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इंडियाबुल्स फाइनेंशियल सर्विसेस

बीएसई: 532544  |  NSE: INDIABULLS  |  ISIN: INE894F01025  |  Finance - General

कंपनी इतिहास - इंडियाबुल्स फाइनेंशियल सर्विसेस
Indiabulls Financial Services Limited was incorporated on January 10,
 2000 as M/s Orbis Infotech Private Limited at New Delhi under the
 Companies Act, 1956 with Registration No. 55 - 103183. The name of 
 Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services Private
 Limited on March 16, 2001 due to change in the main objects of the
 Company from Infotech business to Investment & Financial Services
 business. It became a Public Limited Company on February 27, 2004 and
 the name of Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services
 Limited. The Company was promoted by three engineers from IIT Delhi,
 and has attracted more than Rs.700 million as investments from
 venture capital, private equity and institutional investors such as
 LNM India Internet Ventures Ltd., Transatlantic Corporation Ltd.,
 Farallon Capital Partners, L.P., R R Capital Partners L.P., and
 Infinity Technology Trustee Pvt. Ltd. and has developed significant
 relationships with large commercial banks such as Citibank, HDFC
 Bank, Union Bank, ICICI Bank, ABN Amro Bank, Standard Chartered Bank,
 Lord Krishna Bank and IL&FS. The Company and its subsidiaries have
 facilities from the above mentioned banks and financial institutions
 aggregating to Rs. 1760 million. The Company headquarters are
 co-located in Mumbai and Delhi, allowing it to access the two most
 important regions for Indian financial markets, the Western region
 including Mumbai, rest of Maharashtra and Gujarat; and the Northern
 region, including the National Capital Territory of Delhi, nearby
 cities, parts of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab; and access the
 highly skilled and educated workforce in these cities. The Marketing
 and Sales efforts are headquartered out of Mumbai, with a regional
 headquarter in Delhi; and its back office, risk management, internal
 finances etc. are
 headquartered out of Delhi, allowing The Company to scale these
 processes efficiently for the nationwide network,
 - Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd fixes an issue price of Rs 19 per
 share for its initial public offering (IPO), which was oversubscribed
 18.5 times.Indiabulls Financial Services IPO closed on September 10,
 with an impressive response from all categories of investors. The
 book was finally subscribed 18.5 times with over 1.3 lakh bids. The
 institutional portion was subscribed more than 12 times, the retail
 portion 25 times and the non-institutional portion 24 times.
 -Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd has informed that the Company has
 incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary Indiabulls Investment Pvt Ltd
 (IIPL) with a paid up share capital of Rs 5 lacs.
 -Indiabulls Financial Services is one of Indias leading non-banking
 finance companies providing Home Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans and
 Secured SME Loans. The company has a net worth of Rs 4,661 crore with
 an asset book of Rs 20,788 Crore. The company has disbursed loans over
 Rs 50,000 Crore to over 3,00,000 customers till date. Amongst its
 financial services and banking peers, Indiabulls Financial Services
 ranks amongst the top few companies both in terms of net worth and
 capital adequacy. Indiabulls Financial Services has been assigned
 AA+ rating and has presence in over 87 cities and towns with a
 total branch network of 170 branches.
 -Launch of property portal www.ibhomefinder.com
 -Indiabulls - Doha Bank tie up for NRI Mortgage loans & Property
 Purchase in India.
 -IFSL has been recognized with the prestigious Best Employer Brand
 award by the IPE BFSI
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न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

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  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `2952 Cr की खरीदारी की
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  • CS ON UNION BANK : Neutral रेटिंग, लक्ष्य घटाकर `56/Sh
  • CS ON VARROC ENGINEERING : Neutral रेटिंग, लक्ष्य घटाकर `490/Sh
  • CS ON BHARTI AIRTEL : Neutral रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `380/Sh

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