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कंपनी इतिहास - सिएंट
YEAR                                                          EVENTS
 1991 - The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on
        28th August, under the name of Info Tech Enterprises Private
        with the objective of creating facilities for software
        development and its export thereof to global markets.  The
        Company commenced commercial operations in September 1992. 
      - InfoTech is promoted by Shri. B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, Shri, K.
        Babu, both technically qualified computer professionas, and
        B. Sucharitha (wife of Shri. Mohan Reddy).
 1995 - InfoTech shares a fully functional 128 KBPS Satellite Link,
        provided by STP, Hyderabad and has established its own home
        on its World Wide Web Server on the Internet.
 1997 - InfoTech was given the ISO 9002 certification by BVQI, London
        its CADD/GIS conversion services.  The Company has applied and
        confident of obtaining the ISO 9001 certification for
        Development' by March.
      - The company is setting-up new facilities for handling
        consultancy - 3D Modelling projects, enhancing the existing
        CAD/GIS conversion capacity by 60%, doubling the capacity for
        software development (projects) and also doubling the
        for product development (software/data products development).
      - Infotech Enterprises Ltd, a 100 per cent export oriented
        unit, is floating a public issue with a unique safety net
        provided by the lead manager Industrial Development Bank of
      - Infotech Enterprises Limited, an Hyderabad based 100 per cent
        export oriented company engaged in exporting softwares is
        entering the capital market with a public issue o 23,25,000
        equity shares of Rs.10 each for cash at premium of Rs.10 per
        share aggregating Rs.465 lakhs.  The issues slated to open
        subscription on 17th, March.
 1998 - InfoTech Enterprises has entered into an agreement with APTA
        Conseil of France, a Paris-based group, for cooperation in
        software product development for business applications.
      - The agreement entered into by Infotech Enterprises with
        of Italy for digitisation and conversion services for the
        two years.
      - InfoTech Enterprises Ltd is one of the major players in the
        worldwide CAD and GIS markets.
 1999 - Infotech Enterprises to buy Cartographic Sciences, a
        Indian subsidiary of the US-based Analytical Services Inc
        aimed at synergising both the companies capabilities in data
        conversion and software services.
      - Infotech Enterprises Ltd, which has completed a geographical
        information systems (GIS) project for Bharti Telenet Ltd,
        in five months, has earned the Fast Track Award from
        Systems Pte Ltd, UK. 
      - The company has decided to set up a specialised JAVA
        team which will offer a variety of services.
      - The company has launched a ERP product for the manufacturing
        industry which caters to the small and medium enterprises.
 2000 - Hyderabad-based software solutions and services provider, has
              tied up with the Germany-based OpenShop Internet
 Software to act
              as an exclusive distributor to offer the latter's
 solutions in
              the Indian Market.
            - Infotech Enterprises Ltd., a Hyderabd-based software
              and services provider, has tied up with Openshop
              Software and E-Business Solutions Company from Germany
 to have an
              exclusive right to distribute Openshop software packages
              Indian customers.
            - Infotech Enterprises has decided to issue 2.18 lakh
 equity shares to the 
              erstwhile shareholders of Dataview Solutions Ltd, UK, as
 an additional 
              consideration as per the agreement between the company
 and the 
              shareholders of Dataview.
          - The Company has successfully completed a major software
             contract for Nova Development Corporation, California.
 2001 - The Andhra Pradesh High Court has approved the scheme of
 amalgamation of 
             Cartographic Sciences Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of
 the company, with Infotech 
             Enterprises Ltd effective from 1st April.
 -Company allots 10,80,010 shares and 3,00,000 warrants with an option
 to convert them into equity shares to M/s Carrier international
 Mauritius Ltd.
 -Forms a strategic business alliance with Pratt and Whitney.
 -Appoints Charles W Ayer as the Additional Director on the board of
 the company.
 -Company has been assessed at Level 5 of the Capability Model (CMM)
 of the software Engineer Institute for its software development &
 -Shareholders approve for the bonus issue of shares in the ratio of
 -Wins a major long term GIS contract from KPN Telecom, to provide
 spatial data management services.
 -Allots 41050 equity shares to the associates of the company under
 the Associate Stock Option Plan 2001.
 -Infotech Enterprise and TerraQuest join forces to address the UK
 Local authority e-government agenda.
 -Certive forges an alliance with the company to accelerate rapid
 business intelligence solutions.
 -Announces the successful appraisal at Level 5 of the Capacity
 Maturity Model Integration version 1.1.
 -Appoints Mr Richard Green as the Non-Executive Director on the Board
 of the company.
 -Signs a long term contract with Tele Atlas NV, Netherlands to
 provide map data conversion services.
 -Members approve for delisting of equity shares of the company from 3
 stock exchanges 
 ( Hyderabad, Madras and Delhi ).
 -Mr K Basi Reddy, Promoter sells 20000 shares of the company, which
 accounts to 0.14%.
 -Signs long term outsourcing contract with Bombardier Transportation
 to provide Engineering services.
 -Infotech Enterprises acquires VARGIS - a GIS company in the US
 -Delist from the Madras Stock Exchange w.e.f. October 19, 2004.
 -Infotech Enterprises enters into strategic agreement with Ten Sails
 - Infotech Enterprises Ltd inaugurates its US geospatial production
 facility at Frostburg, Maryland managed by the Companys American
 subsidiary, VARGIS, the new facility grew out of collaboration with
 Frostburg State University, Allegany County and the State of
 -Infotech Enterprises has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 5
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd has appointed Mr. Bill Grabe as an
 Additional Director of the Company.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd has appointed Mr. Sunish Sharma as an
 alternate director to Mr. Bill Grabe.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd has appointed Mr. Sunish Sharma as an
 alternate director to Mr. Bill Grabe under section 313 of the
 Companies Act, 1956.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd, global technology solutions provider, on
 March 17 announced that it has signed a new multi-year contract with
 digital map leader Tele Atlas to provide extensive map database and
 software development services.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd has signed an MOU with Institute of
 Aeronautical Engineering, Dindigul and M L R Institute of Technology
 Dindigul on March 19, at Hyderabad.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd, on March 24, 2008, has announced the
 appointment of Don Kielty as Vice President  North America Sales in
 the manufacturing vertical.
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd has appointed Mr. William P Henry as an
 additional director on the Board of the Company.
 -Awarded RBNQA Performance Excellence Trophy.
 -Opened branch office in Malaysia.
 -The company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan by name
 Infotech Enterprises Japan K K
 -Infotech Enterprises has signed a long term agreement with Hamilton
 Sundstrand Corporation (HSC)
 -Acquired Wellsco Inc., USA.
 -Infotech signs agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company
 -Infotech signs a long term agreement with Seawell AS
 -Infotech Enterprises has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Infotech establishes Integrated Global Aerospace Practice
 -Awarded Supplier of the Year by Boeing.
 -Infotech signs a MoU with JNTUK Kakinada
 -Infotech Enterprises Receives Award for its Contribution to
 German-Indian Business Relations
 -Infotech Enterprises Ltd. wins Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards
 2011 for 'Innovation in Retention Strategy'.
 -Infotech Enterprises sings an MoU with IIT-Hyderabad
 -Infotech Enterprises enters into an MoU with Health Awareness
 Promotion Project India 
 -Infotech signs an MoU with UPES Dehradun
 -Infotech signs a MoU with Sri Vishnu Educational Society as part of
 its industry-academia initiative
 -JT selects Infotech Enterprises for integrated GIS solution
 -Infotech Enterprises wins Golden Peacock Award for Demonstrated
 Excellence in Corporate Governance.
 - Infotech Enterprises and ViryaNet Sign Partner Agreement
 - Infotech Inaugurates New Alstom Transport RSC Engineering Center in
 - Infotech Enterprises inaugurates its new office in Silicon Valley
 -Infotech Enterprises inaugurates new development centre in Kakinada
 - Cyient wins ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate
 Governance 2014.
 -Infotech Enterprises to change name as Cyient.
 -nfotech Enterprises to Acquire Softential Strengthens Service
 Offerings for Telecom and Enterprise Customers
 -Cyient To Acquire Majority Stake in Invati Insights
 -Company has changed its name from Infotech Enterprises Ltd to Cyient
 -Cyient opens design center in Bengaluru for Australian firm
 -Cyient Inaugurates global design center in Bengaluru for SMEC
 -Cyient launches 54 CDC in Telangana
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  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `1008 Cr की बिकवाली की
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  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `36 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MS ON BPCL : Overweight रेटिंग, लक्ष्य `571/Sh
  • CS ON AARTI IND : Outperform रेटिंग, लक्ष्य `980/Sh
  • CS ON APOLLO HOSP : लक्ष्य `1,300 से बढ़ाकर `1,600/Sh
  • NOMURA ON ESSAR CASE : बैंकों की अब 90% तक रकम की रिकवरी संभव

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