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कंपनी इतिहास - डैजेल कॉन्फिनडाइव
Dazzel Confindive Ltd. (DCL) was originally incorporated on 21st
 October 1992 under the Companies Act 1956 with the main objective of
 interalia, carrying on the business of Real Estate development,
 Construction, Housing and dealing in pharmaceutical and consumer
 products.  The company obtained the certificate of commencement of
 business on 2.11.92 and started the construction business. The
 company obtained Contractor Registration with P.W.D under 'B' class
 on 20/2/93 and was allotted a construction contract of Rs 6 Lacs by
 Municipal corporation Jaipur. The work of above contract has been
 completed.  The company in its first year of operation only for 5
 months ending 31.03.93 was working on construction projects worth Rs.
 9.87 lacs which were under progress as on 31.03.93.
 In second full year of operation ended 31.03.94 the company sold
 residential houses after construction of Rs.5.30 lacs and executed
 construction works of Rs.13.40 lacs and work
 in progress was Rs.23.78 lacs as of 31.03.94.
 The company earned a gross profit of Rs.1.17 lacs in its first full
 year of operation. During the current year the company is doing
 construction business in full swing.  
 In September 1994, the Company envisaged the idea ofexpansion and
 diversifying into the lucrative areas of finance, leasing and
 financial services and accordingly the Company took the ancillary
 objects no. 46 and 47 vide Board Resolution dated 22.09.94 and other
 objects no.21 and 44 vide Board Resolution dated 01.11.94 as main
 business of the company and were subsequently approved in the
 extraordinary general meeting duly held on 29.11.94. The
 Company has planned to expand its present activities of Real estate
 development, construction and investment in shares and securities
 diversifying into the areas of leasing and financial services. The
 Board of the Company has inducted finance and construction related
 The main oblects of the Company are as set out in the Memorandum of
 Association of the Company and inter-alia include the following 1 - 
 To purchase, sell, acquire, get, mortgage, hypothecate, pledge,
 transfer, convert, develop, enlarge, exchange, improve, erect,
 fabricate, cultivate, build, construct, reconstruct, demolish, pull
 down, hire, remove, replace, re-erect, alter, repair, maintain,
 decorate, furnish, contract, and to give as security and to act as
 agents, brokers, contractors, architects, designers, serveyors,
 planners, engineers, decorators, fabricators, consultants, valuers,
 financers and to take and give on lease and/or sublease or
 otherwise deal in immovable properties whether in India or abroad,
 whether on Company's account or on other's account and whether
 severally or tointly with other personl parties for immovable
 properties consisting of all kinds of land, estate, buildings, mines,
 querries, roads, bridges, dams, canals, wells, water cources, sever
 lines and drainage, railway station and sidings, reservoirs,
 hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, houses, commercial nd
 complexes and appartments, markers, shops, factories, mills, works,
 hotels, dharmashalas, guest houses, restaurants, cinema houses and
 theatres, educafional centres,schools, colleges, libraries, research
 centeres and institues, laboratories, hostels, health clubs and
 centres, temple, mosques, churches, gurudwarars, farm houses, farms,
 gardens, parks, amutement centres, play grounds, stadiums and to do,
 perform and provide all services, responsibilities and duties on
 Company's own behalf and on other's behalf and to provide and accept
 services for the habitants, tenants, owners, residents, citizens, and
 guests relating
 to electricity, water, telecommunication, secretarial, waiting room,
 reading room, lavatories, intercommunication equipments and air
 conditioning equipments.
 2. To build or construct or otherwise take on lease, purchase,
 acquire or maintain in any manner whatsoever any apartments, houses,
 flats, rooms, shops, huts, or other accomodations for men or animals
 and to let or dispose of the seme on instalment basis, rent- purchase
 basis or by outright sale whether by private agreement or in any other
 mode of lawful deposition to act as dealer, broker or agent for
 purchase, sale or other dealing in land, building in land, building
 schemes and other structures.
 3 To carry on the business of manufacturers, processors, packers,
 traders, dealers, distributors, importers and agents or to deal in
 any other manner (including loan licensing basis) branding of any or
 all types of varieties, formulaes and kinds of drugs, medicines,
 therapies and pharmaceuticals and to carry on the business of
 importers, exporters, sellers, stockists, distributors, commission
 agents, order booking agents, forwarding agents, buyers or
 otherwise dealers in all kinds of oils, hair oils, cosmetics and
 perfumery products, toilet requsites, soaps, detergent products,
 bafarced foods, baby foods of all kinds, medicines, pharmaceuticaf
 preparations, a/I types of eatable food products, farm products,
 chemicals, all kinds of article, goods, merchandise, commodity and
 The following ancillary objects no. 46 and 47 has been taken as main
 business of the company vlde Board resolution passed in Board Meeting
 held on 22nd September 1994 and duly
 approved in Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held on 29.11.94. As
 advised by Registrar of Companies Rajasthan, Jalpur at the time of
 filling Prospectus, object clause shall be amended
 suitably U/S 17 of Companies Act in due course 
 1. To carry on the business of investment leasing company, hire
 purchase company, floance and to undertake and/or arrange all types
 of leasing and hire purchase business relating to all kinds of
 machinery, plant, equipment, ships, vehicles, aircrafts, rolling
 stock, computers, electronic data processing machines, storage tanks,
 toll roads and bridges, communication satellites and communication
 lines, factories containers, books in the form of technical knowbow
 or otherwise, computer software, movable and immovable property of
 all kinds and description.
 2. To invest or cause to be invested the capital of the company or
 funds of the company or any fund raised by the company for the
 purpose of the investment, and to invest in stock or to acquire, or
 to hold or sell, buy or otherwise deal in shares, bonds, units,
 obligations and other securities of any company or securities issued
 by any Government or any lawful authority and to acquire any such
 shares, stock, debenture- stock, bonds, note, obligations or
 securities by original subscription, contract, tender, purchase,
 exchange, underwriting or otherwise and whether or not fully paid,
 and to subscribe for the same subject to such terms and conditions
 (if any) as may be thought fit and also as provided in the provisions
 of the law.
 The following other objects no. 21 and 44 has also been taken up for
 doing the new financial services business in broad terms vide Board
 Resolution Dated 1.11.94 and duly approved vide special resolution
 passed in Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held on 29.11.94.
 1. To carry on the business as agents (whether as commission agent,
 Selling Agent, Purchase agent or otherwise) secretaries treasurers,
 registrars and share transfer agent of any company, association or
 other undertaking and without limiting the generality of the
 foregoing to supply and provide, maintain and operate for the benefit
 of any person, company, trust, institution, association, society or
 other undertaking, services, facilities, conveniences and the like,
 whether accountancy, administrative, advisory, commercial, financial,
 legal, personnel, insurance, technical or of any other nature and to
 act as agents for air shipping lines and to do or render such other
 services as are incidental thereto.
 2. To carry on the business of engineers, researchers, technicians,
 designers, planners, estimators, advisors, erectors, project
 reporters and to supply know-how for all types of industries,
 business, ompanies, services and other public bodies and Government.
 Presently the construction activities of the company are located in
 the prime business area of the Jaipur city.
 The Company has successfully completed 10 housing projects comprising
 1515 sq. yards and contracts worth Rs.50 lakhs during last two years.
 Presently the company is involved in
 residential construction project on a land of 3600 Sq.fts which is
 scheduled to be completed by March'95.  
 The Company has already purchased further 18,900 sq.ft. land on sale
 agreements in Jaipur City (including one plot of 6300 Sq.feets,
 opposite Stock Exchange, Jaipur) for development and construction of
 residential projects. 
 The company has retained services of M/s G.G. Consultants, a Civil
 Engineering Firm for the purpose of work of civil engineering.
 The company started the business of Leasing & Hire purchase in the
 month of Sept., 1994. It provides lease finance mainly for vehicles,
 plant & machinery, office equipments etc. to its clients. The Company
 has leased out Assets of Rs.12.22 Lacs as on 30.11.94.
 The company parks its cash surplus from time to time as ICD/S.T.F. to
 Corporate Houses/business houses businessmen. 
 Outstanding Short Term Finance as on 30.11.94 is Rs.11.95 lacs.
 The Company is engaged in the area of purchase and sale of shares and
 debentures from the stock market to derive possible short term, medium
 term and long term benefits  onmthe basis of fundamental and technical
 analysis of the Companies at periodic intervals. Gross Income from
 Trading in shares & securities were Rs.1.93 lacs for the period
 ending 30.11.94.  
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1.
 - The registered office of the Company has been shifted from B-24
 Malviya Nagar, Jaipur-302017 to Office no. 10 SBG 4 Behind Air India,
 Nehru Palace, Lal Kothi, Tonk Road, Jaipur - 302015.
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  • CS ON PIDILITE IND : Underperform रेटिंग, लक्ष्य `1245/Sh
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