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बीएसई: 532820  |  NSE: ELAND  |  ISIN: INE311H01018  |  Textiles - Weaving

कंपनी इतिहास - ई-लैंड अपैरेल
The Mudra Group
 The Mudra Group started operations in 1986. We have facilities for
 of fabrics and garments, processing, design development, sampling
 etc. The Mudra 
 group is promoted by Mr. Murarilal B Agrawal, Mr. Ravindra B Agarwal,
 and Mr. 
 Vishwambharlal K Bhoot.
 The Company
 Our Company was incorporated as Bombay Fine Fabrics Private Limited
 on March 
 31, 1997. Subsequently name of the company was changed to Mudra
 Textiles Private 
 Limited w.e.f. October 10, 2001. On December 1, 2005 our Company was
 into a public limited company. Name of the company was further
 changed to Mudra 
 Lifestyle Limited w.e.f. December 2, 2005. In October 2004, with a
 view to consolidate 
 business of our Group, East Coast Polytex, a Partnership Firm in the
 Group engaged in 
 the business of weaving and two other Partnership Firms viz Mudra
 Exports (India) and 
 Mudra Impex engaged in the business of Garmenting were taken over by
 our company. 
 Further w.e.f April 01, 2005 Picanova Fabrics Private Limited, Mudra
 Synthetics Private 
 Limited and Venus Processors Private Limited were amalgamated with
 our Company.
 Consolidation of Our Business
 The Mudra Group started its operations in 1986. Subsequently, other
 companies were 
 incorporated and partnership firms were formed within the Group to
 carry on various 
 aspects of the business like manufacture of fabric, sale of fabric in
 domestic and 
 overseas markets and manufacture and sale of garments. The following
 table gives 
 a summary of our Group:
 No.   Name                             Date of
 Incorporation/formation      Nature of Business
 1       Olive Tex Silk Mills              December 23, 1986          
       Manufacture of Fabrics
 2       East Coast Polytex              February 28, 1993            
        Manufacture of Fabrics
 3       Mudra Exports (India)          April 04, 1997                
           Manufacture of Garments 
                                  & Fabrics
 4       Mudra Synthetics Pvt Ltd   September 24, 1997                
 Manufacture of Fabrics
 5       Mudra Lifestyle Limited       March 31, 1997                 
       Manufacture of Fabrics
 6       Picanova Fabrics Pvt Ltd   April 23, 1998                    
       Manufacture of Fabrics
 7       Olive Silk Mills Pvt Ltd        March 15, 2000               
         Manufacture of Fabrics
 8       Venus Processors P Ltd     April 30, 1992*                   
       Processing, Dyeing, And 
 9       Mudra Impex                      April 3, 2001               
               Manufacture of Garments 
                                 & Fabrics
 10     Western India (Impex)        August 18, 2001                  
      Export of Fabrics
 * Venus Processors Private Limited was bought by our promoters on
 January 29, 2001
 Key Events in the History of the Mudra Group
 Year    Key Events
 1986   The Group commenced the business of woven fabric
 1993   East Coast Polytex was formed to start manufacturing
 facilities for woven fabric 
            at Daman
 1997   .. Mudra Exports (India) was formed to export woven fabric and
            .. Mudra Lifestyle Limited was incorporated for
 undertaking business of woven fabrics.
            .. Mudra Synthetics Private Limited was incorporated for
 undertaking business of woven 
               fabrics at Sonale in Thane District.
 1998   Picanova Fabrics Private Limited was incorporated for
 undertaking business of woven 
            fabrics at Sonale in Thane District.
 2001   .. Mudra Impex was formed to start manufacturing facilities
 for garment at Daman and 
               export the same.
            .. Acquisition of Venus Processors Private Limited engaged
 in Processing, printing and 
 2004   .. Takeover of partnership firms by Mudra Lifestyle Limited
            .. Start of Garmenting Unit at Bangalore.
 2005   Awarded contract to Gherzi Eastern Limited for technical
 appraisal of the Expansion Project
 2006   .. Consolidation of group companies
            .. Company sales cross Rs. 100 Crores
 -The Company has received an order of Rs.25 Cr. (Approximately) from
 ELBECO INC, U.S.A. for supply of one million garments per year.
 -Mudra Lifestyle received an Export Order worth Rs 150 Million &
 Domestic Order worth Rs 200 Million.
 -The company recommended dividend of 10% on Equity Shares for the
 -The Company appointed Dr. G P Nair as an additional Director
 (Independent Director) of the Company.
 -Recommended divided of Rs 0.60 Per Equity Share having face value of
 Rs 10/- each.
 -The Company recommended dividend of Rs. 0.60 per equity shares i.e.
 @ 6%.
 -The appointment of Mr. Shin, Eung Kyun, as an Additional Director of
 the Company.
 -Appointment of Mr. Yoo, Yang Weon as the Managing Director of the
 -Approval of the CDR Package and Issuance of LOA.
 -Mr. Kyoung Hur has been appointed as the Additional Independent
 Director on the Board of Directors of the Company.
 -Mudra Lifestyle Ltd has approved to change the name of the Company
 from Mudra Lifestyle Ltd. to E Land Apparel Ltd. 
 -The Company's Registered office of the Company has been shifted
 within the local limits of same city to Office No. 404, 4th Floor,
 Western Edge - I, Western Express Highway, Magathane, Borivali East,
 Mumbai - 400066.
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