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इंडिया इंटरनैशनल मार्केटिंग सेंटर

बीएसई: 531053  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE506C01014  |  Miscellaneous

कंपनी इतिहास - इंडिया इंटरनैशनल मार्केटिंग सेंटर
In the 1980's logistics became more recognised as being the last
 frontier of cost-effectiveness. Logistics costs ran as high as more
 than 20 per cent of the retail price of products. Accordingly many
 organisations and policy makers started reviewing their logistics
 operations in order to improve their cost-effectiveness. One of the
 side effects was that the synergetic effects between Trade and
 Distribution in Marketing Systems were more strongly recognised and
 received greater attention. Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
 seized of the importance of providing Warehousing-Cum-Trade and
 Distribution Centre in Europe and hence constituted a committee of
 five Indian Ambassadors in Europe to find out ways of entering into
 European Common Market. The Committee suggested creation of
 warehousing facility at a suitable European location. Consequently
 the Ministry of Commerce commissioned Tata Economic Consultancy
 Services to conduct a feasibility study for this purpose. TECS
 interalia recommended setting
 up of a warehousing-cum-distribution centre and shortlisted 4 Centres
 viz; Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremen in order of their
 Ministry of Commerce appointed Agricultural & Processed Foods Export
 Development Authority (APEDA) as the nodal agency.  APEDA held a
 series of meetings with the leading exporters and in keeping with the
 privatisation policy of the Government, it was decided by the Ministry
 of Commerce to set up a warehousing-cum-marketing centre at Rotterdam
 in the private sector. Rotterdam is one of the largest seaports of
 the world and is considered to be the Gateway to Europe. It is
 endowed with an excellent hinterland infrastructure of road, rail and
 barrage (on the Rhine river).  Over 500 ocean lines are served by
 Rotterdam Port every year and from here cargo can be shipped to over
 800 destinations.
 Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain, a Diamond Exporter and MS International Ltd. of
 MS Group, belonging to Mr. Pavan Sachdeva are the promoters of the
 Now, Andhra Pradesh State Trading Corporation Ltd. and U.P. Export
 Corporation Ltd. are also participating in the venture contributing
 to Equity.
 The Company proposed to undertake the following activities:
 1. Creation of culture and atmosphere for such type of Trade &
 Distribution Centre through publicity campaigns;
 2. Taking of all sorts of steps required for establishment of IIMC
 Trade & Distribution Centre at Rotterdam;
 3. Advance booking for special exhibitions, offices, permanent
 display windows and other spaces;
 4. Making research work about the Indian and Foreign markets;
 5.	Providing consultancy to Indian exporters;
 6. Providing partner search facility to Indian entrepreneurs;
 7. Disseminate informations about European market through new
 letters/other publicity materials.
 The wholly owned Foreign Subsidiary namely India International
 Marketing Centre B.V., will undertake the following activities at
 I) Organising Exhibitions: IIMC proposes to organise not less than
 five exhibitions during a year, thereby enabling Indian Exporters to
 exhibit their products and provide a ground for meeting with
 prospective customers. Whenever such exhibitions are organised
 invitations will be extended to more than 300 Chambers of Commerce &
 Industries and Trade Associations of European countries. These bodies
 have been lined up to send their delegations to the exhibitions and
 promote high level business activity, by RITCA and the City of
 It is also proposed to arrange Product specific Buyers-Sellers
 II) Permanent Display Facitity
 Display of products of Indian exporters- Indian Exporters will be
 allotted display spaces on rent to exhibit their products.
 III) Warehousing - The centre proposes to provide its own warehousing
 facility and also act as agent in sub-contracting to other wareheusing
 IV) Providing Offices 
 Indian Exporters will be provided spaces on lease at the marketing
 centre to serve as their overseas offices. A total of 57 offices are
 proposed to be made available on rental basis.
 V) Business Centre 
 A fully equipped modern business centre is proposed to be brought up
 in this complex to provide secretarial, communication and other
 services to the exporters.
 VI) Market Research - The centre proposes to undertake general market
 research studies and function as intermediary between Indian exporters
 and European consultancy organisation for undertaking specific
 and to disseminate information, both to the Indian exporters and
 European companies.
 VII) Partner search - The centre proposes to provide carefully
 selected list of potential counterparts in European countries to its
 participants. It can also arrange sub-contracting to consultants for
 more indepth study of potential Joint Venture Partner at request.
 VIII) Publicity - The centre will establish and maintain relations
 with major trade journals and will publish its activities as well as
 the activities of its members on a regular basis.  
 IX) Assistance - in transfer of technology and product development.
 The proposed centre will provide the following facilities over a
 built up area covering 5500 sq.meters.  
 * Exhibition Hall 
 * Display Centre 
 * Warehouse and Offices-cum-Showrooms 
 *  57 Offices 
 * Business Centre 
 The Indian exporters participating in the activities of IIMC Ltd.
 will also be assisted in obtaining:
 * Employment Permit 
 * Residence & Housing facilities 
 * Custom Bonded facilities 
 THE UNIQUE SELLING POINTS OF IIMC LTD. for the Indian Exporters are:
 * Securing a foot-hold for small and medium enterprises in the
 European Market at affordable cost.  
 * Unique representation in Euro Trade Park Rotterdam with a well
 equipped marketing centre building at prime location.
 * Range of services dedicated to the need of Indian Exporters.
 Background of the Company
 The company was incorporated as a Private Limited company on the 23rd
 June, 1993 with the main object of promoting exports of all kinds of
 Indian goods and products and to establish offices, marketing
 centres, distribution centres, warehousing facilities and processing
 activities in India and abroad. It became a deemed Public Ltd. 
 Company w.e.f.
 23.6.93 and subsequently converted into a full fledged public company
 vide special resolutions passed at the AGM held on 23.9.94.
 As a first step towards achieving the above objectives the company is
 setting up through its wholly owned foreign subsidiary, the first
 trade and distribution centre at Rotterdam, which is the gateway to
 the European common market, being the largest port in Europe. 
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