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बीएसई: 500121  |  NSE: DIGITALEQP  |  ISIN: INE124A01010  |  Computers - Software

कंपनी इतिहास - डिजिटल ग्लोबल सॉफ्ट
 - The Company was incorporated on 20th January, and the Certificate
 Commencement of Business was obtained on 19th February.  It was
 promoted by Digital Equipment (Holdings) B. V. and Hinditron group
 Companies, namely, Hinditron Services Private Ltd., Hinditron
 Private, Ltd., Hinditron Equipments Manufacturing Company Private
 and Boston Management Consultants Private, Ltd.
 - The Company manufacture and design micro, mini and main frame
 computers, design and development of application and systems
 for the local and international market.  The Company also acts as
 canvassing representative of Digital Equipment Corporation, U.S.A.,
 subsidiaries and affiliates and provide support services and
 consultancy for Digital's clients in India.
 - The Company entered into a technology licence agreement with
 Equipment B.V. of U.S.A. for technical data and technical know-how
 relating to the manufacture, service and maintenance of the micro
 - The Company's primary project is the manufacture of the diel VAX
 range of computers based on the technology used in the manufacture
 Digital's micro VAX series of computers.
 - Apart from the manufacturing activity, the Company's project also
 covers the promotion of Digital products in India, and the
 of software for domestic and export markets and the provision of a
 large variety of computer related services in the country.  A
 development centre was also established in Mumbai.
 - The Central education facility was set up at Bangalore to train
 on developing solutions for their needs.
 - 1,50,000 shares subscribed for by promoters, directors etc.
 2,23,50,000 shares were then issued at par out of which 89,40,000
 shares to Digital Equipment (Holdings) B. V. and 66,60,000 shares to
 Hinditron Services Pvt. Ltd., Hinditron Computers Pvt. Ltd.,
 Equipments Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. and Boston Management Consultants Pvt.
 Ltd., their directors, friends, etc. were reserved and allotted on a
 firm basis.
 - Out of the remaining 67,50,000 shares, 11,25,000 shares were
 for preferrential allotment to employees (including Indian working
 directors) of the Company and those of Hinditron group companies
 1,33,500 shares taken up).  The balance 56,25,000 shares alongwith
 9,91,500 shares not taken up by employees, were offered for public
 subscription during February 1989.
 - Additional 9,68,200 shares were allotted to retain
 (7,17,200 shares to Digital Equipment (Holdings) B. V. 2,51,200
 to Hinditron group companies and 6,75,000 shares to the public).
 - VAX 3400 and VAX 3420 computer systems were introduced to meet the
 needs of large business and technical organisations.
 - The Company issued 18,57,500-14% non-convertible debentures of Rs
 each to the general public.  Only 2,690 debentures were taken up and
 the remaining 18,54,810 debentures devolved on the underwriters.
 - As per the terms of the issue, these debentures are redeemable in
 three equal instalments of Rs 35 each at the end of 6th, 7th and 8th
 year from the allotment date, with a premium of Rs 5 being included
 the last instalment.
 - The Company added to its range VAX 4000 model 300, a powerful
 giving mainframe like performance in a compact size tying together
 departmental computers consisting of VMS, UNIX, PCS/ workstations
 one Cohesive Integrated system.
 - Digital's Network Application Support, a revolutionary concept
 to make fully compatible multivendor computing environment a
 was also introduced.
 - Digital Risc System 5100 family and midrange VAX 4200 systems were
 - The Company proposed to issue 24,14,320 No. of equity share of Rs
 each at a premium of Rs 10 per share in the proportion of 1:10 (all
 were taken up).
 - Another 1,10,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium
 Rs 10 per share were to be offered to the employees of the Company.
 (Only 1,03,000 shares were taken up).
 - In addition, 60,76,480 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a
 premium of Rs 10 per share were to be issued to Digital Equipment
 (Holdings) B. V.  The Netherlands (Collaborators) to enable them to
 increase their shareholding in the Company to 51% of the paid-up
 capital.  (Only 60,69,480 shares were allotted).
 - Alpha AXP technology and personal computing system were introduced
 meet the need of corporate, technical, industrial and commercial
 organisations.  To set up exports, the Company had set up an export
 oriented unit under the Software Technology Park Scheme at
 - Digital Equipment Export (India), Ltd. was a wholly owned
 of the Company.  Digital Equipment Export (India) Ltd.  was merged
 the company with effect from 4th July.  Accordingly it is ceased to
 a subsidiary of the company.
 - 85,86,800 No. of equity shares at a premium of Rs 10 per share
 allotted to the shareholders in prop. 1:10.
 - The Company had launched the Hi Note Ultra 2000, the world's
 Notebook with largest screen.
 - With effect from June 11th, Holding Company Digital Equipment
 Corporation U.S.A. was merged with Compaq Computer Corporation
 Consequent to this, company has become part of the Compaq world-wide
 - Digital Equipment Corporation will set up its second Telecom
 Development Centre for software in Bangalore to provide focus in the
 areas of Network Management, SS7, Advanced Intelligent Network and
 Fraud Management.
 - Digital Equipment has introduced the Alpha 21264 family, a new
 generation of the 64 bit Alpha architecture that will break the Giga
 Hertz (1,000 MHz) speed barrier.
 - Digital set up a manufacturing facility in Bangalore, again a
 for a multinational hardware company.  This plant was also the first
 country specific manufacturing plant for DEC, its other plants being
 region specific.
 - Digital Equipment (India), which became part of Compaq Computer
 Corporation recently, has introduced a voluntary retirement scheme
 (VRS) for its employees in a move to cut down excess workforce.
 - Digital Equipment India Ltd (DEIL), the Compaq-owned information
 technology firm is planning to focus only on its software operations
 and exit from its hardware business completely.
 - The global merger of Digital with Compaq was announced in January
 1998 but the two Indian companies - Digital Equipment and Compaq
 a subsidiary of Compaq Corporation - continued as separate entities.
 - The global merger of Digital with Compaq in June 1998, Compaq
 Computer Corporation became the parent company of Digital India.
 - The restructuring would make Digital India the country's largest
 listed multinational software and services export company.
 - The Company will set up its own software technology park in
 Electronic City.
 - The Company signed a memorandum of understanding that will enable
 latter to set up a dedicated support center for Nortel Networks
 Professional Services Organization.
 - Computer Software firm Digital Equipment (India) Ltd had signed an
 agreement with Canadian telecom equipment firm Nortel Networks to
 up a dedicated support centre for Nortel.
 - Digital Equipment (India) Ltd. will replace Bank of India Ltd. in
 S & P CNX Nifty from September 4.
 - The Company has appointed Ms. T.S. Ushasri as Chief Technology
 - The Company has established an Operation Solutions Center for
 telecomcarriers on Noral Networks' PRESIDE platform.,
 - Digital Equipment is planning to issue 16.36 lakh shares under its
 employee stock options plan, and is toying with the idea of listing
 shares overseas through an ADR issue at an opportune time.
 -Digital Equipment reported a 3-fold rise in the quarter 3 net profit
 comparison to the year earlier.
 -Anglo-Dutch Consumer products group Unilever picked up Digital
 Equipment(India) to provide offshore services for desktop software
 -Digital Equipment India Limited has created a proof of Concept
 (a technology incubation unit) which will play a decisive role in
 the technologies that Digital will invest in.
 -The parent company of Digital that is Compaq is acquired by
 -Digital Globalsoft records a 16% rise in the net profit.
 -Digital Globalsoft completes its acquisition of compaq's Electronic
 an electronic information lifecycle management product which provides
 users with archiving solution for storage and retrieval of critical
 -Alliance Capital builds up the substantial stake in Digital
 Globalsoft by
 acquirin more that 5% of its equity through open market research.
 - Digital GlobalSoft Ltd has announced that Mr. Peter A Mercury has
 been appointed as Chairman and Non-Retiring Director with effect
 January 04, 2002. The said appointment is in place of Mr. Jeffrey
 - Digital GlobalSoft Ltd has informed that Mr Mahendra Patel has
 been appointed as an Alternate Director to Mr Richard Marcello for
 Board Meeting and Committee Meetings held on January 16, 2002.
 -Digital Globalsoft Ltd has informed  that Mr NVP Tendulkar was
 as an Alternate Director to Mr Randy Burdick for the Board Meeting &
 Committee Meeting held on March 29, 2002.
 -Digital Globalsoft Ltd has informed that:1. Mr. Rene Schuster was
  appointed as alternate Director to Mr. Randy Burdick for the Board
 Committee meeting and AGM held on July 23, 2002.2. Dr. Mahendra Patel
 was appointed as alternate director to Mr. Richard for the Board
  Committee meeting and AGM held on July 23, 2002.3. Mr. Richard
 was re-appointed as Director at the AGM held on July 23, 2002.4. Mr.
 Ravi Parthasarathy 
 was re-appointed as Director at the AGM held on July 23, 2002.
 -Digital GlobalSoft Ltd has informed BSE that at its meeting held on

 28, 2002 the following changes in the Board of Directors have taken
 Mr Kasper Rorsted was appointed as an Additional Director. Mr Richard
 resigned as Director. Mr Rene Schuster was appointed as Director in
 casual vacancy arising out of the resignation of Mr. Richard
 Mr Randy Burdick resigned as Director. Mr Craig Flower was appointed
 as Director in the casual vacancy arising out of the resignation of 
 Mr. Randy Burdick.
 -Digital Globalsoft Ltd has informed BSE that Mr James J Connor has
 appointed as an Alternate Director to Mr Kasper Rorsted for the Board
 and Committee Meeting held on ctober 28, 2002.
 -Digial Globalsoft alloted 10,950 equity shares of Rs 10 each to its
 of the company who have exercised their options under the company's
  Employee Stock Option Scheme.
 -Digital Globalsoft has registered a growth of 14% in the net profit
 Rs. 106cr as compared to the last fiscal year.
 -Digital India signed with its parent company HP to combine with HP
 'India softwareOrganization (HPS ISO).
 -Digital India has reported the change in the directors of the Board
 Mr.Bob Mulkey and Mr.Dave Kristof have been appointed as additional
 Directors in place of Mr. Kasper Rorsted and Mr.Craig D Flower.
 -Allotted 20,550 equity shares of Rs 10 each to the employees who
 have exercised their options under the Company's Employee Stock
 Option Plan.
 - Ahmedabad Stock Exchange has approved delisting of the equity
 shares of the company.
 -Company has granted 2000 Stock Options to its employees under
 Employee Stock Option Plan of the Company.
 -Receives Formal proposal from Hewlett - Packard to make delisting
 -Digital Globalsoft Ltd has informed that on January 6, 2004 the
 Company has allotted 63,075 equity shares of Rs 10/- each to the
 employees who have exercised their options under the Company's
 Employee Stock Option Plan. With these allotments current paid up
 capital of the Company will be Rs 330,776,430.
 -Merill Lynch Capital Market Espana SA SV acquires 89,177 (0.26%)
 shares on January 7, 2004 through Secondary Market Purchase,
 increases its stake in the company to 1,743,709 shares (5.22% of the
 equity capital of the company)
 -ICICI Securities Limited has informed regarding the acceptance of
 Exit Price for the delisting of the equity shares of Digital
 Globalsoft Limited (the Company) determined in accordance with the
 provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Delisting
 of Securities) Guidelines, 2003 (the Guidelines). The 'Exit Price'
 established by the book-build process in accordance with the
 guidelines (being the price at which the largest number of shares was
 tendered) is Rs.850 per share.
 -Gets BS15000-IT Service Management certification under the itSMF
 certification scheme
 -The details are as follows: Mr. Som Mittal, Managing Director has
 acquired 105,000 shares amounting to 0.31% of the paid up capital of
 the company and the total shareholding after the  acquisition is
 105,000 shares amounting to 0.31% of the paid up capital of the
 - Company name has been changed from Digital GlobalSoft Ltd to
 Hewlett-Packard Globalsoft Ltd.
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