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बीएसई: 533055  |  NSE: EDSERV  |  ISIN: INE889J01019  |  Computers - Software - Training

कंपनी इतिहास - एडसर्व सॉफ्टसिस्टम्स
Our Company was originally incorporated as M/s. Lambent Systems
 Private Limited as in the 
 State of Tamil Nadu on March 13, 2001 under the Companies Act, 1956
 vide certificate of 
 incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies, Chennai .The name of
 the Company was
 changed to M/s. Lambent Softsystems Private Limited with effect from
 December 05, 2001
 and a fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained from Registrar
 of Companies, Chennai.
 Lambent, since its inception in 2001, has been very active in
 providing staffing solutions and
 customised resource solutions. During 2001, Lambent worked
 extensively on Y2K problem
 solving by migrating applications and database to Y2K proof versions
 and platforms. Lambent
 started providing application development support and implementation
 in Oracle and ERP
 technologies. Our company purchased the fixed assets and development
 division of Radiant
 Software Limited in August 2001. In September 2001 we Launched
 packaged application
 software products Raymedi, Groceray and Rayasset. In the year 2002,
 we launched the antipiracy solution to feature films called Vidapidi,
 and other applications such as Radimail
 (pharmacy software), Meru (ERP Software) and Salaray (pay roll
 software). In the year 2004
 there was a sale of IPR Rights (RAYMEDI) to M/s. Gofrugal
 Technologies Private Limited. In
 2005 our Company entered in the Business Agreement for selling of
 software project
 development business and fixed assets to Onspec Technology Solutions
 Private Limited. In
 year 2007 M/s. Lambent Softsystems Private Limited acquired ELMAQ,
 the premier IT
 Education and Training business from Mr. S. Giridharan by entering
 into Business Purchase
 Agreement with him for business take over along with Assets and
 Liabilities for a
 consideration of Rs.90 lacs by issue of Fully Convertible Debentures.
 In the year 2008 the name
 of the company was changed to M/s. Edserv Softsystems Private Limited
 and a fresh
 certificate of incorporation consequent to change of name was
 obtained on January 09, 2008.
 Subsequently the name was further changed to M/s. Edserv Softsystems
 Limited upon
 conversion into public limited company and a fresh certificate of
 incorporation was obtained
 on April 22,2008. 
 Milestones Achieved:
 Year                                                         Event
 March 13, 2001             Incorporation of the company
 October 03, 2001           Microsoft signs up with Lambent as a
 partner for Exchange solutions
 December 21, 2001       First Corporate Training order signed with
 Microsoft India
 February 13, 2002         First staffing solutions contract from
 Infosys Technologies
 June 07, 2002                Launch of ERP product development
 December 12, 2003       Software based piracy control solution gets
 accreditation from South
                                          India Film Chambers of
 Commerce (SIFCC)
 October 27, 2004             First training center born as ELMAQ
 October 28, 2004            Launch Courseware of ELMAQ launched for 5
 November 15, 2004        First batch start of ELMAQ
 August 18, 2005             Sun Microsystems (India) Private Limited
 signed up for authorized
                                          Java education partnership
 September 23, 2005       Oracle signed up for authorized education
 January 23, 2006           25th Center of ELMAQ inaugurated at
 April 02, 2007                 HEADS Model development with LAMPS
 October 07,  2007          Lambent acquires ELMAQ
 January 28, 2008           EdServ HEADS Model launched
 January 30, 2008           First center of EdServ signed up
 April 22, 2008                Conversion from Private Limited into a
 Public Limited Company.
 April 23, 2008                5 subjects completed in HEADS learning
 May 07, 2008                LAMPS launched live with HEAL content
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted  from New No. 139,
 I Floor, Panna Plaza, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600 024 to 
 No. 50 Old No. 72, Arya Gowder Road, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600033
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