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बीएसई: 517354  |  NSE: HAVELLS  |  ISIN: INE176B01034  |  Electric Equipment

कंपनी इतिहास - हेवेल्स इंडिया
 1983 - The Company was originally incorporatd as Havell's India
 Private Limited on 8th August, under the Companies Act, 1956 and
 subsequetly the name was changed to Havell's India Limitd vide
 certificate dated 31st March, 1992.
 - The Company was promoted by S/Shri Qimat Rai Gupta and Surjit Kumar
 - It has facilities for manufacture of switchgear items viz.
 Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), MCB Distribution Boards (DB) and
 HRC fuses at Samepur Badli, Delhi.
 - The Company also entered into a Technical Collaboration with M/s
 Christian Geyer GmbH & Co., Germany for the manufacture of Miniature
 Circuit Breakers in India.
 1989 - The company undertook addition to its tool room facilities by
 going in for manufacturing of sheet metal and moulding tools
 1991 - The company amalgamated with itself Elymer Havbell's Pvt. Ltd.
 which had facilities for manufacture of HRC fuses with an installed
 capacity of 2,50,000 pcs.
 1992 - For the manufacture of ELCBs, the Company signed another 
 Technical Collaboration with M/s Schiele Industrieworke, Germany.
 1994 - The company successfully launched the latest IEC design
 contractors, relays, and motor starters for the first time in India
 which have been well received in the market.
 - The company has finalized tie-ups in UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt
 for marketing its vast range of products in these  countries.  
 1995 - The Company has introduced Product Managers and Industrial
 Teams to emphasize the product mix and to strengthen its presence in
 all market segments.
 1996 - Schiele industriwerke, Germany, who have been our
 collaborators for ELCBs, have entered into a new technical
 collaboration with the company for quality upgradation for its
 products in the controlgear division.
 - The company decided to enter into the manufacture of Three Phase
 Energy Meters for industrial applications.
 - Keeping in view business synergy's with the Cable Industry, the
 Company has entered into the manufacture of low tension power
 - Havell's group signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Hanson
 Electrical, a group company of the UK Pound 11 Billion  
 Anglo-American conglomerate, Hanson Plc., one of the top ten
 Companies of UK.
 1997 - One of the biggest achievements during the year is that the JV
 partners have tested the MCBs and have entered into an agreement with
 the Company to exclusively market the MCBs in the world wide
 - Havell's Dorman Smith Pvt. Ltd., U.K. JV company, wherein  Havell's
 India Ltd is a 25% shareholder, with Electrium Ltd. UK with the
 introduction of state-of-the-art `DORMAN SMITH' brand Moulded Case
 Circuit Breakers in India.
 - Havell's group, has signed a new JV agreement with Ampy Automation
 Digilog Ltd., UK.
 1998 - Cable division at Alwar is now ISO-9001 certified.
 - Havell's group has signed a new JV agreement with the Deutsche
 Zahiergesellschaft (DZG), Germany.
 - The 50:50 JV company Havell's Dorman Smith Ltd. in which  Havell's
 India Ltd. is a 25% shareholder had launched Moulded Case Circuit
 Breakers last year in the Indian market.
 - The Company also launched Crabtree brand modularplate switches
 which is being perceived as the best available product in the
 1999 - Electrical switchgear makers Havell's India has entered into a
 strategic partnership with Cambridge Technology Partners India for
 implementing ERP on a fast-track.
 - The company has a 50:50 joint venture with DZG of Germany for
 manufacture of high-end electromechanical and electronic energy
 2000 - Havell's entered into a technical collaboration with Geyer in
 1998 to manufacture miniature circuit-breakers.
 - For MCBs, the company has a technical collaboration with Geyer AG
 of Germany, with Schiele Industriewerke of Germany for RCCBs and with
 Peterriens Schaltechik Gmbh for changeover switches. 
 - The Company has entered into a joint venture agreement with
 Standard Electricals Ltd., an unlisted company wherein the company
 hold 60% shareholding.
 - Havell's India Ltd has acquired a 60 per cent stake in
 Hyderabad-based Duke  Arnics Electronics Ltd.
 2001 - The Company has been awarded the highest revenue payer award
 for the year 2000 in the organised sector category. Havell`s India
 Ltd has informed BSE that the company had earlier acquired 60%
 shareholding of Standard Electricals Ltd., Jalandhar, an unlisted
 - The company has acquired the entire 100% shareholding of Standard
 Electricals Ltd., by            purchasing balance 40% shareholding
 of the company. The Standard Electricals Ltd., has            thus
 become a 100% subsidiary of company w.e.f. December 31,2001.
 -Forays into the luxury bathroom fittings and accessories segment
 under the Crabtree Frattini brand name
 -Havells India Limited has sold out its entire shareholding of
 Standard Electricals Limited, an un-listed public limited company
 which was a 100% subsidiary of the Company. Consequently, with effect
 from such transfer, Standard Electricals Limited is no longer a
 subsidiary of the Company.
 -Havell's India Ltd has acquired a Sri Lankan company engaged in
 energy efficient lighting - compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
 -Set up manufacturing plant in Haridwar, Uttaranchal for
 manufacturing Fans.
 -Awarded the KEMA certification by The Dutch Council for
 Accreditation, making QRG the only group to attain this
 -Set up of R&D Center in Noida H.O.
 -Havells India has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Havells India Ltd has informed that Ms Sabina Geyer has resigned
 from the Directorship of the Company with immediate effect.
 -Crabtree India merged with Havells India.
 -First Company to get the ISI Certification for complete range of
 -Expansion at Alwar manufacturing plant for increase of production
 -Havells India has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Havells India Limited has appointed Mr.N Balasubramanian as
 additional director of the Company who shall hold office upto the
 date of next Annual General Meeting.
 -Acquired the Lighting business of a Frankfurt based company
 Sylvania, a global leader in lighting business and now the company's
 turnover crosses US$ 1 Billion.
 -Warburg Pincus, a global private equity firm and one of the largest
 investors in India, invested US 0 million in Havells India Ltd.
 Havells issued fresh shares to Warburg Pincus, representing
 approximately 11.2% of the fully diluted share capital of the
 -QRG Group entered healthcare business by acquiring a majority stake
 in Central Hospital and Research Centre, Faridabad.
 -Havells India Limited has appointed Mr Sanjay Johri as the Company
 Secretary of the Company w.e.f August 25, 2008.
 -Set up of fully automatic plant for Havells Lafert Motors at
 -Change in Corporate BRAND identity 
 -First Indian CFL manufacturers to have adopted RoHS, European norms
 on Restriction of Hazardous Substances in CFLs.
 - Havells India opened its second exclusive showroom Havells Galaxy
 in Chennai.
 -Launch of India's 1st HPF CFL
 -Launch of India's 1st BEE 5* Rated Fan 
 -Global consolidation of CFL manufacturing plant at Neemrana for
 domestic and export purposes.
 - Havells India Ltd has appointed Mr. S. K. Tuteja as an Additional
 - Havells India has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Havells foraying in premium appliances market
 -Havells India Entering into a Joint Venture (JV) with Shanghai
 Yaming Lighting Co. Ltd.
 -Havells India has recommended of Dividend @ Rs. 6.50 per equity
 share of Rs. 5/- each i.e. 130%
 -Havells India has  recommended of Dividend @ Rs. 7.50 per equity
 share of Rs. 5/- each i.e. 150%, for the financial year 2012-13.
 -Havells India has  recommended of Dividend @ Rs. 10.00 per equity
 share of Rs. 5/- each.
 -Havells India Ltd has undertaken a sub-division of its equity shares
 of Rs 5 into Rs one each.
 -Havells India has splits its face value from Rs 5/- to 1/-
 -Havells India Ltd has launched the countrys first most energy
 efficient fan - ES 40
 -Havells India Ltd has launched India''s first brightest LED lamps
 range LUMENO at its lighting fixtures plant in Neemrana, Rajasthan
 -Havells India - Havells adds first 'Made in India' MCB to its
 -Havells India, has got hold of a 51 per cent stake in Promptec
 Renewable Energy Solutions  at an enterprise value of a whopping Rs.
 65 crore
 -Havells India Ltd has launched a world class range of MCBs and RCCBs
 under EURO-II series in Odisha market. 
 -Havells India launches world class products in Switchgear segment in
 the Eastern Region
 -Havells India has inaugurated a new office in Haldwani, Uttarakhand
 -Havells India receives order for LED Street Lights from EESL
 -Havells India launches its first indigenous MCB and RCCB- Euro II
 -Havells launches entry level modular switches Reo Bliss
 -Havells India to launch solar power products
 - Havells unveils revolutionary range of fans for contemporary homes
 -  Havells acquires consumer durable business of Lloyd Electric
 -  Havells India signs MoU with Hyundai Electric
 - Havells enters water purifier segment
 - Havells’ arm strengthen its consumer product portfolio
 - Havells Launches New Ad Campaign Lighting  Making a Difference in
 Your Life
 - Crabtree fortifies its presence in Rajasthan 

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