introduced were - Acivir - antivirus herpes, Anlopres
 - antivirus herpes, Anlopres - Calcium channel blocker in
 hypertension and angina, Anlopres AT - a combination
 antihypertensive, Budecort 200 - a higher strength corticosterord in
 bronchial asthma, Budenase AQ - a corticosteroid protection in
 allergic rhinitis, cronal - a nast cell
 stabiliser in allerg ic conjunctivitis, cytonid - a antiandrogenic
 agent in prostate cancer, Norflox - an antidiarrhoeal in diarrhoea of
 mixed origin, optipes S - betaxocol eye drops, profenac -
 anti-inflammatory eye drops, Terfed D - a combination antihistamine
 and decongestant,
 Trivedon 20 - used in ischaemic heart disease.
 - A new chemical entity, candocuronium iodide - a neuromuscular 
 blocking agent was manufactured, other new bulk drugs manufactured
 include: Acyelovir - antiviral, Amlodipine besylate -
 antihypertensive and antianginal, Febantel - veterinary anthelmintic,
 Flutamide -
 antiandrogen, Flutivcasone dipropionate - a corticosteriod,
 zenprolide acetate - GMRH analogue.
 - 13,43,383 rights equity shares issued (Prem. Rs. 60/-).  However,
 the Rights issue was underwritten. 
 - The products launched during the year were Azee (azithromycin
 capsules) - a new macrolide antibiotic; Budecort (budesonide
 rotacaps) - dry powder inhaled corticosteriod therapy for asthama;
 Cipril H (lisionopril + hydrochlorothiazide tablets) - a combination
 antihypertensive; Ciplox TZ (ciprofloxacin + tinidazole tablets) -
 the combination bactericide for aerobic/anaerobic infections; Entosec
 (secnidazole tablets) - single dose therapy for
 amoebiasis/trichomoniasis; Fincar (fin asterid tablets) - for beign
 prostatic hyperphasia; Metolar (metaprolol injection) - beta-blocker
 protection for post myocardial infarction & Zoflut (fluticasone
 propionate cream) - a new topical corticosteroid.
 - The products introduced during the year were; Alerid-D - an
 antihistamine and decongestant for cold and congestion, Amlopres L -
 a tablet for hypertension, Apuatears - an eye drop, Azee 1000 - a
 single dose for STDs, Budecort Respules - neubulised corticosteroid
 for asthma, Dilgard XL - a diltiazem, Glumet - tablet for obese
 diabetics, Glygard - tablet for abese diabetics, Glygard - tablet for
 diabetics, Ipranase AQ (ipratropium nasal spray) - an anticholinergic
 therapy for rhinorrhoea, Ocutim (an eye drop) - a glaucoma therapy
 acquafilm formulation, Osteifos 10 - tablet for osteoporosis, Prolyte
 Fizz - a rehydration effervescent tablet, Pylokit - an advanced H
 pylori kit, Risnia - an a typical antipsychotic, Stavir - an
 antiretroviral for AIDS, Synclar 250 - an advanced macrolide
 antibiotic, Theoday - a tablet for asthma, Zoflut Lotion - a topical
 - The bulk division of the Company had taken up, the development and
 manufacture of some new drugs viz., budesonide - antiasthmatic
 corticosteroid, carvedilol - alpha/beta blocker, ebastine -
 antihistamine, formoterol fumarate - antiasthmatic, meloxicam - for
 osteroarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, moclobemide -
 antidepressant, mometasome furoate - antiflammatory corticosteroid,
 pantorazole sodium sesquihydrate - antiulcerant, sildenafil citrate -
 erectile dysfuncion. 
 - The Company has developed a form-fill-seal equipment for the first
 time in India, for the manufacture of sterile formulations.  This was
 commissioned at Vikhroli factory and is working to its full capacity.
 Additional capacities were set up at Kurkumbh for manufacture of 
 effervescent tablets, soft gel capsules and injectable formulations.
 The Company has incurred a capital expenditure of Rs 22.73 crores
 during the year.
 - The Rs. 3.69 billion Cipla has finalised a marketing joint venture
 with Australia-based Genpharm, as part of its strategy to consolidate
 its global presence.
 - Pharmaceutical major Cipla Ltd grabbed the attention of traders at
 the Mumbai Stock Exchange (BSE) on December 26 after a large block of
 about 75,000 shares of the company valued at little over Rs 5 crore
 changed hands.
 - The Rs.369-crore Cipla Ltd has entered into a souring arrangement
 with US-based Geneva Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
 Swiss multinational Ciba, for a range of generic drugs.
 - Pharmaceutical companies, Cipla and Wockhardt, will be seeking
 shareholders' approval for a proposed share buyback at their
 forthcoming annual general meetings.
 - In a notice to shareholders, Cipla has proposed introduction of a
 new article, Article 64 A, in the Articles of Association of the
 company to enable the company to purchase and re-issue any of its
 shares.  The existing Article 64 prohibits the company from buying
 its own shares
 and applying any of its funds for the purchase of any shares of the
 - The share price of Cipla Ltd, the leading pharmaceutical company
 scaled a new peak of Rs 920 on the Mumbai Stock Exchange on Sept 29
 following fresh bull charge.  The scrip opened at Rs 900 and shot up
 to Rs 920 during mid-session and closed at Rs 884 following hectic
 trading activities.
 - Ranbaxy and Cipla, have entered into a strategic partnership to
 jointly market a select basket of drugs.  The alliance will bring
 forth their strengths in the strongly emerging cardiovascular and
 perennial anti-infectives market.
 - As a first step, the two molecules being jointly launched are
 Carvedilol, a new generation anti-hypertensive and Cefpodoxime
 Proxetil, an advanced third generation oral cephalosporin.
 - The Rs 541-crore Cipla has forged a strategic alliance with the
 UK-based Neolab for marketing a range of generic drugs.  The
 alliance, while improving the Indian company's access to the
 multi-billion dollar
 European market for off-patent drugs, will also see Cipla rake in
 royalties on sales of products covered under the deal.
 - Cipla's latest tie-up in the international market comes close on
 the heels of the company's strategic partnership with the Delhi-based
 Ranbaxy Laboratories for a select basket of drugs.
 - The Mumbai-based Cipla is working on abbreviated new drug
 applications (ANDAs) in collaboration with international generics
 firms  for a range of products like flutamide (for advanced prostatic
 cancer) and felodipine, for hypertension.
 - Cipla and Ranbaxy Laboratories have expanded an existing
 partnership by adding one more new drug in their co-marketing
 - Cipla has tied up with the US-based Zenith Goldline and United
 Research Labs for marketing Flutamide, an oncology drug, and
 Felodipine, a cardiovascular drug, in the US and European markets. 
 - Domestic pharma giant, Cipla, has despatched its first free
 consignment of anti-AIDS drug, Nevirapine, to the Indian Government
 for distribution under the public health system.
 -Reduces the price of its anti-HIV medicines such as Stavir, Lamivir,
 Nevimune, Dinex, Indivan, Triomune, Efavir and Duovir
 -Revokes interim dividend of Rs 5 per share on face value of Rs 10
 per share for FY 2001-02
 -Company included in the World Health Organisation's (WHO's) list of
 HIV-related products
 -Chairman and Managing Director YK Hamied was presented with the
 lifetime contribution award for excellence in the pharmaceutical
 industry by Union chemicals & fertilisers minister SS Dhindsa
 -Resigns from Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) over Patents Bill
 -Applies its requisiton for Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA)
 with US regulators for a post-menopausal drug
 -National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) issues notices to
 Cipla along with Ranbaxy for overcharging the products
 -Completes research studies on three Anti-HIV Drugs
 -Registers Stavudine, Nevirapine, other anti-AIDS products in South
 -Signs long-term agreement with Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc
 (MGP) of Illinois, US, for product launch in the US market
 -Avesthagen forges alliance with Cipla
 -Cipla has joined a global initiative taken up by the Vatican in
 collaboration with global generic pharmaceutical manufacturers and
 the International Federation of Catholic Pharmacies and Academics to
 -Cipla join hands with Pentech Pharma
 -Indian pharma major Cipla, a pioneer in supplying cheap generic AIDS
 drugs in Africa, has patented its three-in-one combination tablet
 Triomune in South Africa
 -Cipla introduces 'Duova' to fight chronic obstructive pulmonary
 - Launches a new treatment for arthritis in technical collaboration
 with California-based Cymbiotics Inc.
 -Set-up state-of-the-art facility for manufacture of formulations at
 Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.
 -Cipla introduces new drug for arthritis
 -Cipla to sign deal with Akorn Inc for anti-infective drug
 -Cipla to produce generic versin of bird-flu drug
 -Cipla to join hands with Roche
 - Cipla introduces new drug for arthritis
 - Cipla receives Scrip Award for Best Company in an Emerging Market 
 -Safe & steady strategy gives Cipla lead over Ranbaxy
 -Cipla sets up subsidiary in Dubai 
 -Cipla ties up with Ivax for US market 
 -Cipla receives tentative US FDA approval for AIDS drugs
 -Cipla receives Pharma Excellence Award for 'Sustained Growth' 
 -Cipla has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 3:2
 - Cipla unveils anti-malaria global initiative.
 -Set-up state-of-the-art facility for manufacture of formulations at
 -Award for the Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion List!
 -Ciplas drug included in US anti-AIDS initiative 
 -Anti-AIDS blitz sees pharma firms locked in ugly battle 
 -Cipla launches emergency contraception tablet 
 -Cipla launches estradiol transdermal spray in India 
 -Cipla launches cut-price zanamivir in India 
 -Cipla receives International Trade Awards 2006 for outstanding
 exporter of the year (Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Life Sciences
 -Cipla Ltd has appointed Mr. Pankaj Patel as a Director in casual
 vacancy with effect from 
 March 05, 2008.
 -Cipla launched Roche's generic version of anti-infection drug
 -Cipla wins Erlotinib case against Roche 
 -Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council Awards 
 -Cipla launches drug to treat Swine flu virus
 -Cipla wins patent fight against Gilead Sciences
 -Cipla Ltd  acquired Meditab Specialities Pvt. Ltd. (Meditab) for an
 aggregate consideration of Rs. 133.35 crores.
 -Cipla Medpro has signed a deal with Biomab, a division of Chinese
 company Desano Pharma.
 -Cipla sold the marketing rights of i-Pill to Piramal Healthcare for
 Rs 95 crore in cash.
 -Cipla has tied up with the Manipal Group-promoted 'Stempeutics
 - Drug Maker Cipla has launched the generic Version of Pirfenidone,
 used to treat Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a progressive Lung
 disease.India is the 2nd market to have this drug after Japan.
 -Cipla Cancer Palliative Care Centre launched 24 hour helpline to
 offer counselling to ensure  more people use of the free services
 -Cipla India's second largest drug firm, has agreed to acquire South
 African Drugmaker Cipla Medpro with 51% stake amounts to 0
 -Cipla bags tentative approval for HIV treatment tablets
 -Drug giant Cipla Ltd has announced price reduction on 3 major
 anti-cancer drugs including Erlotinib (ERLOCIP), Docetaxel (DOCETAX)
 and Capecitabine (CAPEGARD).
 -Cipla bags award in the Field of Export of Pharmaceuticals during
 the year conferred the Highest Award 'Platinum'.
 -Cipla announces an offer to the shareholders of Medpro for 100%
 -Cipla launches the first Biosimilar of Etanercept in India
 -Cipla wins USD 188.95 million of Global Fund ARV Tender
 -MMV announces collaborations with Cipla and Strides
 -Cipla licenses rights for innovative product 
 - Cipla, S&D Pharma collaborate to enter Czech Republic and Slovakia
 -Cipla collaborates with Hetero to launch its second biosimilar drug
 Darbepoetin alfa
 -Cipla invests in Chase Pharmaceuticals to support Alzheimers
 disease drug development

 -The Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from Mumbai
 Central, Mumbai - 400008 to Cipla House, Peninsula Business Park,
 Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013, Tel:
 022-24826000 / 022-2482695,1Fax: 022-24826893.
 -Cipla Ltd has entered into an agreement with partner, Biopharm SPA,
 to form a joint venture (JV) company in Algeria.
 -Cipla Ltd has launched the generic drug Sofosbuvir in brand name
 -Cipla Ltd  has inked an agreement with Serum Institute of India Ltd.
 (SII) to market flu vaccine Nasovac-S.
 -Cipla Ltd has entered into a definitive agreement with Biopharma SPA
 for establishing a joint venture company in Algeria.
 -Cipla Ltd has launched a anti-ageing skin care product
 Cutisera&trade. developed by Stempeutics.
 -Cipla has launched generic tablets used for treating of hepatitis C
 under the brand name Hepcvir-L
 -Cipla gets CCI approval for investment by FIL Capital
 -Cipla completes acquisition of generic businesses in US
 -Cipla gets USFDA nod for generic anti-depressant drug
 -Cipla gets EIR from US FDA for Indore facility
 -Cipla gets USFDA final nod for Hepatitis B treatment drug
 -Cipla receives final approval for generic Baraclude tablets
 - Cipla Ltd  Authorised Key Managerial Personnel to determine
 materiality of events/information.
 - Cipla launches Hepatitis B vaccine in India
 - Cipla receives approval for Lamivudine Tablets
 - Cipla USA signs licensing agreement with MEDRx
 - Cipla gets WHO nod to sell TB preventing drug in HIV patients
 - Cipla launches Q-TIB globally
 - Cipla launches Rectal Artesunate Suppositories for severe malaria
 in young children
 - Cipla Receives Final Approval for Generic Epzicom Tablets
 - Cipla launches Hepatitis B vaccine in India
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