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इंड सीमेंट कैप

बीएसई: 511355  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE429D01017  |  Finance - Leasing & Hire Purchase

कंपनी इतिहास - इंड सीमेंट कैप
 1985 - The company was incorporated on 8th November, as a Public
 Limited Company
              under the name Anura Finance Ltd, and obtained
 Certificate of Commencement of
              Business on 14.03.1986.
           - The Company had been promoted by Aruna Sugars &
 Enterprises Limited as
              a subsidiary.  The Company ceased to be the subsidiary
 by virtue of the amendment
              to the Articles of Association by deleting Article 25 A
 by a special resolution at the
              Annual General Meeting on 6.9.93.
           - The Company is engaged in the business of leasing,
 hirepurchase, and financial
              services.  Financing of industrial equipments and
 machinery and financing of trucks in
              the transport sector had been the main focus of the
 1990 - The company's name was changed to Aruna Sugars Finance Ltd
 with effect from
               25th June.
            - The Company has launched two schemes called 'Snehadhara'
 and 'Suvidhara' for
               the benefit of the depositors.
 1991 - 2,00,000 shares of Rs.10/- each, issued during the year are
 entitled for dividend
              on a pro-rata basis.
 1993 - The Company came out with a public issue of 18,75,000 equity
 shares of Rs. 10/-
              each for cash at a premium of Rs.5/- per share
 aggregating to Rs.2,81,25,000/-. 
              The issue was oversubscribed by 2.25 times.  The shares
 are presently listed on
               Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges.
            - The Company has tied up with M/s. Mecklai & Mecklai, a
 leading Foreign
              Exchange Brokers, to provide Forex Information and 
 advisory services to our
              varied clients.
 1994 - CRISIL has awarded P1+ rating (highest rating) for the
 proposed Commercial
              Paper programme of Rs.400 lakhs for your company..
           - The Company launched a new scheme named `SUVIDHARA',
 which is receiving
              good response from the investing public.
           - The company has granted OTC dealership at Chennai, Indian
 Renewable Energy
              Development Agency (REDA) has approved your company as
 one of their
              financial intermediaries.
 1995 -The forex advisory division, set up by the company during the
 year, is having a
              number of clients in its portfolio.
           - A new company, Aruna Securities Limited, has been formed
 as a subsidiary with
              a view to undertake capital market operations and allied
           - The Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines to
 Non-Banking Finance Companies
              on prudential norms for income recognition, accounting
 standards, asset classification,
              provisioning for bad and doubtful debts, capital
 adequacy and concentration of credit and
           - The Company made a Rights Issue of Fully Convertible
 Debentures of Rs.555 lakhs
              during January '95 and the same was allotted on 1st
 1996 - During the period 1996-97, the company's controling stake held
 by erstwhile promoters
              have been acquired by ICL Financial Services Ltd and ICL
 Securities Ltd., the wholly
              owned subsidiaries of the India Cements Ltd. on
 07.02.1997.  Subsequently, the name
              of the company was changed from Aruna Sugars Finance Ltd
              CAPITAL & FINANCE LIMITED on 02.05.1997.
            - During the year the Equity Share Capital was enhanced to
 Rs. 739.81 lakhs on
              conversion of Part B of Fully Convertible Debentures
 into Equity Shares on 1.3.96.
            - During the year the Company has made a private placement
 of preference shares
              for Rs.50.00 lakhs and also Non convertible Debentures
 aggregating to Rs.400.00 lakhs.
           - CRISIL rating has been upgraded from FA + to FAA-
 indicating high safety for depositors'
              funds. This is the 3rd consecutive upgradation in the
           - The Company's subsidiary Aruna Securities Ltd obtained
 NSE Membership in the capital
              market segment during the year and commenced operations
 during October '95.
           - Sri. R K Talwar has resigned as a Director and it is not
 proposed to fill the vacancy for the
 - During the year the name of the Company's Subsidiary was changed
 from Aruna Securities Limited to INDIA CEMENTS INVESTMENT SERVICES
 - Preferential allotment of 57,14,200 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each
 at a premium of Rs.7.50 per share.  As a result the Paid-up Equity
 Capital has gone up from Rs. 7,39,81,000/- to Rs. 13,11,23,000/-
 - During the year under review, the Company could expand its fee
 based activities viz., forex advisory services, full fledged money
 changing and foreign exchange dealing operations managed by it.
 - The Company's fixed deposit programme has been given a rating of
 Ind A+ (FD) by Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Agency.
 - The Company proposes to double its equity capital from Rs 13.37
 crore to Rs 26.74 crore through the issue of additional securities.
 -India Cements Capital & Finance part of ICL group, has opened a
 satellite office at Adayar in Chennai to cater to the needs of its
 clients in the area. 
 -India Cements Capital & Finance Ltd has decided to offer Equity
 Shares of Rs 8.335 million on preferential basis @Rs 12/- per share
 (Rs 10/- face value with Rs 2/- premium) to the promoters group
 -ICCFL's Namakkal branch outscores branches in other cities.
 -Company name has been changed from India Cements Capital & Finance
 Ltd to India Cements Capital Ltd.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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