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बीएसई: 530007  |  NSE: JKTYRE  |  ISIN: INE573A01042  |  Tyres

कंपनी इतिहास - जेके टायर एंड इंडस्ट्रीज
YEAR                                                EVENTS
 1951 - The company was incorporated as a private limited company in 
        West Bengal in 14th February, 1951.  Until 31st March 1970,
        company was engaged in the managing agency business. 
        the company decided to undertake manufacturing activities and
        obtained a letter of intent in February 1972 for the
        of automobile tyres and tubes.
      - The letter of intent was converted into an industrial licence
        February 1974 for the manufacture of 4 lakh nos. each
        tyre and tubes per annum.  The company was converted into a
        public limited company on 1st April 1974.  The manufacturing
        project was promoted by Straw Products Ltd and J.K. Synthetics
      - The company entered into technical collaboration with General
        Tire International Co., U.S.A., (a subsidiary of General Tire
        Rubber Co., U.S.A.) for technical services for a period of 5
        years and sales agreement for the supply of technical
        engineering and documentation for operational facilities (for
        period of 8 years from 23.8.73).
      - Under the collaboration agreement, the Company has the right
        use on its products the wording Made in collaboration with
        General Tire International Co., USA.
 1982 - The company's technical collaboration agreement with General
        International Co., was renewed for a further period of 5
 1987 - The overall working resulted in substantial profits despite a
        51-days strike as well as go-slow from 14th October.  The
        had since then been resolved and amicable settlement was
        Efforts were on to launch a new pattern in steel belted
 1988 - New steel radial tyres for Maruti Gypsy and Tata mobile were
        introduced.  The Company proposed to incur an expenditure of
        300 lakhs for installationof latest and sophisticated R&D
 1989 - Several new patterns and sizes of tyres were introduced
        a semi-lug Nylon Truck tyre, all of which were well received
        the market.
 1991 - Handeep Investment, Ltd., Hidrive Finance Ltd., Panchanan 
        Investment Ltd., and Radial Finance Ltd., J. K. International
        Ltd., Shivdham Properties Ltd., and J.K. Asia Pacific, Ltd.,
        subsidiaries of the Company.
 1992 - The J.K. International division expanded its activities by
        opening its office in Moscow besides starting Company's
        subsidiaries in U.K. & Honkong.  The radial tyres for
        and business launched in the previous year were well
 1993 - New radial tyres `Brute' and `Ultima' were introduced.  The
        Company was in the process of developing steel belted radial
        tyres for the prestigious cars in the Mercedes Benz, Peugeot,
        Daewoo race and Opel Astra.  A new pattern developed for bus
        trucks `PE-T8' was well received in the market.
 1994 - The company maintained its pace of growth, despite steep rise
        raw material and input costs and competition.  The Company
        effected an all round cost reduction and attained higher
        capacity utilisation at both the tyre plants at Jaykaygram
      - The T-rated Ultima tyres launched for new generation cars
        its acceptance in DCM Daewoo's `Ceilo'.  Also J.K. Steel
        was chosen for Mercedes Benz India.
      - The Company undertook to develop steel radials for GM's
        PAL's `Peugekot' FIAT's, `UNO' and M & M's `Ford'.
      - The Company launched a premium truck tyre `Jet Trak' - 39
        was introduced to meet the need sof the heavy load market. 
        new tractor rear tyre `SONA' was well received in the market.
 1996 - During this period, a new Car tyre Jet Drive XS, the widest
        nylon car tyre for Maruti 800 was launched.  Along with new
        semi-lug and heavy duty lug tyre for trucks, a new lug tyre
        super heavy load applications Jet Trak 39 was also
        In the Radial category, Ultima XR Radial, a terrain tyre was
        introduced.  All these products were well received in the
      - Both the tyre plants operated to full capacity.  In line with
        tyre, the radials unit introduced, the dual contact high
        and high performance Aquasonic steel radial car tyre.  The
        also developed India's first and only H-rated ultima Xs'
        specially for Mercides - Benz Cars.
 2000 - The Company proposes to reduce its debt by Rs 125 crore in
        current fiscal from the current level of Rs 635 crore by way
        loan repayment.
      - The Company and Indian Oil Corporation have entered into a
        marketing alliance for installing digital air pressure guages
        setting up sales and services outlets at IOC petrol stations
        throughtout the country.
 2001 - Raghupati Singhania  managing director of J K Industries has
 been appointed the 19th
             Chairman of Automative Tyre Manufacturers Association,
 the representative body of 
             tyre industry in India.
 2002- J.K.Industries Ltd has informed BSE that CRISIL has assigned a
 P1+ rating to the               Commercial Paper programme of the
 - J.K. Industries Ltd (JKI) has a new Marketing Director in Mr Ajay
 Kapila. Before joining JKI, Mr Kapila was Senior Vice-President
 (Sales and Marketing) at Kinetic Engineering Ltd. He was also
 Director on board and operational head of Kinetic's direct selling
 arm - Kinetic Marketing Services Ltd.
 -Completes its comprehensive restructuring exercise of businesses
 that leads to its emergence as a pure automotive tyre company. Along
 with the de-merger of its non-tyre business, Sugar and Agri Seeds,
 into separate companies namely JK Sugar Ltd and JK Agri-Genetics Ltd,
 JKI also completes the merger of Vikrant Tyres Ltd with itself
 -J.K.Industries delists from Jaipur Stock Exchange
 -divested its wholly-owned subsidiay called J.K. Drugs and
 Pharmaceuticals Ltd to TEVA Pharmaceuticals of Israel.
 -JK Industries Ltd has informed that its securities are delisted from
 Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd (DSE) w.e.f. January 29, 2004.
 - JK Industries Ltd has informed that the name of the Company has
 been changed from J K Industries Ltd to JK Tyre & Industries Ltd
 w.e.f. April 02, 2007.
 - Company name has been changed from JK Industries Ltd to JK Tyre &
 Industries Ltd.
 -The company has issued rights in the ratio of 1:3 at a premium of
 Rs.75 Per Share.
 - JSL Ltd announced huge expansion plans under which it would set up
 1.6 MT greenfield plant in Orissa due to which its stainless steel
 manufacturing capacity will rise to about 2.5 MT by March 2014, thus
 making it the largest producer in India. 
 - Jsl Limited has informed that consequent upon vacancy caused by the
 sad demise of Sh. A.K. Jain, Company Secretary of the company on
 January 1, 2009, Mr. Sunil Yadav has been appointed as Company
 Secretary of the company w.e.f. January 13, 2009. Mr. Sunil Yadav has
 also been designated as Compliance Officer of the company in pursuance
 of clause 47(a) of the listing agreement.
 - JSL Ltd has informed BSE that the name of the Company have been
 changed from JSL Limited to JSL Stainless Limited. The Registrar of
 Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana has issued the fresh certificate of
 incorporation dated August 06, 2010 consequent upon change of name.
 - JSL Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company
 has appointed Mr. Jurgen Hermann Fechter and Mr. James Alistair
 Kirkland Cochrane as Additional Directors w.e.f. March 09, 2010 by
 passing the resolution through circulation.
 - JSL Limited led by Ratan Jindal is going to setup a 1320 Mw power
 project in the state of Orissa. The company signed a MoU with the
 Orissa government for setting up a super critical thermal power plan
 in the state on Thursday. The plant will be setup with a total
 investment of Rs 7,375 crore.
 - JSL Stainless signs power purchase agreement with GRIDCO.
 - JSL Stainless Ltd has informed BSE that the name of the Company
 have been changed from JSL Stainless Limited to Jindal Stainless
 Limited with effect from December 07, 2011. The Registrar of
 Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana has granted its approval on
 December 07, 2011.
 - The Company has allotted 3,64,972 equity shares of Rs. 2/- each to
 The Royal Bank of Scotland NV London Branch.
 -Vikrant Tyre Plant has won the Golden Peacock HR Excellence Award.
 -JK Tyre launches an integrated brand campaign.
 -JK Tyre chosen as a Superbrand for the year.
 -SAP ACE award 2014 to JK Tyre.
 -UX1 conferred with the prestigious Auto Bild Advisor Product of the
 -JK Tyre & Industries has splits its face value from Rs 10/- to 2/-
 -The Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from 7,
 Council House Street, Kolkata- 700 001 To Jaykaygram, PO - Tyre
 Factory, Kankroli - 313 342, Rajasthan .
 - JK Tyre ICOTY IMOTY Awards 2015
 - JK Tyre receives Brand of the Year award by the World Branding
 -JK Tyre gets CCI nod for acquisition of Cavendish
 -The company on Monday unveiled the 10 millionth truck radial tyre
 from the companys Vikrant plant at Mysuru.
 -JK Tyre Completes Acquisition of Laksar (Haridwar) Tyre unit of
 Kesoram Industries Ltd.
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