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कंपनी इतिहास - कनोरिया प्लास्टकेम
As stated earlier, the Company was incorporated on 23rd June, 1993
 under the Act as a public limited company and it obtained a
 Certificate of Commencement of Business on 9th July, 1993. The
 Company has been promoted by Mr. B.P.Kanoria, Mr. Ashish Kanoria, and
 Kanoria. The family has diverse business interests, such as, in
 paper, plastics and engineering.
 The Company has achieved its present status through amalgamation of
 three family owned private joint stock companies, [all Small Scale
 Industry ('SSI') partnership firms prior to their conversion into
 joint stock companies under part IX of the Act] viz.  Kanoria
 Blowinject Moulders Pvt Ltd, Kanoria Metatool Products Pvt Ltd and
 Precision Diesets Pvt Ltd. The Karnataka High Court at Bangalore,
 vide its order dated 21st November 1994 has approved the Schemes of
 Amalgamation of the said three companies with this issuing Company,
 with effect from 20th October, 1993.
 While Kanoria Blowinject Moulders Pvt Ltd was engaged in the business
 of manufacture of Injection Moulded Plastic components, the other two
 companies were essentially providing the support services to this
 main manufacturing activity.
 The common salient features of the Amalgamation Schemes as approved
 by the Court as aforesaid are as follows:
 a.	On and with effect from 20.10.1993 (the appointed date) the entire
 undertaking of the amalgamating companies, including all its
 properties and assets of whatsoever nature, all debts, liabilities,
 property rights, powers, duties, obligations and claims of or against
 the Transferor companies shall be deemed to be transferred without
 further act or deed, to and or vest in Transferee company pursuant to
 the provisions of Section 394 of the Companies Act, 1956.
 b.	The appointed date for the amalgamation schemes is 20th October
 1993. The Effective Date set for this purpose by the Court is the
 date on which the certified true copy of the Court order has been
 filed with the office of the Registrar of Companies, Karnataka,
 c. All the assets, respective licences, trade marks, all other
 interests, all the liabilities of erstwhile private limited companies
 have become the assets, rights, properties and the liabilities and
 duties of the issuing Company.
 d.	All proceedings pending by or against the said three private
 limited companies shall be continued by or against the issuing
 e. On and from the 20th October 1993, the issuing Company is deemed
 to have been carrying on the business and activities for and on
 account of the transferor companies until the Effective Date and all
 incomes and gains from such business/activity are to be treated as
 those of the
 issuing Company.
 f. Investment Allowance Reserve created in the books of the
 transferor companies shall continue in the name of the issuing
 g. The issuing Company to issue and allot Equity Shares credited as
 fully paid up in its books to the shareholders of the three
 transferor companies. 
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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