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बीएसई: 533103  |  NSE: JINDCOT  |  ISIN: INE904J01016  |  Textiles - Spinning - Cotton Blended

कंपनी इतिहास - जिंदल कोटेक्स
Our Company was incorporated as Jindal Cotex Limited under the
 Companies Act, 1956 on
 February 18, 1998 in the state of Punjab registered with the
 Registrar of Companies, Punjab,
 Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh at Jalandhar vide Company
 registration No: 16-21084 and
 Corporate Identification No: U17115B1998PLC021084. The Registered
 Office of Our Company is
 situated at V.P.O. Jugiana, G. T. Road, Ludhiana - 141 420, Punjab.
 The Certificate of
 Commencement of Business was obtained on February 20, 1998. The
 current Promoters of our
 Company are Mr. Sandeep Jindal, Mr. Yash Paul Jindal, Mr. Rajinder
 Jindal and Mr. Ramesh
 Our Company has been promoted by Mr. Sandeep Jindal, Mr. Yash Paul
 Jindal, Mr. Rajinder
 Jindal and Mr. Ramesh Jindal along with other members of the Jindal
 family for setting up a
 spinning unit for the manufacture of Synthetic Yarns. Our Company
 initially set up 6912 spindles
 and started manufacturing acrylic yarns under the trade name JINDAL
 which came into
 commercial production in May 1999. Our Company thereafter, ventured
 into polyester yams &
 further explored the markets of New Delhi, Bhilwara & Maharashtra.
 Starting from 6912 spindles
 in 1999 our Company has expanded its capacity to 23472 spindles.
 Our company has also set up a wind mill of 1250KW in Village Pithla,
 Distt Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
 in the year 2007-08. We have entered into power purchase agreement
 with Ajmer Vidut Vitran
 Nigam Ltd. for the sale of electricity generated for 20 years.
 Our Milestones
 Year     Activities
 1998   Our Company was incorporated under the name and style as
 Jindal Cotex Limited
 1999   Our Company established its first plant with a capacity of
 6912 spindles and
 started commercial of synthetic yarns production in May 1999.
 2001 Our Company expanded its capacity by another 2880 spindles. Our
 started making polyester yarn.
 2002 Our Company again expanded its capacity by establishing 1728
 2003 Added 1152 spindles thereby taking the total capacity to 12672
 2003 Our Company received ISO 9001:2000 from TUV
 2003 Our Company expanded its capacities to 18720 Spindles from 12672
 spindles by
 adding 6048 spindles
 2006 Our Company expanded its capacities to 23472 Spindles from 18720
 spindles by
 adding 4752 spindles.
 2006 Our Company expanded its product range as it introduced
 polyester cotton
 blended yarn both combed and carded. Our Companys product range
 acrylic, polyester, polyester viscose, polyester cotton yarns.
 2006 Our Company started exports of yarn mainly of polyester cotton
 2007 Our Company initiated planning for major expansion (mega
 project) to take the
 capacity of spindles to about 75000 and also adding yarn dyeing and
 2007 Our Company started implementation of first phase of its mega
 project in October,
 2007 at Village Mandiala Kalan, Bija, Dist. Ludhiana
 2008 Companys achieved status of Mega Project for its expansion
 2008 Our Company achieve financial close for its mega project from
 term lending banks
 2008 Commissioned wind mill with a capacity of 1250 kw at Jaisalmer,
 2008 Our Company established two 100% owned subsidiaries namely
 Jindal Medicot
 Limited for implementing a project to manufacture specialized medical
 products and Jindal Specialty Textiles Limited for implementing a
 project to
 manufacture technical textile product viz. Coated/Banner Fabrics.
 -Listing of equity shares of Jindal Cotex Ltd in the list of 'B'
 Group Securities. 
 -Mr. Rajesh Sharma has been appointed as Non Executive & Independent
 Director of the company.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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