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बीएसई: 500480  |  NSE: CUMMINSIND  |  ISIN: INE298A01020  |  Engines

कंपनी इतिहास - कमिंस इंडिया
 - The Company was incorporated on 17th February, at Pune.  The
 Company manufacture internal combustion engines in particular diesel
 engines of all sizes and capacities, reciprocating piston engines,
 gas turbine engines, gasoline engines, etc.  The promoters of the
 Company were Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Lakshmanrao Kirloskar Road,
 Khadki, Pune and Cummins Company Inc., Columbus, U.S.A.
 - 38,250 shares allotted to Kirloskar Oil Engines, 75,000 shares to
 Cummins Engine Co. Inc., USA and 36,750 shares to the public during
 May 1962.
 - Cummins Diesel Sales and Services (India) Ltd., became a wholly
 owned subsidiary of the Company.
 - 60,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 2:5.
 - KCL Research and Development, established, is recognised by the
 Department of Science and Technology.
 - 7,00,000 - 11% pref. shares offered to the public in May 1976.
 2,10,000 bonus equity shares allotted in prop. 1:1 in Oct. 1976.
 - The Company obtained a limited licence for the manufacture of 500
 (Neoplan) buses in collaboration with Gottlob Auwarter GmbH & Co.,
 West Germany.
 - 2,40,000 bonus equity shares issued during Oct.- Nov. in prop. 
 - 6,60,000 Bonus equity shares of Rs 100 each issued in prop. 1:1 in
 - The Company proposed to set up a fatigue testing lab.  It had
 developed and field tested dual fuel engines capable of running on
 natural gas and diesel.
 - The Auto division designed and developed a low floor, wide bodied
 bus based on integral construction technology for use at airports. 
 The bus has a capacity to carry 125 passengers.
 - Equity shares and unclassified shares sub-divided on 12.12.1986.
 132,00,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.
 - Pref. shares redeemed.
 - During the period, manufacturing facilities for luxury and airbus
 were established.  Also, production of hitech import substitution
 components/assemblies commenced.
 - The Company undertook a project for the manufacture of mini-power
 station of 1, 2, 5 and 10 mega watta within a period of one year.
 - A letter of intent was received for the establishment of a 1,005
 export oriented unit for assembly of internal combustion engines.
 - Another letter of intent was received for the manufacture of two
 axle on-road and three axle off-road commercial vehicles in the range
 of 15 to 34 tonnes with an annual capacity of 6,000 vehicles.
 - The Company entered into a collaboration agreement with RABA
 Hungarian Railway Carriage and Machine Works, Gyor, Hungary.
 - The Company, jointly with Cummins Engine Co. Inc., USA, undertook
 to set up a project for the manufacture of V-28 engines,
 - The Research & Development division developed dual fuel engines,
 6B5.9 marine power packs for fishing trawlers and 12 and 16 cylinder
 gas engines.  Also, import substitution of various components of V 28
 engines were carried out.
 - Authorised capital reclassified.
 - The Company received the ISO-9001 certification for quality
 management system approval with respect to design, development,
 production, installation and service of internal combustion engines.
 - Technology was being assimilated for flame proof engines.  Also,
 substantial savings in foreign exchange was achieved through majo
 indigenisation programme.
 - Cummins Engine Co. Inc, USA are the collaborators for the
 manufacture of engines.  Holset Engineering Co. Ltd., U.K., are the
 collaborators for the manufacture of turbochargers.
 - 13,200,000 bonus equity shares issued during 27th Oct. 1994 in
 proportion 1:2.
 - Demand in domestic market improved due to the Government's
 liberalization and globalization policy.
 - 13,20,000 bonus equity shares issued during 27th Oct. 1994 in
 proportion 1:2.
 - A new engine model was introduced in the compressor market.
 - By mutual agreement cummins engine company Inc. USA (cummins) and
 Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. (KOEL) whose equity participation was 50
 per cent and 25.5 percent respectively decided to go independent.
 - The Company along with Cummins Engine Company undertook to
 introduce two new versions of engine models with high horse power
 viz.  `Quantum' engines with a view to increasing the horsepower
 range to 2,700.
 - In the generating set segment, it was proposed to introduce 6 BT
 powered generator set to address the below 100 KVA power generation
 - In recognition of export performance, Engineering Export Promotion
 Council (EEPC) has awarded to the Company `Top Exporters'
 Shield-National in the category of `Consumer Durables Exporters'
 - Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade and Mahratta Chamber of
 Commerce & Industries, Pune have awarded a trophy to the Company for
 export excellence.
 - Cummins and KOEL have signed an agreement with regard to their
 future equity holding in KCL.  This will enable KOEL to disinvest,
 subject to statutory approval.
 - Effective September 10, the name of the Company was changed from
 Kirloskar Cummins Ltd. to `Cummins India Ltd.'
 - The Cummins Engine Company Inc, USA, is the world's largest
 independent manufacturer of diesel engines above 200 HP and is
 recognized for its expertise in emissions, fuel efficiency and
 - Cummins India Ltd., a joint venture since 1962, is the only company
 in the country to offer a range of engines in diesel, gas and dual
 fuel models, it has produced more than 140,000 engines so far. 
 - Cummins India Ltd., a 51 per cent subsidiary of Cummins Engine
 Company of US is currently clocking heavy volumes at the Mumbai Stock
 - The Pune-based Cummins India Ltd., (CIL), the largest manufacturer
 of industrial diesel engines in the country, has entered the 1.5 MW
 segment with the unveiling of its Quantum series of engines. 
 - Cummins Wartsila, the France-based manufacturer of power engines,
 is exploring the possibility of setting up a manufacturing base in
 the country and launching gas-based engines.
 - Cummins Wartsila is a 50:50 joint venture between the US-based
 Cummins Engine Company and Wartsila NSD Corporation of Finland. 
 Based in France, the joint venture has marketing units in several
 - Cummins India has also set up a technology centre in Pune.
 - Cummins India Ltd. (CIL) is a 51 per cent subsidiary of Cummins
 Engine Co of the US.
 - The Company produced 7,710 engines and 39 generating sets.  Also
 introduction of three engines namely NT/NTA 855 Big Cam, KTA 38 and
 QSK 60.
 - Cummins India (CIL) is one of the best MNC-affiliated engineering
 companies in India.
 - Cummins India (CIL) was set up in 1962 (formerly Kirloskar Cummins
 Ltd.) Jointly by Cummins Engine Co. Inc., US (CEC), and Kirloskar Oil
 Engines Ltd. (KOEL).
 - Cummins India, a joint venture with Cummins Engines Co. USA, is a
 major manufacturer of diesel engines with a wide range of engines in
 diesel, gas and dual fuel modes.
 - The company has also entered into a 50:50 joint venture with Nelson
 Industries Inc, US to manufacture silencers, mufflers and tubing for
 emission control.  This project is being put up at Daman.
 - Cummins India, a 51 per cent subsidiary of Cummins Diesel of US, is
 the market leader in diesel engines with a overall share of 62 per
 cent.  It manufactures diesel engines in the 60-2700 HP range, and
 faces intense competition from Hindustan Powerplus, L and T, Ashok
 Leyland, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Greaves and a few multinationals.
 - The company has recently introduced Quantum services of engines
 with horse power ranging 1200 to 2500 largely for industrial and
 power general applications.
 - The company introduced a concept called `Recon' service and a
 `float stock' for a quicker solution to the engine users.  Under
 these schemes, the company would rebuild the engine under
 manufacturing condition with new parts at 60 per cent of the cost of
 the new engine. 
 - Cummins India, has launched e-commerce facility on their web-site
 - The Company has introduced the `S series' engines with a 4-cylinder
 3.8 litre capacity simple lightweight and compact diesel genset in the
 30 to 62.5 kva range.
 - Cummins India Ltd has collaborated with Tata Engineering to make
 forays into the lower end of the diesel engine market.
 - The Board co-opted Mr. J.K. Edwards and Mr. I.M. Barrowman as
 Additional Directors and appointed Mr. Y.S. Joshi as an Alternate
 Director to Mr. M.A. Levett effective from 21st June.
 - Cumminds Infotech, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Cummins India, to
 give majority stake in the company to its US parent Cummins Engine
 - Cummins India Ltd has floated Cummins Infotech Ltd to provide
 e-business and enterprise resource planning solutions for Cummins
 - The Company is all set to foray into the lower-end diesel generator
 set market targeting the burgeoning demand from domestic users. 
 - The Company has set up a new 100 per cent subsidiary, Cummins Power
 Solutions India to drive the changes being effected at Cummins India
 Limited and its subsidiaries.
 - Cummins India Ltd., the diesel engines major has appointed Mr.
 Pradeep Bhargava as managing director Cummins Power Solutions and
 Chief Executive of their power generation business.
 - Cummins India, the power solutions company and largest manufacturer
 of diesel engines, has introduced a new range of world class product
 and service offerings including branded gensets.
 - Mr. R.L. Moore has stepped down as Director of the company with
 effect from March 15.
 - The Board of Directors of Cummins India Ltd have proposed to sell,
 lease or otherwise dispose of the undertaking of the Company, viz.
 Plant II.
 -Cummins India, the 51 per cent subsidiary of the US-based Cummins
 Inc, has decided to merge two of its profit-making subsidiaries
 Cummins Power Solutions and Power Systems India with itself with
 effect from April 1.
 -Vinod Dasari co-opted as an Additional Director of Cummins India.
 -Cummins India Ltd has informed BSE that it has acquired 8,10,000
 equity shares of Rs 10/- each fully paid (40.5%) in the shares
 capital of CG Newage Electrical Ltd Ahmednagar (CGNEL) from Crompton
 Greaves Ltd (38%) and Janpath Investments & Holdings Ltd (2.5%).
 -Cummins aligns its operations closer to those of the US parent
 Cummins Inc.
 -Cummins India has implemented Six sigma to reduce the defect and
 maximise the quality of its business processes.
 -Cummins India Ltd has  announced voluntary retirement scheme for its
 Associates, Officers 
 and Mangers.
 -Mr.Jim Rugg has resigned for the Director of the company.
 -The Board of Directors of Cummins India Ltd have appointed  Mr.Vinod
 Dasari and 
 Mr.Ananth Talaulicar as Joine Managing Directors of the company.
 -Cummins India mandated a policy according to which every department
 in the 
 company must have atleast one woman employee.
 -Dr. John Wall, chief Technical Officer, Cummins Inc., USA, has
 joined the board as an Additional Director. Mr. J. M. Barrowman, Mr.
 S.D. Hires and Mr. Peter McDowell have step down as directors of the
 company effective October 28, 2003, however Mr. J. M. Barrowman and
 Mr. S.D. Hires will be alternate directors to Mr. M.A. Levett and Dr.
 John Wall respectively.
 -Ms. Matangi Gowrishankar, Vice President HR and Organisation
 Effectiveness has resigned from the services of the company effective
 December 02, 2003. Consequently, Ms. Gowrishankar has ceased to be
 Compliance Officer of the company. However, Mr. Madan Godse, Vice
 President Legal and Company Secretary continues to be Compliance
 Officer of the Company.
 -Cummins tie up with Satyam to hasten operations at CRTI
 -Cummins unveils emission compliant N14 series of engines in India
 -Cummins India Ltd has informed that the equity shares of the company
 have been delisted from the Pune Stock Exchange wef January 16, 2004.
 -Ties up with Cummins Westport Inc, Canada (CWI) for transfer the
 technology to the company for manufacture of new Engine Platform
 called B Gas International (BGI) in the range of 145 to 230 HP.
 -Appoints Anant Talaulicar as the managing director of Cummins India
 Area Business Organisation (ABO). Mr Talaulicar will lead 11 Cummins
 companies in India, including Cummins India, Cummins Diesel Sales and
 Service (CDSS), Tata-Cummins, Valvoline India Fleetguard and the
 newly-opened Cummins Research and Technology Institute.
 -Cummins India Ltd has elected Mr Anant Talaulicar, Joint Managing
 Director of the Company as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
 -Diesel Engine and power major Cummins India has appointed Mr Rajiv
 Batra as Chief Financial Officer. Mr Batra will oversee the finance
 function at Cummins India Ltd and the eleven entities of the Cummins
 Group in India
 -Cummins to launch B series of diesel engines
 -Cummins successfully Concludes Wage Settlement Management And Union
 Welcome Building A Partnership For Success. 
 -Cummins successfully Concludes Wage Settlement Management And Union
 Welcome Building A Partnership For Success. 
 -Cummins adds Generator Starting System to its range of products. 
 - Cummins expands joint venture in India to boost engine production.
 -Cummins Power Generation introduces the Power Box concept in its
 Rental Business. 
 -Cummins India joins hand with IISc for biomass-based power systems
 -Wins highest recognition by receiving the award in the Corporate
 Image Leadership category, besides winning awards in four other
 -Cummins India and IISc win CIIs Innovative Energy Saving Product
 Award at the National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2007
 -Cummins India Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
 with Government of Maharashtra on March 15, 2008, wherein the State
 of Maharashtra has offered Mega Project incentives to the Company for
 its proposed expansion Project(s) at Phaltan MIDC (Village Survadi,
 District Satara).
 -Cummins India wins CIIs National Award for Excellence in Energy
 Management 2008
 -Cummins India Ltd has rolled out three products for the domestic
 market at the opening of POWER-GEN 2008 exhibition here. The new
 products include '30/35 kVA low horse power' generator sets 'X
 series', and a '750 kVA high horse power' generator set in the 'QSK23
 - Inauguration of the rural electrification project initiated by
 Cummins in collaboration with IIT, Bombay and READ Foundation at
 village Kolha.
 - Maharshi Karve Stree-Shikshan Samstha and Cummins India Foundation
 collaborate to launch a women's engineering college in Nagpur.
 - Cummins conferred with the CII National Award for 'Excellence in
 Energy Management 2010'.
 - Cummins wins again the 'Voice of the Customer' Awards from Frost &
 Sullivan in Five Categories.
 - Has allotted 79,200,000 Bonus Equity Shares of 2/- each in ratio of
 2:5 i.e. 2 Bonus Equity Shares for every 5 existing Equity Shares held
 to the eligible Members.
 -  Padarwadi village near Pune gets electrified through effective
 utilization of renewable sources for power generation.
 - Cummins inaugurates its fourth facility at the Megasite at
 - Cummins donates engines to over 60 ITIs across Maharashtra.
 - Cummins donates a generator set to the Horticulture College in
 - Tata Cummins Limited Wins Greentech Environment Award 2012.
 -Cummins was again named one of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies by
 the Ethisphere Institute in 2013. 
 -For the eighth consecutive year, Cummins was awarded a perfect score
 in the 2013 Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign.
 -Cummins India announces its Power Generation product line.
 -Cummins Opens Plant for High Horsepower Engines at Phaltan.
 -Cummins Opens Phaltan Midrange Upfit Cente Phaltan. 
 -Tata Cummins Limited (TCL) opens its third manufacturing facility in
 -Cummins declared an interim dividend of Rs. 5/- per equity share on
 277,200,000 equity shares of Rs. 2/- each for the Financial Year
 -Cummins India Ltd has completed acquisition of remaining 50 per cent
 stake in Cummins Svam Sales & Service Pvt Ltd (Cummins Svam).
 -HEC, Cummins sign MoU to manufacture specialised engines
 - Cummins Engines power Tata PRIMA Trucks at T1 Racing Championship
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  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `556.72 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : DIIs ने कैश में `908.64 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `4263.60 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स फ्यूचर्स में `705.91 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स ऑप्शंस में `2731.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `667.27 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `158.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • ENTERS IN F&O BAN : SAIL फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Voda Idea फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Glenmark Ph फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार

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