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बीएसई: 511413  |  NSE: CREST  |  ISIN: INE559D01011  |  Finance - Housing

कंपनी इतिहास - क्रेस्ट वेंचर्स
Sharyans Resources Ltd. (SRL) was incorporated on 16th
 October 1982 It was promoted to carry on the business of
 leasing, hire-purchase and investment in securities as its
 primary objectives.  However, the Company since inception
 was carrying on the activity of trading in synthetic yarns
 and fabrics till March 1993.
 In 1993 SRL commenced operations in trading in securities.
 SRL made its maiden Public Issue in February 1983 and the
 equity shares of the Company were listed on the Calcutta
 Stock Exchange. The Company subsequently made a Public
 Issue in December 1993 to finance its fund based
 activities. The shares of the company were subsequently
 listed at Bombay, Jaipur and Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges.
 In the year 1994-95 the Company diversified its operations
 with emphasis on Real Estate Finance and Development,
 Project Management & Investment and Lease Finance.
 The Company is not a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and
 hence is not registered with RBI under the said law. By
 virtue of being a Non NBFC, the Company would not be able
 to borrow upto two/ten times the net owned funds as allowed
 for NBFC's. The amount of deposits that can be raised by
 the Company will be as per the limits laid down under
 Section 58A of the Companies Act, 1956.
 Real Estate Finance and Development is a fund based
 activity. This involves purchase of property/development
 rights for residential and/or commercial purposes either
 solely or jointly in partnership with the
 Owners/builders/investors. The property is then developed
 in accordance with the approved plan from the statutory
 authorities viz., local municipal bodies etc. The developed
 property is then sold at various stages of completion in
 whole or in parts at the then prevailing market rates. The
 company also finances builders for their projects and
 charges interest according to type of construction and risk
 involved in the venture. These loans are sometimes secured
 by lien/option to purchase the property.
 The Company would be carrying on the business of Housing
 Finance and would be lending to Corporates for providing
 housing to its employees. The Company would not be involved
 in retail housing finance and hence is not registered with
 National Housing Bank (NHB).  It won't be entitled for
 refinance from NHB.
 The Company has already entered into some such contracts,
 the details of which are stated elsewhere in the offer
 Project Management and Investments is also a fund based
 activity.  Project Management involves identifying property
 for development/restructuring, syndicating all resources
 required for executing the project and finally making
 arrangements for sale/disposal of the same.  All the above
 activities are done on behalf of the property owners. The
 Company does not enjoy any ownership rights on such
 property.  The project may involve both residential and/or
 commercial properties.  For the above services Company
 charges management fees in addition to cost of providing
 resources, if any, for the same. In the year 1994-95 the
 Company successfully managed a property development project
 at Worli, belonging to S. Kumars group. In this project the
 Company provided finance aggregating to Rs.210.00 lacs and
 syndicated additional funds to the extent of Rs.140.00
 lacs, for restructuring and development.  
 The Company also invests in real estate and securities both
 for long term purposes as well as parking its funds for
 short term. In 1994-95, the Company earned a sum of
 Rs. 213.56 lacs through the above activities.
 The Company has also tied up three properties under this
 activity details of which are mentioned under the head
 Business Prospects and Profitability.  
 Besides real estate activities, the Company has also
 deployed Rs. 91.29 Lacs towards lease of plant and
 machinery and earned Rs.10.81 Lacs as Lease income in
 addition to tax benefits accruing from depreciation
 shelter. The assets have been leased to M/s. Pradeep Metals
 Ltd., Bombay. It is in the process of widening its client
 base for lease operations.
 The Company has been providing Corporate Advisory Services
 in the areas of Corporate Finance, Loan Syndication etc. In
 the year 1994-95, the Company earned a sum of Rs. 8.15 Lacs
 from this activity.  SRL has promoted Oracle Stocks &
 Shares Ltd (OSSL). OSSL is a Trading Member of the National
 Stock Exchange (NSE) for both the Wholesale Debt Market and
 Capital Market Segment. OSSL was incorporated on 28th
 April, 1994, with SRL as a dominant shareholder.  This has
 enabled SRL to have an access to dealing on the NSE for its
 Investment trading activity.
 -Sharyans Resources has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted To 4th Floor,
 Kalpataru Heritage,127, M. G. Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
 - Sharyans Resources has recommended dividend Rs. 0.50 per share (@
 5%) .
 - Sharyans Resources has recommended dividend Rs. 0.50 per share (@
 -The Company Changed it's name from Sharyans Resources Limited to
 -Crest Ventures has recommended dividend Rs. 0.50 per share (@ 5%).
 -Scheme of Amalgamation between ITI Capital Holdings Private Limited
 and ITI Securities Limited and Crest Ventures Limited.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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