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ज्योति लैब्स लिम

बीएसई: 532926  |  NSE: JYOTHYLAB  |  ISIN: INE668F01031  |  Personal Care

कंपनी इतिहास - ज्योति लैब्स लिम
In 1983 our pormoter Mr M P Ramachandran Started 
 Jyothy Laboratories a sole proprietorship firm 
 in kerala which was involved in the business of 
 manufacturing and selling fabric whitner under
 the name Ujala.
 We were incorporated as Jyothi laboratories  pvt  
 Jan 15 1992. Used certain intellectual  property 
 on license from our promoter . On Sep 13th 2002 
 our promoteragreed to transfer his rights and the 
 rights of Jyothi Laboratories in the intellectual 
 property to us.
 We bacame a public limited company and our name was
 changed to Jyothi Laboratories  Ltd on Oct 6th 1995
 We Futher Changed our name to Jyothi Laboratories Ltd
 on Aug 12th 1996.
 Our Registered Office was moved from ward 2 Door No 
 211 Kandanassery Thrissur Kerala to 43 Shivashakti 
 industrital Estate Andheri Kurala Road Marla 
 Mumbai 400059 Maharashtra on July 7th 2000
 1983 Mr M P Ramchadran Starts Jyothy Loboratories as
      a Properietray concern in kerala Ujala in lauched
 1984 Ujala is sold house to  house through a team of
      six sales pepole  in the Trichur and Malappuram Districts
      of Kerala
 1986 Jyothy laboratories releases its frist print 
      advertisement in the kerala based Mathurubhoomi newspaper
 1987 Jyothy laboratories starts advertisment on radio
      Jyothy laboratories Graduates to a fromal Distir System
      Jyothy laboratories ventures out of kerala to the 
      neighboouring state of Tamil Nadu
 1992 Chennai Factory  is commissioned to make ujala
      our company was incorported
 1994  We commission the Poandichery plant our first 
       in a backward area utilizing government incentives
 1995  We launch Nebula an Oil Based antibacterial washing 
       Soap in Kerala
 1997  We lauch Ujala all over india 
 2000  We launch maxo in the state of West Bengal
       Exo an antibacterial dish wash bar islauched in 
       kerala and later lauched across karnataka
       Tamilnadu and Andara Pradesh
 2001  We lauch Vanmala wasing soap in kerla
       We lauch Maya incense sticks in seleted States
       We acquire maya the detergent palant at pitampur
       Madhya Pradesh From Tata Chemcials Ltd
 2002  We Acqire our Subsidary Sir Sai  homecare Pvt Ltd 
       whcih had a mosquito coilproduciton facility in hyderbad
 2003  Maxo is awarded the AAA Brand Performance Award by 
       the All india Adertises Asscoiation
 2005  Exo liquid and Ujala Stiff & Shine launched in South India
 2007  We start marketing and distriuting Coffee products under
       the brand name Continential Speciale in a Joint Venture
       with CCL porduct  India Ltd
 -Jyothy Laboratories Limited has informed that: The Company has
 shifted its Registered Office of the Company from its present
 location to the following within city limits of Mumbai. New
 Registered Office Address: Ujala House, Ram Krishna Mandir Road,
 Kondivita, Andheri (East), Mumbai- 400059; Phone: 66892800; Email
 Address of Compliance Officer: bansal@jyothy.com.
 - The Company has splits its face value from Rs5/- to Rs1/-.
 -Jyothy Laboratories FABRIC SPA begins servicing Institutional
 -Jyothy Laboratories Ltd commences premium retail laundry care
 services with Fabric Spa.
 -Jyothy Laboratories Ltd launches multi-insect repellent in
 technological association with DRDO
 -Jyothy Labs - DRDO (Ministry of Defence) ties up with Jyothy
 Laboratories Ltd to fight insect menace
 -Jyothy Laboratories laundry arm Jyothy Fabricare acquires 100% stake
 in Delhi based Diamond Fabcare
 -Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. to acquire majority stake in Henkel India
 -Jyothy Labs - Henkel India Ltd to merge with Jyothy Laboratories
 -Jyothy Laboratories has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 - Jyothy Laboratories to set up subsidiary in Bangladesh
 - Jyothy Laboratories own Emerging India Award for the year 2013
 - Jyothy Laboratories own Indian Marketing Awards for the year 2014.
 - Jyothy Laboratories own India Star Packaging Award for the year
 -Jyothy Lab gets nod to merge subsidiary with itself.
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