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बीएसई: 500198  |  NSE: IBP  |  ISIN: INE261A01010  |  Refineries

कंपनी इतिहास - आईबीपी कंपनी
 - I.B.P Company Ltd was incorporated at Rangoon to distribute
 petroleum product and manufacture industrial explosive, freeze drying
 plant cryocontainers, L.P.G. regulators and valves and other
 - Equity shares of Rs 100 each subdivided into Rs 40 each in 1925. 
 1927, 50,000 pref. shares issued.
 - 6,00,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 3:5.
 - 8,00,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2.
 - Balmer Lawries and Co. Ltd is an subsidiary of the company.  With
 effect from 15th March.
 - With effect from 15th March, the name of the company was changed
 The Indo-Burma Petroleum Co. Ltd. to IBP Co. Ltd.
 - 14,40,000 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2.
 - The one-litre capacity cryocans introduced under the brand name
 Wonder DS-I' met with good response.
 - A memorandum of understanding was entered into with Hindustan
 Aeronautics, Ltd. for technical know-how for development of Ammonia
 absorption refrigeration systems.
 - A letter of intent was received for the setting up of a titanium
 nitride coating plant for decorative coatings at Nasik.
 - Another letter of intent was received for the manufacture of
 petrol/diesel dispensing units for use of dealers marketing
 - Proto types of solar thermal system for medium temperature
 applications, community solar cookers, new vacuum guages and large
 liquid nitrogen containers were developed.
 - Pref. dividends raised from 7% to 14% from 1.4.1988.  During
 Sept.-Oct., 30,72,000 rights equity shares issued (prem. Rs 40 per
 share; prop. 4:5).  Additional 3,34,312 No. of equity shares
 to retain oversubscription.  Another 1,53,600 No. of equity shares
 offered to employees (prem. Rs 40 per share).  Only 1,13,592 shares
 taken up.  The balance 40,008 shares allowed to lapse. Pref. shares
 redeemed on 1.4.1990.
 - The Company commissioned in collaboration with Biazzi of
 its first ever explosives accessories plant at Manesar, Gurgaon in
 Haryana with an installed capacity for manufacture of 15 million
 of high quality detonating fuse and 120 tonnes of cast boosters.
 - The company undertook to implement project at Cherlapalli in A.P.,
 Allahabad, and Lucknow in the State of U.P. and Muzzafarpur in Bihar
 under the additional product tankage programme.
 - A MOU was signed with Madras Refineries Ltd. (MRL).  As per this
 MRL was to establish a distillation unit at Nagapattnam in the
 district of Tamil Nadu and the Company was to set up the marketing
 terminal for distribution of products from MRL's unit to all oil
 - With a view to promote alternate fuel for motor spirit and high
 diesel, the Company undertook development of Compressed Natural Gas
 - The petroleum unit commissioned a mobile laboratory to carry out
 on-the-spot quality control tests.  The Nasik unit introduced open
 mouth crycontainer and stainless steel cryogenic containers of 500
 litre and 3000 litre capacity.
 - The Company received Govt. clearance, the unit for development of
 petrol/diesel dispensing units in collaboration with well know
 firm Schwelm Tanksystem GmbH went on stream by around the month
 - A MOU was signed with the Canadian firm Fournelle Energy
 Inc. for manufacture of special solar panels including fabrication
 community solar cookers.
 - On the 15th March, a MOU was signed with Indian Oil Corporation
 encompassing all operational and financial conditions to enable the
 Company to draw supplies from IOC's storage points all over the
 - During September, a MOU was signed with Caltex Petroleum
 USA to set up a joint venture company for manufacture and marketing
 high grade lubricating oils, greases and other related products.
 - The joint venture company under the name `IBP Caltex Ltd.'
 other related business subject to Government approvals, to further
 Company's cure business in petroleum trade.
 - Also, in joint venture with the Govt. of Assam, the Company
 incorporated the Numaligarh Refinery Ltd., for implementing the 3
 capacity of oil refinery at Numaligarh in the district of Golaghat
 - To diversify the product range facilities were added to emulsion
 explosives at Korba plant with technical assistance from IRECO, USA.
 - During March-April, the Company issued 73,59,904-14% fully
 convertible debentures of Rs 120 each on rights basis in prop. 1 deb.
 1 equity share held (only 63,82,438 debentures taken up). 
 portion of 9,77,466 debentures were taken up by financial
 - Another 3,67,995-14% debentures of Rs 120 each were offered to the
 employees on an equitable basis (only 45,250 debentures taken up).
 Unsubscribed portion of 3,22,745 debentures allowed to lapse.
 - Rs 120 of the face value of each debenture was to be converted
 one equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 110 per share at
 end of 12 months from the date of allotment of debentures.
 - Balmer Lawrie & Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Company with a
 holding of 53,67,840 No. of equity shares out of 130,29,073 No.  of
 equity shares of Rs 10 each issued.
 - 52 new retail outlets and 5 superior kerosene oil/light diesel oil
 (SKO/LDO) dealerships were commissioned.  Storage facilities for
 petroleum products at different locations were created.  The Company
 commissioned storage facility for unleaded petrol at Wadala, Mumbai
 promote pollution free environment.
 - Four new SMS plants were set up at Kasmunda in M.P., Talcher in
 Orissa, Raj Mahal & Kathara in Bihar supplementing the existing
 Facilities for manufacturing cartridged emulsion explosive were
 commissioned at the Korba plant.
 - A MOU was signed with Indian Oil Corporation and Oiltanking GmbH,
 Germany for setting up independent tank terminalling services in the
 country through the formation of a joint venture company with 50%
 equity participation each by IOC and the Company.
 - Another MOU was executed with Crest Biotech Ltd. for utilisation
 capacities of the PETN unit at Manesar to manufacture and market
 and other value added fine chemicals, drug intermediates etc.
 - Numaligarh Refinery Ltd., ceased to be a subsidiary of the
 - In pursuit of marketing environment friendly fuel, unleaded motor
 spirit facilities at 58 retail outlets covering the metropolitan
 and national highways were commissioned.
 - The facilities for shipment of white oil products from Haldia to
 Budge Budge by a chartered barge M.V. Prem Tatwa was commissioned.
 - The Company entered into a joint venture agreement with Oiltanking
 GmbH and Indian Oil Corporation for setting up infrastructural
 facilities for provision of terminalling services within the
 - 2,266 shares issued.
 - 73,82,406 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.  2,530 shares issued
 conversion of 14% FCD.
 - The Business group (petroleum) made an entry into the business of
 marketing Liquefield Petroleum Gas which commenced from 1st quarter
 the year.
 - The Company's retail network was strengthened with the
 of five new Retail outlets and one SKO-LDO dealership.  The Company
 started setting up of a number of new Product Tankers at Haldia,
 Barauni, Hazira and Sidhpur.
 - IBP Caltex Ltd. (ICL), a joint venture between public sector IBP
 Company Ltd. and Caltex Petroleum Corporation of the United States,
 will construct a world scale liquified petroleum gas (LPG)
 infrastructure project at Haldia in West Bengal.
 - IBP Company Ltd. has identified LPG storage and marketing, setting
 of oil terminal facilities and refining.
 - The company has entered the LPG market for the first time but has
 long been manufacturing pressure regulators used for LPG cylinders
 other public sector companies such as Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat
 Petroleum and Hindsutan Petroleum.
 - IBP, formerly known as Indo-Burma Petroleum, opened its sixth
 Company-owned-Company-operated outlet in India in Bangalore.
 - IBP Co Ltd. has signed a fuel supply agreement with Hyderabad -
 based, VSL Power (I) Ltd.  VSL Power, one of the 10 independent
 producers (IPPs) in Andhra Pradesh, is setting up 34.56 MW plant at
 Parwada Industrial Estate near Visakhapatnam.
 - IBP-Caltex joint venture for a liquidified naptha gas (LNG)
 in Haldia has developed early snags over fund mobilisation by the
 - IBP Company Ltd. has singed a fuel supply agreement with Sree
 Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied chemicals Ltd. of Kurnool for their
 27.8 MW independent power plant at Tagginabudhihal in Bellary
 in Karnataka.
 - Business Group (Engineering) of IBP Company Limited has been
 ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system for design
 development, manufacture and repairs of cryocontainers 1998 by
 quality international (BVQI) in an impressive function at Nasik
 - The company also launched two new products, IBP Cool (radiator
 coolant) and IBP DOT-3 (heavy duty brake fluid).
 - Bharat Petroleum Corporation and IBP are close to finalising a
 product assistance agreement, which will mark the beginning of a
 long-term relationship in the oil sector.
 - IBP Co Ltd, the public sector petroleum product marketing company,
 has launched what it calls Highways Club under which select retail
 outlest are being identified for upgradation to provide a wide range
 improved services mainly to truck operators travelling on the major
 trade-linkage routes.
 - IBP has indicated that it will abide by the same terms of the
 marketing pact signed between IOC and RPL.
 - IBP has indicated that it will abide by the same terms of the
 marketing pact signed between IOC and RPL.
 - Public-sector oil firm IBP Ltd. has entered into an import
 facilitation agreement with aluminium major Indian Aluminium Ltd
 (Indal), in an effort to provide direct marketing facilities for its
 - The company is likely to enter into agreements with the Indian Oil
 Corporation and the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation for product
 assistance and hospitality at various locations on reciprocal terms
 - IBP Co. Ltd's lubricating oil blending plant at Budge Budge has
 received the ISO 9002 certificate, from the Bureau of Indian
 accredited by Raadvoor Accreditatic, Netherlands, for its commitment
 quality and customer satisfaction.
 - IBP, is the only marketing company that does not have any presence
 the refining segment, except for a part ownership of the new
 Refineries Ltd. (NRL).
 - The Company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with
 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the financial year
 - IBP Co. Ltd proposes to enter into an arrangement with Hindustan
 Petroleum Corporation Ltd for sourcing petroleum products for
 in certain parts of the western region.
 - The process of partial divestment of the Centre's stake in IBP &
 Ltd will be over by November 30 or latest by December 31 this year.
 2002-IBP's alliance with Cummins Auto Services (CASL) to provide
 solutions for commercial vehicles on national highways.
 -IBP Share prices shot up to Rs.466 per share with nearly 4% of
 Liquid stocks
 on the NSE and Rs.463 on BSE.
 -IBP has got rid of its debt after it repaid its outstanding of Rs.
 -The scheme of Arrangement and Reconstruction between the IBP Ltd and
 Balmer Lawrie
 Investments Ltd has been sanctioned by the Department of Company
 -Mr.S.N.Mathur, the Chairman of IBP Company Lts has resigned since
 its acquirer IOC 
 has decided to form a new board at IBP Ltd.
 -IBP Company Ltd tied up with Cummins Auto Services Ltd to provide
 solutions for
 commercial vehicles on national highways.
 -IBP Co. Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kerala
 Tourism Department 
 for joint development and promotion of tourism and associated
 facilities in the state.
 -IBP Co Ltd, a subsidiary of IOC has tied up with IFTEX
 Petrochemicals Ltd to market fuel
 additives and car care products through IBP's retail outlets.
 -IBP Co Ltd has joined branded fuel race with thee introduction of
 its premium branded 
 petrol under the name Josh.
 -IBP has put in place a fleet management and control systems to get a
 larger share of 
 the transport sector.
 -IOC's branded fuels of premium and diesel super will be sold by IBP
 Ltd through
 its retail outlets.
 -IBP join hands with overseas players to improve cryogenics biz
 -Govt. comes out with Offer for Sale of 57.58 lakh shares at a price
 of Rs 620 per share
 -The government of Singapore Investment Corporation has acquired
 6.014 per cent about 1,331,942 equity shares in IBP Co
 - N G Kannan appointed as new Managing Director of IBP Co Ltd
 - Petronet LNG Ltd enters into Memorandum of Collaboration with IBP
 Company Ltd on August 25, 2004 for development of LNG distribution
 business through cryogenic technology under the concept of The
 Virtual Pipeline.
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  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `27.78 Cr की खरीदारी
  • RELIANCE : RIL ने PM Care फंड में `500 Cr की राशि दी
  • CS ON L&T : Outperform रेटिंग, लक्ष्य घटाकर `1,100/Sh
  • CS ON INDIGO : Outperform रेटिंग, लक्ष्य `1850/Sh

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